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CW Ratings Race: Is Beauty and the Beast the New Secret Circle?

Beauty and the Beast canceled soon?Last year, it looked like The Secret Circle was a perfect match with The CW’s most popular series, The Vampire Diaries. Unfortunately, the ratings dwindled as the season progressed.

Despite having a very strong and compatible lead-in, by the end of the season, Secret Circle wasn’t doing any better than some of The CW’s other shows. The network cancelled it.

This season, it looks like Beauty and the Beast is going to have a similar story. It debuted to a 1.2 demo rating and is currently pulling in just a 0.6 rating. If this continues, the show’s averages will keep dropping — faster than Secret Circle’s did.

Unless the ratings turn around, I suspect Beauty and the Beast will be cancelled after one season. To date, The CW has ordered only 13 episodes. They commissioned three additional scripts but there’s certainly no guarantee that they’ll have them produced.

What do you think? Share your comments below.

Here are The CW season averages as of Thursday, November 1, 2012:

The CW
TV shows
18-49 demo
rating (actual)
in millions
The Vampire Diaries 1.4 (1.43) 3.06 season 4 ratings
Arrow 1.2 (1.18) 3.56 season 1 ratings
Supernatural 0.9 (0.86) 2.03 season 8 ratings
Beauty and the Beast 0.8 (0.77) 2.09 season 1 ratings
Hart of Dixie 0.6 (0.58) 1.37 season 2 ratings
America’s Next Top Model 0.5 (0.50) 1.25 cycle 18 ratings
90210 0.5 (0.47) 0.97 season 5 ratings
Gossip Girl (final season) 0.4 (0.40) 0.84 season 6 ratings
Emily Owens, MD 0.4 (0.37) 1.27 season 1 ratings
Nikita 0.3 (0.25) 0.88 season 3 ratings

These charts incorporate the daily final CW show ratings (reported by Nielsen) and are sorted by the 18-49 demographic. Network advertisers typically prize those viewers most and so will pay more to reach them. There’s lots of information that the networks take into consideration when cancelling or renewing a TV series but the ratings are the biggest factor. The higher the ratings, the better chance that the show will be renewed. And yes, they take it into account when a show airs on Friday nights

Check out our CW show page for the current status of various shows.

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{ 35 comments… read them below or add one }

Aqsa March 12, 2013 at 7:20 pm

please dont cancel it ,the show seems amazing and im sure its going to beat vamp diaries soon .. both the lead actors are doing a brilliant job .. story seems soo interesting and im totally addicted to it .


Winnie March 6, 2013 at 6:33 pm

Please don’t cancel Beauty and the Beast. It’s one of my favorite shows. I love this show better than the original 1984 tv series. I watch Beauty and the Beast every week without missing it. I’m very disappointed that the CW is thinking of cancelling this show. I love supernatural, the vampire diaries, arrow, hart of dixie, but I’m really excited to see Beauty and the Beauty. I find these stories are original and beautifully written. I am begging you to please not cancel this show. :(


Tricia February 13, 2013 at 8:51 pm

Please please PLEASE don’t cancel B&B! It is a good show, better then all of thoes vampire shows out there. Since Twilight, every1 has been trying 2 get their hands on something “vampire” 2 try & make a buck, example: true blood & vampire diaries. How many shows that r now on that r not reality that people can relate 2? Some, not all, military personnel can relate 2 this show. People who have not met some1 w/PTSD should not b allowed 2 give a comment on this show. They have no idea what it does 2 some1.


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