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All My Children, One Life to Live: ABC Soaps Shopped to Cable

One Life to LiveMany soap fans were happy to learn that Prospect Park had made a deal with ABC to continue cancelled soaps All My Children and One Life to Live online.

Though the production has company said that the shows would “continue to be delivered with the same quality and in the same format and length,” many in the industry doubted that it would be possible to do do this using an online-only model. Some fans expressed disappointment since not everyone has ready access to high-speed internet.

Now, word is that Prospect Park is shopping the soaps to cable channels as well. If a deal can be worked out, it’s expected that the episodes will air on traditional television after they’ve been released online, the opposite of how it’s usually done.

Deadline didn’t report which cable channels are being approached but teases that they are “both big-tent, general entertainment networks and female-centered nets.” The article notes that Prospect Park execs already have a relationship with USA Network.

Both soaps currently air on SoapNet but that will become Disney Junior early next year.

Discussions are still under way with the actor and crew unions to produce the web versions of the soap operas at a reduced cost.

All My Children leaves ABC on September 23rd and One Life to Live says goodbye to network television sometime in January.

What do you think? Would you wait to see the soaps on cable or watch them sooner online?


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