666 Park Avenue: Cast Films Last Episode of Cancelled Series

666 park avenue canceledFans of ABC’s cancelled 666 Park Avenue series will hopefully be able to see the last episode sometime next year. Members of the cast and crew have already said their goodbyes however as they’ve filmed the 13th and final installment.

As you might expect, saying goodbye to the show was tough for them. Here’s what some had to say:

Terry O’Quinn (Gavin Doran) tweeted, “Today is December 11, and we are hard at work… My last week at the Drake, wishing a happy birthday to all born on this day-good thoughts 4 U”

The next morning he wrote, “Another work day at the Drake… Very interesting conclusion to our unfortunately short-lived saga. What a great bunch of people!”

And at the end of the week, O’Quinn typed, “The end must come for some good reason, I’ve heard it said before. To everything a time and season, what was this season for? Ron Sexmith”

While filming the last episode on December 12th, Rachael Taylor (Jane Van Veen) ‏tweeted, “Five hours of water stunt work on #666ParkAve … For an Australian I’m pretty pathetic in the pool. H20 just ain’t my element”

On the 4th, Dave Annable (Henry Martin) sent a picture of the last script and teased, “Last script of 666 park avenue. whoa. we are going out with a bang. cant wait for y’all to see it!”

666parkavenue21Then, on December 13th, Annable tweeted, “GUTTED..shooting my last scene with @_Rachael_Taylor. She is an incredible actress and now I get to call her my close friend. #missyoudude”

Vanessa Williams (Olivia Doran) retweeted, “@katebestmakeup: farewell @666ParkAve_ABC & @VWOfficial #Olivia THNQU4anothr#Amazing Adventure #!lastSceneLastEpisode pic.twitter.com/n9moQdwO”

Last week, Mercedes Masohn (Louise Leonard) wrote, “Getting ready to move back to LA while still shooting the last ep of 666. Moving sucks! If I never see another box again… #ItllBeTooSoon”

Helena Mattsson (Alexis Blume) was also moving and wrote, “Bye bye New York.. :( …and hello LA! :)”

Yesterday, Samantha Logan (Nona Clark) wrote, “Last day @666ParkAve_ABC W/ @RobertDMcNeill @robertbuckley @DaveAnnable10 @katebestmakeup It’s a wrap for #Nona pic.twitter.com/Ilv0Rxxj” and then, “Last day on set #666parkave :/ Cool mugs #TheDrake #execproducersrock pic.twitter.com/UilEfhNL”

She also tweeted a video, writing, “Me and @DaveAnnable10 on set of @666ParkAve_ABC :) #handshake #sorrywe’renotsorry ??”

What do you think? If you could have been on the set for the last days of shooting 666 Park Avenue, what would you have said to the cast and crew?

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  1. Jayne says

    Unbelievable. This always happens. I’ve gotten so I don’t want to watch tv anymore because I get hooked on a show & it gets cancelled. Loved Terry O’Quinn & Vanessa Williams.What’s next ABC?

  2. Aljin says

    ABC sucks! 666 PA is actually one of the few ABC shows that are worth watching. They could at least give us the 4 remaining episodes to appease us.

  3. Amanda L says

    This is really not cool ABC. 666 PA is one of the most original, beautiful, and mysterious shows on TV right now. I have been an ABC show fan for a while but I’m sick of the constant shifting schedules and show cancelations. I decided to stop watching live and will no longer suggest ABC shows to people in my networks. The network need sto revive 666 or else…

  4. Lori Bertges says

    I can’t believe they dumped the last 4 episodes! I may never start another series on ABC again! Can no longer trust that network.

  5. Kaye says

    I’m sorry to see this show being pulled, it was an original one, different, mysterious & had a good plot. Who wants to watch “Apt 23″ I’m surprised that show lasted one episode after it first aired, only a bunch a airheads in it!!
    ABC don’t realize a good program when they have it.

  6. Dinah says

    I CAN believe it because there are clueless morons making stupid decisions. I too am sick and tired of reality shows and find myself renting more Netflix and watching less TV due to those STUPID decisions !!!!!!

  7. Jenny says

    abc needs a realty check . we need shows like 666 park avenue just to make our imaginations work. intrigue, drama, comedy, mystery, suspense, no sex, no nudity and no cussing. seriously what is wrong with abc. the next thing they will do is cancel once upon a time. every time we finally get a show like 666 park avenue with everything i already mentioned plus an absolutely fantastic cast some idiot pulls it. i am just about to a point now that i see no reason to watch any kind of series. p.s. don’t be surprised if 23b and happy ending go down. people get tired of shows being pushed down their throats. here is a thought dump reality shows.

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