Harry’s Law: Newspaper Delivers Protest Letters

NBC canceled Harrys LawUpset about NBC’s cancellation of the Harry’s Law TV series? Well, The Globe and some of their readers are as well, reports the gossip publication.

An article in The Globe said that the paper’s office manager, Gil Kaan, recently delivered more than 2,200 protest letters to NBC. The letters were sent to The Globe and the AARP from TV viewers who were dismayed by the peacock network’s May 2012 decision to drop the Kathy Bates legal drama.

Though Harry’s Law drew millions of viewers each week, NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt conceded that it was difficult to monetize the show. Harry’s Law typically drew an older audience and advertisers want their commercials seen by those in the 18-49 demographic.

AARP media entertainment editor Bill Newsott said, “It’s borderline insulting to just write off an entire segment of the population because you don’t particularly want to market to them.”

The Globe invited readers to send protest letters to them, vowing to hand deliver them. Kaan said that one NBC employee was supposedly sympathetic to fans’ upset and another wondered if the letter campaign would change NBC’s mind.

It’s highly unlikely to happen unfortunately. There’s been no talk of any other channels or networks being interested in picking up Harry’s Law and 2,200 letters is hardly an impressive number when you’re talking about network television.

What do you think? Have you written a letter or email about the cancellation of Harry’s Law by NBC?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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    • Emlyn Jones says

      Harry’s Law is funny, clever, well written and well acted. Replace it with the purile crap that targets younger audiences then we shall just switch off. Maybe we’ll just dump our tele and start reading again.

  1. lisa says

    To whom it may concern: In my opinion you people who make up the network line-ups have no more business running those stations than changing a babies diaper. your in sane if you think for one the network viewers won’t fall off through the winter season because you can’t see your nose in front of your face. older persons spend money just the same as everyone else. what a slap in our faces when you take of some of the best shows on TV, because we are a little older don’t you realize soon the younger viewers will be older and will want to watch all fun and games TV. anything other than that they will turn quicker than a blink. please give us back some great diversity. If not I’m going to quit watching TV all together i our home. I know lots of people who feel the same. they are not all older, and are very wise. They Are getting tired of the junk being pushed of on ever channel. as for me I’ve been getting tired of it for a long time.Some of the best shows have been canceled. it is a crying shame for what you are to the actors. the viewers but most of all yourselves. You will see when you have to scramble to get shows on because your audiences are falling off. Finally that’s all I have to say.

  2. Marie says

    What a sorry mess for NBC. SHAME ON YOU!!! Harry’s Law should be back on the air. The best show on TV with a superb cast. The show was current to the problems of today and had more viewers than other shows that are till on the air. I will boycott NBC and hope with all my heart that a cable channel will pick up Harry’s Law. I like quality TV. Harry’s Law was quality. I think I’ll start reading books instead of watching TV shows without meaning.

  3. Jamie L says

    Whats bizarre about this is that everyone accepts the show only appeals to viewers over a certain age. I’m 36 and my girlfriend is 24. We go out clubbing pretty much every weekend, get drunk and party, and I’d say are generally in the demographic which the show is not watched by. We love this show. It’s one of the few remaining US TV shows with some thought provoking and intelligent themes and storylines. The characters are deep, diverse and interesting. It’s nice to see a show with a bit of a moral theme and some integrity. Also nice to see it set in Ohio and not the usual LA, NYC or Miami predictable sets.

    Not quite sure what they’re thinking canning this. I’m certainly not interested in reality TV. I got bored after season 3 big brother. They should rethink this decision.

  4. Carolyn Land says

    I cannot believe you cancelled this program because we who watched the series are over fifty. I have cable and the problem even on the major TV stations is that there aren’t many programs worth watching and when you put on a good program like Harry’s Law you cancel it because 8.8 million people are too old! What a concept!

  5. Mary H.L. Lamb says

    NBC’s decision was about politics, not ratings. Harry’s Law vigorously aired both sides of many controversial political questions.

