V: Diana and Other Familiar Faces May Be Back

VMany fans of the original V have mixed feelings about ABC’s upcoming reboot. They may feel better knowing that the producers of the new show aren’t totally abandoning the sci-fi story’s past.

At the recent TCA press tour, one of the new show’s executive producers, Scott Peters, told Sci Fi Wire that Jane Badler may actually have a role in the new V. Badler, who lives in Australia, played one of the original V’s most memorable aliens, Diana, in both the mini-series and the weekly show that followed. Peters noted that Badler actually contacted them, has kept in touch, and may have a part in the new show.

Peters also says that the team is also considering inviting other V veterans to the new series as well. The ABC show is still in the early stages of production so he noted that there’s nothing concrete yet, saying, “I haven’t had a chance to actually sit down or talk to anybody face to face, but I would love to.”

If the original cast involvement does work out, Peters wants to be sure it’s worthwhile for everybody. He said, “I don’t want somebody to just walk by in the background and then feature them for a second… I want to find a really interesting role.”

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That could mean that a V veteran might find themselves on the other side of the fight between the humans and aliens. He said, “It’s either a really ironic role for them, based on what their old role was, or just something really fun or interesting. I want them to have fun doing it. I want the fans to be excited about it. And I think it’s just a fun thing to be able to tip your hat to the old show.”

Prior to the start of filming, Elizabeth Mitchell believed that the new show will have distinct homages to the original. The actress told Digitalspy, “I know that they’re gonna try and take the most iconic moments and make sure that they do service to them. I think that all of the ‘Oh my God!’ moments will all be in there.”

The ABC remake of V is set to premiere on November 3rd. Are you excited for the new version or should they have left the concept alone?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Martine says

    I think the new show is better then the old, and I liked the old one. They just need to let it happen and not jump every time someone has something to say about ratings. The show will be renewed, I will bet on it. And Im glad. They don’t need to cater to cheesy nostalgia buffs.

  2. says

    I really hope that the orginal crew of “V” which I love will make some appearances.I really think it will add to sucess of this new one.I am such a big fan of the orginal and the cast.What gives with these aliens dressed as humans instead of having a uniform like they did back in the orginal??

  3. Christine says

    I definitely believe the creators of the new V will have a huge success on their hands if they bring back some of the key characters from the original series, especially Diana. In my opinion, she made that show the success it was.

  4. tinkerbell511 says

    It is true that the original V was the best. You couldnt beat being a young boy or girl and watching this show, it was something to look forward to, when the their wasnt any video games sitting right infront of you in your house. I myself was barely in my teens when the first movie came out and I loved it. I dont know if the knew one can ever come close, and then again maybe it shouldnt. The original should always be better than the rest. Whats really cute and funny, I was watching the original movie and series with my 12 and 9 year old. I was real into it, and looked for them to be too. They did enjoy it , but the commented that they could tell that it was old. I asked how? They said mom they dont really look like their dying, they are just flying in the air. I truly didnt notice the difference until after they said that, it then became a littke funny. Wow! how has times changed I said and by the way I said to my 12 year old I guess Ill be monitoring everything you watch more closely. Times have changed I know and Im sure the sound affects and the acting will be alot better, but it was more of an innocence back then. Something that cannot be duplicated today, without making it funny. I look forward to watching on Nov 3, it will be intresting to see what this day and age has come up with.

  5. Ann says

    I was fairly young when the original “V” came out. I really loved the mini-series and then the tv show that followed. But then again, I was like 10 yrs old. You don’t have to do much to impress a 10 yr old.

    I think “V” is a pretty good goldmine for great storytelling. I hope they make it more realistic, kind of how “28 days” made zombie based movies scary. It’s not scary in the sense of frightening in the physical appearance but more of how quickly and ugly society can devolve in the wake of a true pandemic or catastrophe. I do agree, when Diana ate the mouse…that was an awesome scene.

    Also, society has changed alot, esp due to technology (interent, cell phones, things like FB, etc…) hopefully the writers/producers keep this in mind.

    In any event, looking forward to seeing how the re-hash is done…

  6. Octavia says

    Love me some V! Can’t wait to see if they can keep the “feel” of the old show…and Jane Badler is awesome!

  7. Astraes says

    I wrote a letter to the network when I was in 2nd grade, asking them to bring back V after it had just been cancelled. This was part of a school project. No one responded. UNTIL NOW!! haha.. anyway, I’m glad they are using the girl from Firefly for Diana-she’s a beauty, but she doesn’t look as evil as Jane Badler did. It looks heavily reliant on CGI, but I hope that they will use a little more old school effects rather then wussing out by using a computer for everything. I mean, how can you beat the mouse-eating that Diana does while Donavan’s watching? The tail wiggling out of the mouth, and all! Such a great show. And the Nazi theme was a good angle for the show.

  8. Anita says

    We enjoyed the original, some great effects and the whole thing went quite well for that time. Special effects have come a long way since then, but hopefully they won’t twist the story too far out of context from the original. We love a GOOD sci-fi, but not “ugly”….it can stay somewhat sane and still be entertaining….wouldn’t want to scare us old folks or give anyone nightmares, right?? Good luck to the new series….

  9. says

    I think that it’s a mistake not to put the original cast back where they belong in this new V. What made the original so good was the Jane Badler and Marc Singer characters on totally opposite sides. I think it would be far better to let the old guard hand off to the new guard and would leave things open to go even further in the future. V was a great series and I hate to see the producers not use the formula that is proven to work. But instead get a wild hair that kills the franchise sort of like the producers killed the Highlander franchise by not holding to what worked and made for good story telling.

  10. johnny says

    the original dallas style music was so great in this show, it seems to be missing from the pilots and previews. I predict it will tank after first or second season if they dont have the original music, like terminator the series as the terminator franchise hasnt learned that music is 80% of a movie after removing Brad Fidels soundtrack from t1 and t2 from the franchise. although I have to admit loving BSG and they did not use the original music, but I have been less than impressed with the music comming from the new V series.
    Lot of love for this mini series.

  11. Joe says

    Well I never really got into the original as by the time I started to watch the effects kinda put me off but I am really excited from what I have seen of the new show so I think the reboot will also add interest in the old show. My partner has the old ones on dvd and I might sit down with an open mind and enjoy the show and take it (dated effects and all) and use this as a run up 2 the new one starting. I think as long as they are doing something new and iventive (not just str8 rip-offs of an original-like so many remakes nowadays) then its great to update something and bring it to a newer (and hopefully the original) audience.

  12. says

    Personally, I hate that Hollywood can’t come up with any new ideas and has to re-hash old ones. I’ve complained for too long about the remakes of horror movies that seem to flood our theatres once a month.

    Good thing about a remake of a tv show is, if you don’t like, don’t watch. Better chance it’ll go away that way…

  13. michele dawn smith says


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