Body of Proof: Cancelled by ABC, No Fourth Season

Body of proof cancelledThe producers tried making changes to Body of Proof to boost the ratings but it didn’t work. The show’s now been cancelled after three seasons on the air. Hopefully Dana Delany will find another role soon.

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  1. Bonnie says

    Really, do the powers that be really think most of the intelligent people out here prefer the “reality???” tv is real life. I’m not saying any tv show is reality but at least they don’t say they are. Good entertainment doesn’t need to advertise that this how people really are, they know what is real and what is not, they have the news see that.

    Please do not cancle”Body of Proof”!!!!!!

  2. Moenystash says

    Only Mark Burnett and his mega-million dollar empire of stupid reality TV shows which cost nothing to produce, survive, go figure.

  3. Joseph Gorka says

    What is wrong with you people ??!! Dana Delaney is one of the greatest actresses of our time. She is always classy. The two lab guys are great, very entertaining. Body of Proof is an outstanding show and should be renewed or picked up by another network.

  4. Nina says

    Another good show canceled. Body of proof is a good family show yet there are other shows that should not even be on air and still are.

  5. Lone Wolf says

    I believe elderly tv viewers do not enjoy watching silly reality shows.
    We get enough true reality from the local and world news.
    Thank you so much.

  6. Susan says

    OMG!!!! This is one of the best Dramas on TV and the casting is 5 star! How can we save this show from being cancelled?????? No please no!!!!!

  7. Charlie says

    please don’t cut this, as a Chinese fan, I’m eager to know the plot about Megan’s father,the real reason for his death. And I feel the change among the new characters is indeed pretty!! I’m really into this series!!’

  8. Brenda says

    Why are they taking this off? We so many stupid reality shows and anything w/any kind of substance they want to take off?…..REALLY?

  9. Melisa says

    Wow another good show cancelled…evidently if you have good acting and writing that appeal to people with brains who enjoy episodic tv you are doomed …..quit bouncing shows around, give em a chance to develop an audience. … Reality tv and the honey boo boo crap stays on ….kind of shows the intelligence of the programmers and the audience they desire.

  10. Bandit says

    Another great show cancelled.
    why do they always cancel the good shows & keep running BS so-called non-scripted “reality” shows..

    i like to be taken away into pseudo reality rather than the screaming, shouting, backstabbing that goes on in those “reality” shows.

    please keep “body”…

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