    The clearest example of fairly airing conservative views occurred in the several scripts defending Harry’s (and by implication other honest citizens’) gun rights, either openly advocating them in court or by Harry brandishing her .357.

    If NBC wanted to deliver sales to advertisers, logic dictates that more “discretionary dollars” are watching in the over-50 demographic than the 18 to 30 range. Past 50, incomes have graduated. Who isn’t earning more at 55 than at 25? That black hole of mandatory spending for setting up housekeeping and raising kids is diminishing.

    More cash is coming in, more is left over, and more of that can be spent as one wishes.

    Political pressures–internal to NBC and Comcast, and external–forced even this very rare, even-handed political debate off the air.

    I’ll remember that when I pick up the remote.

  6. Robert Pahlow says

    This is what I have learned. There is nothing on NBC if you are older than 49. Remember The Event? Remember Harry’s Law? NBC shows no loyalty to those who are loyal to their shows, so this fall , skip the Revolution and anything else new that NBC is trying to sell you. Watch another network, or read a book. Go for a walk. Whatever NBC puts on this fall won’t be around long anyway.

  7. Jeremy Rynek says

    really it is a crock that they always cancel shows with low ratings in the demo, if you only need one example of this being a money driven country, then it’s this. Advertisers only want eyes in the skulls to be under 50 mostly, otherwise, “Screw it, we won’t pay you our money.” Can anyone just imagine a world without money? For the tv viewer, that would be nice.

  8. michael milton says

    Harry’s Law was also nominated for emmy awards in the best actress and best guest charcter performance categories two years in a row winning in it’s first season for best guest character. so once again NBC I ask why are you ignoring the strong viewing numbers that this show gets from its older audiences.

  9. michael milton says

    correction more than 89 shows were cancelled last seas on tv and the two networks that cancelled shows before a full season run or more than five episodes were shown were ABC and NBC. They also had more shows that only ran one season and then were cancelled. so what does that tell you about the faith and the creativity that ABC and NBC have in their scripted shows. They rely to much on reality tv to save their networks. Fox is the same way. CW and CBS continue to experiment and come up with original programming with scripted Tv for the majority oftheir programming. They have even listened to their viewersa and uncanceled shows and given them second chances that have paid off. NBC can only boast that it saved Chuck from being canceled abc just cancels stuff. Abc tries to make cast changes to help the ratings of the shows it has on it’s network. Who in tv do you poll to figure out if a younger or older actor or actress will draw more viewers to a show. who do you poll if you think a different actor or actress will work in a show? there is no guranteeing that these things work. sometimes you just have to quit totally focusing on huge numbers of viewers and keep something on because you at least have a solid base of viewers. ABC and NBC wont do this they will continue to focus on trying to beat CBS instead of putting out quality tv and they will fall again.

  10. michael milton says

    If you had more than five million viewers watching your show you should be happy NBC. Plus have you seen the facebook page dedicated to Saving Harry’s Law. almost one hundred thousand supporters. The first season averaged 11.65 million viewers. the only reason it dropped to 8.92[ million viewrs is because NBC deciede to focus on other show which in turn they cancelled before they even showed more than 4 episodes. when they did this they moved Harry’s Law to sundays. this is know as the death slot for alot of NBC shows that don’t draw in younger viewrs and yet Harry’s Law was still NBC’s top scripted show. NBC has shown disrespect towards it’s older viewers and i promise you that more than half of the new crap coming on won’t last more than four or five episodes. CBS is going to rule again. ABC only has a couple ofgood shows going for them in the regular television season and that is Once Upon A time and possbly Apartment 23. but CBS shows stronger iath in it’s programming . that is why it will rule againg this season. ABC mismatches it’s show with each other like it did putting Charlies angels and Greys ANatmy to gether on Thursday night. They should have put Charlies Angels on another night. possibly by pairing it with Castle. but instead it didn’t do well so instead of taking a step to save it they cancelled it. more than 898 shows were cancelled last season and most of them were abc or nbc shows. so what does that tell you.

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