Charlie’s Angels (2011)

Charlies Angels TV seriesNetwork: ABC
Episodes: Eight but one didn’t air (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 22, 2011 — November 10, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor, Ramon Rodríguez, and Victor Garber.

TV show description:      
Three young, beautiful women work for mysterious millionaire Charles “Charlie” Townsend (voice of Victor Garber), the owner of the Townsend Detective Agency who enlists them to solve crimes in Miami.

Abby Sampson (Rachel Taylor) is a wealthy socialite turned world-class thief. Her beauty has always turned heads but it’s her quick wit and acerbic sense of humor that really makes her stand out.

She and her four older siblings grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a world of privilege but, all that changed when her father was exposed as a Bernie Madoff level swindler. A rebel, Abby studied safe-cracking and high-end cons and her stealing ended up getting her disowned by the family. She fell in with a bad crowd and her life was in pieces until, two years ago, Charlie stepped in and offered her a job. She has almost no contact with her family but uses her high-society connections, her ability to get into any building anywhere, and her skills as a con artist to help with the cases.

Kate Prince (Annie Ilonzeh) is a former Miami police officer who fell into corruption. She ended up losing both her fiance and her career. An incredible athlete, Kate possesses a razor-sharp intellect, and has the body of an Amazon. Raised by her widowed mother, she helped her family survive, attended Miami Southern University on a basketball scholarship, and then joined the Miami Police Department.

Kate excelled as one of the youngest detectives in the department and fell in love with a fellow officer, Detective Ray Goodson. She was later recruited into the elite Fight Organized Crime Unit (FOCU) and spent long months undercover. Rampant corruption within the Unit slowly wore her down and she began taking kickbacks and developed a serious drug-addiction. Her relationship with Ray broke down and they eventually broke up when she was arrested following a sting operation.

With Charlie’s help, she pulled her life back together. She moved in with her family and joined the Agency full-time. Kate’s background helps her analyze crime scenes efficiently. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the city’s criminal population and her network of informants spans Miami’s social spectra.

The third member of the team was Gloria Morales (Nadine Velazquez), a disgraced army lieutenant with a penchant for explosives. When a tragic accident claimed her life, the two remaining Angels are convinced to partner with Eve French (Minka Kelly), a hot-headed street racer and Gloria’s childhood friend.

Eve’s parents were aid workers in El Salvador and were killed in the civil war when she was five. She spent the next five years at an orphanage before escaping the country with her best friend Gloria. They survived on the streets of America until they located Gloria’s uncle, Oscar, who taught them about cars and life in the States. They were eventually recruited into a notorious gang of high-end car thieves. They stole a Lamborghini one night and ended up hitting a cab and killing the driver. Eve let Gloria escape. Gloria joined the Army while Eve went to jail for four years. From orphan to car thief to inmate, Eve’s learned to adapt and survive in any environment.

Also working with the team is John Bosley (Ramon Rodriguez). Smart and handsome, he can hack any computer and charm any lady. Originally from the boroughs of New York, Bosley used his incredible hacking skills to pull pranks and later to amass a $57 million fortune spread across eight bank accounts in five countries. He lived in a $10 million penthouse apartment in San Francisco and had properties in Tuscany and St. Barth’s. When the IRS opened a very high-level investigation, Bosley’s jet-setting lifestyle came to a crashing end.

Only Charlie’s intervention saved him from a very long prison sentence and Bosley’s worked for Charlie ever since. His hacking skills and technical knowledge are put to good use as a detective. He’s Charlie’s right-hand man, the Angels’ support, and the face of the Townsend Detective Agency.

Series Finale:     
Episode eight — They Are Not Saints
While jet-skiing on their day off, the Angels come across an unconscious man (Jason Pendergraft). Eve revives him through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and they discover he has amnesia. Attempts on his life are later made while the Angels protect him and help him discover his true identity. They discover that he is a Los Angeles Police Officer. Eve takes a liking to the man and Bosley’s feelings for her become apparent.
First aired: Did not run on ABC.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lu says

    I watched the first episode of this new show and it was PAINFUL! The acting was horrible, the lines were even worse and the storyline needed some desperate help. If this one makes it to season two I will be shocked.

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