Huge: ABC Family TV Show Cancelled; No Season Two

HugeThere weren’t big ratings for ABC Family’s Huge series so the cable channel has cancelled it after just 10 episodes.

Huge follows a group of seven teenagers who are sent to weight-loss camp with diverse results. The cast includes Nikki Blonsky, Hayley Hasselhoff, Raven Goodwin, Ari Stidham, Ashley Holliday, Harvey Guillen, Stefan Van Ray, Jacob Wysocki, Molly Tarlov, Gina Torres, Zander Eckhouse, Zoe Jarman, and Paul Dooley.

The show debuted to a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic last June with 2.53 million viewers. ABC Family bragged that it was their biggest series launch to date among women 18-49 and second largest in adults 18-49 and women 18-34.

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Unfortunately, the numbers started to fall in week two and slowly kept dropping off. By week eight, Huge hit a series low with a 0.5 rating in the demo and 1.34 million viewers. That represents an audience loss of about 45% since the debut. The last episode of the season attracted just a 0.6 rating and 1.45 million total viewers.

Now, according to Deadline, ABC Family has decided to cancel Huge. Unfortunately for the show’s loyal viewers, there won’t be a second season or a true series finale. The last episode aired on August 30th.

The decision to cancel Huge doesn’t really come as a surprise, especially if you look at the great success that ABC Family has been having with other new shows like Pretty Little Liars and Melissa & Joey.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Huge has been cancelled? Why do you think more people didn’t tune in?

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  1. QB lover14 says

    I think that a lot of over weight teens like me were inspired by the show. But now days ppl that r skinny could Care less abt a show abt ppl that r over weight.

  2. Marclare Curry says

    It doesn’t suprise me that they would get rid of a great show like Huge. Its because it doesn’t fit the status quo of what america wants. They can make all these shows that show nothing but skinny models doing stupid mess and have many seasons. But when a show finally comes on that shows how it is to be overweight and unaccepted they get rid of it. I mean come on who really watches Pretty Little Liars? and if lots of people do the only reason is because everyone thinks the girls are skinny and hot. Its a shame im overweight and that show got me through alot and its sad to see this show not be appreciated.

  3. LisaF says

    What a bummer. I’ve been anxiously awaiting season two of Huge, as I fell in love with both the characters and the writing. It’ll be another one of those “best shows that no one was watching”. A true shame.

  4. Terri says

    This sucks that this show was canceled! One of our family favorites! Was not happy to see it is canceled! Pretty Little Liars sucks to me! DRAMA is all it is… and you take a show off that gives inspiration to kids who are over weight and think nobody goes through the same thing….. a shame!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jordan Thayer says

    This is a HUGE mistake. This show should’ve NEVER been cancelled. This show was inspirational and motivational. I think the reason it never got big ratings is because it didn’t air long enough to get enough viewers. Although, I watched it every week, my friends had never even heard of it before. Once I showed them just one episode, they were hooked, as was I. I think this “cancellation” should really be reconsidered. This is one of the best shows ABC Family has EVER aired. It is such a disappointment to see it go. Please bring it back.

  6. Ashley says

    I am very upset that huge has been cut off.every good show that starts on abc seems to be cancleld after the first season shows be given at least a second chance not be canceld because theirs not 5 million viewers

  7. janice says

    I was disappointed to see that this show ended. Since it was on cable, I thought it would have a chance. It was fun, but more than that, it was real. Will be missed.

  8. courtney says

    i loved that show!!! i cant believe it got cancelled! my friends and i watched every episode and we all loved it! im so sad:”(

  9. Renae says

    Thinking about the show today, so I looked to see when it would start again. I’m VERY disappointed the show was canceled. This was a very real show. I LOVED IT! If they would have let the show have a 2nd season, it would have probably done better. Can we at least get a finale show?

  10. Carmella says

    i am seriously upset that there will be no season two for huge. i thought it was truthful and interesting. i loved the show and i believe people didn’t watch it because it wasn’t filled with skinny half-dressed teenagers like the rest of the crap on tv.

  11. Jackie says

    The only reason teens and people in general didnt watch it is because it wasnt all about sex like everything else out there. HUGE showed the truth about a serious problem in the U.S. , as an overweight person I actually could relate to the show, I cant relate to “pretty little liars”, im not that pretty, “Secret Life” just makes all teens look like sl-ts, we dont all sleep around and get knocked up. People are afraid to see the truth, and the simple truth, big people have feelings too, we struggle just like everyone else. Our voices deserve to be heard as well! The show should be continued, if anything it will help younger people struggling with being overweight to cope and know they arent alone.

  12. Cole says

    It’s just not fair I really like this show… as an over weight person it helped me get though a lot… :( please put it back on the air, give it another shot.

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