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Lie to Me: Petition and Ways to Support the FOX TV Show

Lie to Me TV showCal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his team seek out the truth on each episode of Lie to Me. Unfortunately, the truth is that the TV show hasn’t been a big hit in the ratings and could easily be cancelled by FOX.

What can you do? Remember, the ideal scenario for FOX is for many millions of people to watch the show on their television sets, while it’s being broadcast. Unfortunately, ratings are put together based on a sampling of viewers. If you’re a “Nielsen household,” your viewing is being counted. If not, it’s not.

However, if you like Lie to Me and want to see it continue, there are a few things you can do to help.

  1. If you’re a Nielsen family, watch the show whenever it’s on. If not, watch it on or purchase episodes online so your viewing will be directly counted. Encourage others to watch the show. You might know a Nielsen family and not be aware of it.
  1. Talk about the show with others; at school, at work, online, or wherever. Creating a buzz about a show that you’re invested in gets other people interested and might help bring former viewers back.
  1. Sign the petition below and encourage others to do the same.
  1. Write to the network. Be respectful. Everyone responds better to courtesy. Tell them how much you enjoy the show, that you’ve signed the petition, and that you want to see it continue. You can e-mail or, even better, write via “snail-mail” to: Mr. Kevin Reilly, President, FOX, P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900, RE: Lie to Me
  1. Take note of the products that are advertised during the show. Write the advertisers and tell them that you appreciate their sponsoring the show and that you buy their products (if you do).
  1. Check out this group of fans’ efforts to save the show:

To FOX, 20th Century Fox Television, Imagine Television, MiddKid Productions, and Samuel Baum Productions:

We, the undersigned, greatly enjoy watching Lie to Me on the FOX network. The actors, writers, and everyone associated with the TV show are top notch. This series makes you think and keeps you coming back to more because of the strong characters.

Please find a way to keep Lie to Me on the air. We are devoted viewers who will continue to watch the program, encourage others to do the same, and will support the series’ advertisers as well. Please keep it going, either on FOX or, if necessary, on another channel.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • StevenCountry: USA2014-09-15 17:21:51
    Please bring Lie to Me back! The acting was phenomenal and the plot was superb. The show at least deserves a proper ending. Please bring the show back. I can see how it appeals to the 17-28 year old age group. Just look at who watches shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS. The show just needs better promotion. Thanks
  • VijayCountry: USA 2014-09-15 00:54:53
    Cool show. Bring it back.
  • Mary AyersCountry: United States2014-09-14 12:14:42
    I started watching Lie To Me on Netflix, I do not get to watch TV, because my husband only wants to watch game shows, so I bought me a laptop and got Netflix. I was disappointed that I watched the last show today. Lie To Me is very entertaining and keeps you interested in the show, and I would look forward to the next one. I also enjoyed all the main actors on the show, please bring it back and don't change a thing!
  • Ljunja RakhimovaCountry: Russian Federation2014-09-14 07:31:22
    Series Lie to me is very interesting and useful to me.I adore all main characteres and they became instructive for me. I will hoped that series revive because this characteres live in heart and don`t want to die.
  • Kornienko AnastasiaCountry: Russia2014-09-11 10:02:03
    Revive it !!!!!!!! Please !!! We can't live without " lie to me"!!!!!!
  • andreaCountry: united states2014-09-09 03:22:38
    Love this show. Hated the end, with no proper series ending. It needs another go.
  • ryanCountry: wales2014-09-08 20:08:07
    I have hopelessly prayed for this show to come back, its similar to house, elementary, prison break and much more, in fact I love all these shows to about the same extent. I am confused as to how this show can be so unpopular that it would stop casting all together. with the amount of money they make as a whole, continuing the cast of this production would be a treat for those who love this show. but then i also understand that if it makes no money for you then there is no reason for YOU to continue this:( which brings sad times for people who enjoy this show!!!
  • Britt Priddy JrCountry: United States2014-09-07 17:25:47
    I think your rating system is flawed. You take awesome shows off the air, yet leave shows on that I don't know anyone watches or even heard of. It's like a grocery store discontinuing a popular product and replacing it with something nobody wants. Please consider putting the the show back on air or permit another station to continue the show. Thank you, Britt Priddy Jr Odessa, TX
  • C.RobsonCountry: UK2014-09-02 19:04:16
    Like no other show out there, bring it back!
  • keith watsonCountry: Ireland2014-09-02 16:59:36
    i love the show watched back in 09 to 11 again in the past two weeks on netflix had to watch cal at his best plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i now it has been two years now but you let the show wide open to sugestion in the last episode do you love gilian do you really YES i would and million of viewer of the show
  • Chelsea DavisCountry: U.S.2014-08-31 08:46:01
    Good show we need another season
  • Vee KCountry: United States2014-08-30 07:24:53
    Please please bRing this show back. It's a show like no other. I love all the actors. Please bring it back.
  • LeraCountry: Belarus2014-08-29 08:33:13
    Lie to me is a brilliant.
  • LaceyCountry: USA2014-08-28 14:10:14
    Just bring it back.....
  • DamonCountry: USA2014-08-27 15:34:00
    I watched all three seasons and just finished the final episode today, now im heart broke with nothing to do. please bring it back
  • LadaCountry: Russia2014-08-26 08:09:12
    bring Lie To Me back!
  • Rodney ComptonCountry: United Kingdom2014-08-26 05:36:03
    I am bereft that the show has been cancelled!!
  • marcina glawsonCountry: United States2014-08-22 04:14:42
    I love the show. Tim Roth is amazing and the cast is great. Please bring the show back.....
  • AngelikaCountry: Russia2014-08-20 05:14:34
    Bring lie to me back!!!!!!!!!
  • Charlene bakerCountry: United states2014-08-20 00:54:10
    Never watched the show. I have netflix and started watching and now I'm hooked. Please bring it back. GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!
  • TashaCountry: Russia2014-08-18 05:43:07
    bring lie to me back!
  • RosemarieCountry: USA2014-08-18 03:57:11
    Please Please bring back LIE TO ME. Please renew for another season and then another.
  • claudia mercadoCountry: usa2014-08-16 23:23:34
    Please put season 4.. I love it
  • ElinaCountry: Ukraine2014-08-16 11:48:59
    I love "Lie to me". We watched this show with my mom. And really like it.
  • Nick CampbellCountry: England2014-08-14 07:35:53
    Insightful and mentally challenging
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