Just For Laughs: ABC Revives Cancelled Secret Camera Show

Rick Miller of Just for LaughsThough NBC had mixed results with their Howie Do It, the alphabet network has decided to bring back their own hidden camera show.

An import from Canada, Just for Laughs captures pranks, tricks, and practical jokes played on unsuspecting victims. Whether it’s a jumping cake, an out-of-control wheelchair, a fake skunk, or two ladies with walkers in the middle of a street, the show keeps its unsuspecting victims guessing and confused.

Hosted by Rick Miller, the series began its US run in the Summer of 2007. Laughs completed its first season in September of that year and was a strong enough performer to be renewed for a second run.

Year two began airing in January 2008 and didn’t perform as well as expected. In May, Laughs was cancelled after having completed its second season.

Times have now changed and ABC has decided to give the show another try. The network has ordered new half-hour installments of Laughs. The new episodes will start airing at 7pm this Sunday, June 21st, paired with abbreviated reruns of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

There’s no word on how many new installments have been ordered but, if the show performs well, Laughs is expected to remain in its Sunday night timeslot for the remainder of the Summer.

What do you think? Does Laughs deserve a second chance? Is this hidden camera show better than the others?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Herb Allenson says

    ROTFLMAO funny! I enjoyed “Just for Laughs”, and I was very disappointed when they took it off the air.
    I have been able to get some of the stunts on the internet which has been nice.

  2. Radwar says

    Well, it’s one of the most popular shows around the world, I don’t understand why it isn’t as popular in America. I never did understand this need for a host, I mean it’s the only version where there is one and the jokes are easily understandable especially with the little demonstration at the beginning. Infact the host just takes up the time for another joke and as all hosts go when it’s about funny clips, they suck! Never are their jokes even remotely funny, I mean just check out America’s Funniest Videos for a prime example. Also maybe the reason it’s not as popular as they thought it would be is because most of the clips they show in the American version are old clips and are already on video websites like Youtube. The Canadian version is still coming out with new stuff, so why not pay for the right to broadcast new clips instead of paying for the old ones?

  3. Rene says

    My husband and I loved the Canada version of Just for Laughs and disappointed that it is not on the air. We laughed so hard that we both thought we would break a few ribs. Please, Please, bring it back!!!!!!!!

  4. TheCheezWhiz says

    I didn’t even know they canceled it but I’m sure glad they brought it back. The host is unnecessary and thankfully doesn’t waste much of the show’s time. What’s best is there’s no long explanation of the setup. There’s a brief demo and on with the gag! Great format for a summer show.

  5. says

    I liked “Just For Laughs” during the initial appearance on ABC in 2007, but unfortunately our local Denver ABC affiliate KMGH postponed half of the “Just For Laughs” episodes that were aired for some reason airing local specials, politics related programming, etc. I am pleased that it’ll make a comeback on ABC, however the question remains, will KMGH pre-empt them over and over again?

  6. Dave says

    This show is funny in Canada but I don’t like the host in the US version. There is no host in the Canadian version which is better imho. There really is no need for one. So many shows feel the need for hosts like blooper shows but all they do is try(and fail) to be funnier than the clips.

  7. says

    @robycop3: Yeah, for that kind of show “laughs” was pretty good. I think they’re pretty smart to bring it back for the Summer.

  8. robycop3 says

    Usually, I think resurrecting a dead show is a bad idea,(Cupid, Knight Rider, Hunter, Jericho as examples) but this unscripted “Candid Camera”-like show may attract some viewers this summer. I shall certainly sample it, at least, as I liked the first incarnation.

  9. Tom says

    Well, I thought the show was amusing. I don’t think it will perform very well at the 7pm timeslot though.

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