Live to Dance: New Paula Abdul Reality Series; Cancel or Keep It?

Live to DanceCBS recently unveiled their Paula Abdul reality competition series, Live to Dance. Some have been waiting to see what Abdul would do ever since she left the judging table at American Idol. Will this new TV series be a big success like Idol or cancelled after on season, like so many others?

On Live to Dance, dancers from across the country and of all ages audition and then compete for the crown and a $500,000 prize. On the show, Abdul serves as lead judge as well as coach and mentor to the performers. At the judging table, she’s joined by choreographer Travis Payne and singer/dancer Kimberly Wyatt. The series is hosted by Andrew Gunsberg.

The reality series debuted on Tuesday, January 4th, with an okay showing — a 2.4 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and 10.22 million viewers. The next night, viewership dropped nearly 25% to a 1.8 rating and 7.65 million viewers. Not a good sign. The third installment fell once again, to a 1.5 demo rating and 6.71 million. The most recent episode fell 33% in the demo to a truly horrible 1.0 rating and just 5.08 million.

Live to Dance is currently averaging a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demo and 7.41 million total viewers. In the CBS rankings, that puts it below low-rated Friday shows like CSI: NY and isn’t far above 48 Hours, the network’s little-watched Saturday night true-crime series.

In essence, Live to Dance is a ratings bomb and there would seem to be no reason for CBS to renew it for a second season. In fact, at this point, its very possible that the network could try to send it packing to Saturday nights — except reruns of crime dramas sometimes get better ratings than Live to Dance’s latest installment.

But, what do you think? Is Live to Dance worth saving or should it be cancelled? Can you think of any ways to fix it to attract more viewers?

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  1. A Dancer says

    I love So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars, Idol and all those shows so I really wanted to like this show. I think the show should be kept but it dose need a complete overhaul. They have a lot of good ideas but they miss the boat on how to execute them. First off I think it was a big mistake for the judges to not talk to the contests before they auditions. America loves to be drawn into the dancers lives, why they auditioned, who inspired them, you know, their story. When the judges talk to the dancers, not just the show telling the dancer’s story, the audience gets a sense of who the dancer is, if you like them then you route for them to do well, if you don’t you route for them to fall on their face. That is what the first show missed, and that is why there was such a drop off the next night. Only ture hearts kept watching.

  2. says

    Given the show’s plummeting ratings, the only sensible action is to send it packing. Paula should have known better, especially given her knowledge of dance. Trying to spin out a new dance show to compete with other networks whose shows are pulling huge numbers is overkill.

  3. says

    This show should be put out its (and our) misery immediately. It’s a disgrace to legitimate dance and Paula should be ashamed of herself for ever subjecting viewers to it. Her so-called dance “judges” have little or no real knowledge of quality dance. Trying to mimic So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars with this farce is truly sad.
    If CBS fails to kill this show, the network’s entire executive team should be fired.

  4. Tori says

    I think they should definetly keep it for sure!! My friend and I are getting ready to tryout so we definetly want them to keep it so we can tryout!!

  5. Anonymous says

    The show is Good. But, they have to really define what they are judging. Example: If you go back a review the top 18 acts. You will find that only 2 of the acts are truly technically sound and are truly Gifted. AUSTEN ACEVEDO and AMANDA & D’ANGELO. These kids are performing at an adult professional level and they average the age of 10. Go back and watch, Austen Acevedo’s performance and tell me if 3 red stars is right. They all know that this kid alone on stage was Amazing and deserved 3 gold stars. How many kids at this age can even come close to doing what he did. Hope these 3 judges understand that he is only 11 and needs to be encouraged and motivated. This was wrong of them. .. Well, let’s hope that America gets it right in the finals and they vote Amanda and D’Angelo as Americas Top Act. They are the future of Ballroom Dancing. And Remember Mr. Austen Acevedo he is more than Amazing and we love him…

  6. says

    Dump it. Live to dump it. Paula is really showing her age and her lack of ability. It’s a horrible show with only a handful of weirdos watching it.

    • Liz says

      Ummm…..excuse me, but how do you know who’s watching it? If you are judging it then I assume you have watched it, so does that make YOU a weirdo? And Paula showing her age? I’ll bet a LOT of 48-year-olds would love to look half as beautiful as Paula. Also…..if you are not a world-famous choreographer then I wouldn’t be judging Paula’s ability…..because she IS a world-famous choreogrpher.

    • skyler says

      whatevr ur showing ur age and lack of ablitlity paula is AMAZING and i support her in everything she does soooo u just need to shut up!

  7. says

    Hi Paula Iam one of Paula’s biggest fans I have loved her since I was 12 years old love everything she does so I think live to dance should be kept she has worked very hard for this and I support her and live to dance 1000% live to dance is the greatest show ever made paula makes me happy and I love her with all my heart. kristen. those dancers are amazing too.

  8. Ally says

    I think Live To Dance should be kept! Paula Abdul has worked so hard on this show. Plus all the talented dancers. This is an amazing show and I agree with the comment that “a Dancer” made. It should be kept!

  9. xForeverPaulax says

    I think Live to Dance should be KEPT! It’s f*kking AMAZING! There is no show like it, I love it! My absolute fave show EVER!! Thank God Paula Abdul is so versitile, DAMN! I jus love her to death. I’m so grateful for her, !

  10. Richard Maskaly says

    I just want to let Paula Abdul that I think White Tree Fine Art should win Live To Dance so please let her know that and you can give her my e-mail adddress.

  11. A Dancer says

    The show SHOULD BE KEPT. How refreshing to see a show where instead of insulting the contestants, they are encouraged, and if they don’t make it they are given POSITIVE CONSTRUCTIVE POINTERS on how to do better!!! We need more of this, not less!!!

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