Hawaii Five-0: Alex O’Loughlin Signed for TV Series Remake

Alex O'LoughlinHe’s played a vampire detective on Moonlight and a compassionate doctor on Three Rivers. Now, Alex O’Loughlin’s on schedule to play a Hawaiian detective.

The actor has agreed to play Steve McGarrett, the head of the fictional Hawaiian State Police, in CBS’ upcoming pilot for a new Hawaii Five-0 series. Jack Lord played the role for 268 episodes, from 1968 until 1980.

Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim was recently cast in the role of Chin Ho Kelly, a role played by Kam Fong on the original series.

Fringe writer-producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and CSI: NY executive producer Peter Lenkov are heading up the project.

What do you think? Is O’Loughlin right for the role? With this team, is there any chance the pilot won’t become a series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. hottie says

    Alex is the perfect person to play this role. I watched this series by force when i was a little girl because my dad made me…lol. But now as an adult, this show is awesome and he is hot!!!

  2. kelly says

    Alex o’laughin is great on Hawai Five-0.I have seen him on Moonlight too and he was so hot.I think he is one of my favourite actors…!

  3. Michelle says

    By placing Alex in yet another CBS show just show’s why they are my favorite station to watch. I am a HUGE fan of Alex, he is one of the most talented and sexy actor’s out there. I have been hooked since Moonlight, he was by far the sexiest’s vampire ever. I’m so glad he is playing a cop, his River character never did him justice he is an action guy. Standing around just talking was a waste of his talents. Thanks for bringing him back..

  4. Suzanne Faith says

    Opps!! Sorry Alex’s birthday is AUGUST 24th not September!! He and I are both Virgos, both Irish decent, and if I were one to believe in reincarnation I would say that I “knew” him in a past life….I feel a real connection to him for some reason and I’m no teenager or have any mental problems!! Just a feeling…he really is someone special.
    Love to Alex His Forever Fan Suzanne

  5. Suzanne Faith says

    If anyone wants to get in touch with Alex I saw that he is with United Talent Agency and his agent’s name is Chris Hart. Address is:
    Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Chris Hart
    United Talen Agency
    Beverly Hills CA 90212
    If anyone wants to send him a “congratulations” card and also his birthday is September 24……He really apprecitates his fans…we appreciate him. Suzanne His Forever Fan
    NOTE: anyone knows if another address is better. let us know!

  6. says

    You bet Alex is right for the role of Steve McGarrett. He’s wonderful in any role. I can’t wait for September. I watch all the CBS reruns just to see the ads for Hawaii Five O.

  7. Samantha says

    I’ll watch Alex on Hawaii Five-0. As a matter of fact, I’ll watch anything he’s in. My real question is why is he still partnered with CBS? They don’t seem to have his interests in mind. If they did, the idiots wouldn’t have cancelled Moonlight!

  8. says

    Can’t wait to see the new series. It looks pretty action packed with some humor mixed in, it may even rate up their with NCIS. I hope it is as sucessfull! Great looking cast can’t hurt.

  9. says

    I’ve seen Alex in a variety of rolls and think he is an excellent actor. He fits the look for Steve Mcgarret I don’t think he’ll have a problem pulling it off. And I have to agree he is by far one of the best looking actors, not only on television but in the cinema. Hope they don’t pull this series out. Best of luck to Mr. O’laughin.

  10. Suzanne Faith says

    I have been upset to read on other sites that Scott Caan is the better actor, Alex is too young for the part, he is taking away the glory that was Jack Lord’s, blah, blah, blah, I have followed Alex’s career for the 4 years he has been on American Tv/movies…he is the best. A gentleman, funny, loves people, his family, his fans and is grateful for everything that’s happened to him here. Has worked for over 13-14 years to get where he is… he can play everything from a serial killer to romance with JLo in Back up Plan .You Go Alex! Suzanne Your Forever Fan

  11. helga says

    i will watch anything with alex o’loughlin, in my opinion he is the best looking actor on TV right now. maybe he will have more scenes with less clothes on than jack lord. he was always so overdressed, to think in the heat of hawaii.

  12. MariaMoonlight says

    Moonlight was as great as Three Rivers was terrible…but Alex couldn’t know the show would be such a stinker. He’s a wonderful actor. I’m looking forward to seeing Hawaii five o even thought I don’t believe there will be romance in it and I’d like to see Alex with an unrequited romance along with the cop thingy. Still I love the Mentalist and there is no romance in that. I’ll be happy if the show is done well. Alex will do the rest.

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