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White Collar

White Collar TV showNetwork: USA Networks
Episodes: 81 (hour)
Seasons: Six

TV show dates: October 23, 2009 — December 18, 2014
Series status: Ended

Performers include: Matthew Bomer, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, Tiffani Thiessen, Sharif Atkins, Natalie Morales, James Rebhorn, and Alexandra Daddario.

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TV show description:
Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) — a conman, forger, and thief — is visited in jail by his girlfriend, but it doesn’t go well. This leads him to make his escape from the maximum security federal prison to search for her. He’s recaptured by the same FBI agent, Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), who previously sent him to jail. While out, he gives Burke some information concerning another case. That evolves into a deal that keeps Caffrey out of prison on a work release type of program. In exchange, he must help Burke catch other criminals.

After making the FBI deal, Caffrey visits a thrift store to get some clothes and meets an elderly woman. The handsome conman charms her into letting him live in her mansion. On top of helping the FBI, he’s always using his new position to search for his girlfriend, Kate, who he believes is in trouble.

Special Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) has an incredible knack for getting into the mind of criminals, making him really good at what he does. He’s the only authority to have ever caught Caffrey. Because he knows Caffrey so well, Burke knows that something’s wrong when the con escapes jail. He certainly doesn’t have complete trust in Caffrey once they start working together, yet he knows Caffrey will help him in the long run.

Elizabeth Burke (Tiffani Thiessen), Agent Burke’s wife, is an event planner and seems to understand her husband’s long hours away from home. She often discusses his cases with him, sometimes helps out, and also has a unique relationship with Caffrey.

Mozzie (Willie Garson) is another conman, and a friend, informant, and confidante to Caffrey. He supplies info to Caffrey that aids him in helping Agent Burke with his cases. Oddly, he’s also Caffrey’s laywer, and knows everything about Kate’s disappearance.

Series Finale

Episode #81 — Au Revoir
Peter passes the test and becomes part of the Pink Panthers for the heist. Neal and Keller loop Mozzie in on their own plan: for Mozzie to tap into the pneumatic tube and siphon off 30 million dollars, right under the noses of the Panthers (and the FBI).

Some time later, Neal stops by to share some time with June and Mozzie and he thanks her for everything, seemingly for the last time. After she’s left, he gives Mozzie the playing card from their first meeting and asks him to take care of the lady. Later, Peter and Elizabeth tell their friend that they’re having a boy. He’s very happy for them. Elizabeth asks Neal privately to keep Peter safe in this dangerous mission. Neal assures her it will be alright — they are his family.

As the heist begins, Neal is dressed as an airplane pilot (ala Catch Me If You Can) and flirts with a stewardess to secretly borrow her passcard to enter the secure area of the airport. He then removes some of his uniform to unveil a security uniform which allows him to get Peter, Keller, two gang members and the herses past the regular security guards.

Once inside, they make sure the tubes are ready and systematically break into the two safes at once. The FBI notes when Neal starts his watch so they know when to step in. Meanwhile, Mozzie is getting ready to intercept the cash underground in the city. As the money packages are transported, Mozzie intercepts one that broke open. The FBI arrives to capture the Panthers (with Neal and Peter) after the gang is back together with the cash.

Later, Keller and Neal are alone in the back of one of the vans. Keller tells Neal that the FBI will never let him go. A bit later, Peter returns to the van and they’re both gone. They meet Mozzie underground and Keller, true to form, decides to change the deal and take all of the money. Neal gets the drop on Keller and holds him at gunpoint while he sends Mozzie with one of the bags out of the tunnels. Keller grabs the gun and he shoots Neal in a scuffle. It’s a fatal wound.

Peter tracks down Keller and shoots him as he tries to get away — after he learns that his friend is dying. He finds Neal as he’s being put into an ambulance. Neal knows it’s the end and says goodbye to his best friend before the ambulance drives away. At the hospital, Mozzie and Peter identify Neal’s dead body. Mozzie can’t believe it and thinks it must be the ultimate scam but Peter forces him to accept the truth.

Later, Peter is given Neal’s personal effects, including lots of hotel and credit cards, a pocket square, a key, and his security ankle bracelet. Peter looks at the bracelet and slumps on a bench saying sadly, “You’re free.” It’s over.

One year later, we find that Peter is happy and leaving work on time to go home to be with his family. He’s still haunted, thinking he sees Neal around the office. Jones is promoted and Diana has taken a job in DC. On his way home, Peter stops by the park to see Mozzie who’s playing cards.

Peter still can’t figure out what happened to the $23 million that’s still missing. Mozzie misses Neal too and says that, for the longest time, he felt like Neal knew he was going to die. He realized that it wasn’t true and his friend is truly gone.

Some time later, Mozzie is visiting Peter, El, and baby Neal. After Moz leaves, Peter shows El a fine bottle of wine that’s been delivered anonymously. His mind starts working and he starts looking through Neal’s things. He finds the key and realizes it’s to Neal’s storage unit.

He visits and finds Neal’s belongings that include fine art, furniture, a test dummy (with one bullet hole in it) and research on how to make it appear that someone has died. He also finds a French newspaper and the queen of hearts. Peter smiles because he knows that his friend is alive and well and enjoying his freedom.

In Paris, we see Neal doff his trademark fedora and walk down a street with his back to the audience. Neal Caffrey is indeed finally free.
First aired: December 18, 2014.

What do you think? Do you like the White Collar TV show? Do you think it should have ended or should have been renewed for a seventh season?


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