Mind Games

Mind Games TV show on ABCNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 13 but eight unaired (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: February 25, 2014 — March 25, 2014
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Steve Zahn, Christian Slater, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Wynn Everett, Gregory Marcel, Cedric Sanders, and Jaime Ray Newman.

TV show description:      
This dramedy revolves around two brothers who problem solve using psychological manipulation. They can tailor a plan to influence any life-altering situation, thereby making their clients’ dreams come true and their nightmares go away.

Their unusual Edwards and Associates business is based on the belief that people’s decisions are influenced by their environment in ways they’re not aware.

A former university professor and world-renowned expert in the fields of human behavior, psychology and motivation, Clark Edwards (Steve Zahn) has a checkered history, which stems from his bipolar disorder. Clark’s academic career imploded when the university became aware that he was having an affair with a 22-year-old undergraduate. He’s still unable to reconcile losing the girl, and tries to focus his manic energy on his brother’s new fortune-making plan.

Ross Edwards (Christian Slater) is a brilliant schemer who’s recently been released from prison after a two-year stint for fraud. He comes up with a business model that he believes can make him and his team millions of dollars. This divorced and incurable ladies’ man often confuses honesty with opportunism. Although his energy is infectious, his tactics can be questionable and his strategies border on the illegal.

Also on their team are:

Latrell Griffin (Cedric Sanders) is a serious and talented young man. He’s from a tough neighborhood and was recruited by Ross who saw a raw and untapped talent for business in him.

Miles Hood (Gregory Marcel) is a geeky trust-fund-baby. He’s a promising behavioral psychology grad student with Clark’s flair for the science and Ross’ general disregard for ethics.

Samantha “Sam” Gordon (Jaime Ray Newman) is an ex-con who Ross met during his court-mandated group therapy and rehabilitation sessions. Sam’s abilities to read people and improvise is impressive and allowed her to work her way onto the team.

Megan Shane (Megalyn Echikunwoke) is an actress who uses her beauty and acting skills to help the team turn their scientific schemes into real world results.

Beth Scott (Katherine Cunningham) is the former undergrad student with whom Clark had the affair. She claims to still be in love with Clark, but Ross wonders if she can handle an actual relationship with his brother.

Series Finale:     
Episode #13 — Balloon Boy
The team’s latest mind games prove to have dramatic consequences, especially when it comes to repairing the rift between Clark and Ross — and the future of Edwards and Associates.
First aired: September 2, 2014 (first aired in Japan)


What do you think? Do you like the Mind Games TV series? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for another season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Carol Campbell says

    If it’s not mindless trash, it’s sure to be cancelled. I’m hoping they will at least run the unseen episodes during the summer.

  2. Lisa says

    I loved this show. not at all happy it was cancelled. I hope the other 8 episodes will be available. The last aired episode was a horrible place to leave the audience

  3. Jill says

    Can it possibly be true that something as well-performed and well-cast as Mind Games is being replaced with Celebrity Wife-Swap? Is it true? Please say it isn’t so, ABC. Please tell me that’s not what you think of us. And for the love of all that is good and holy, please please please stop perpetuating the dumbification ™ of America by catering to its lowest common denominator. Give the smart, funny shows a chance to gain a following by word of mouth. It will happen. Just give it time. AND FINISH AIRING ALL 13 EPISODES OF THIS SERIES!

  4. Theresa says

    My daughter & I LOVED this show! Cancelling this show now, when it is just getting started is WRONG. There have been far too many shows on TV that either portrayed people with bi-polar disorder as criminals and murderers, (CSI, Criminal Minds, Law & Oder, etc.), or worse yet, drains on their families and friend. To my knowledge, very few shows, if any, have shown just how people suffering with bi-polar disorder are often highly intelligent, talented and caring people who only want to be “normal”. The world should know that people with this illness are no different than people with cancer or diabetes; they have an ILLNESS, they are NOT FREAKS. The cowards who run net work TV should be ashamed of themselves for cancelling this show.
    Steve Zahn came across as sweet, caring and extremely intelligent, who feels deeply for other people, and Christian Slater (while still a con-man) seemed to genuinely love his brother. Both did their characters proud. We will miss this show, and would love the chance to see the remaining episodes somewhere.

  5. J. Barton says

    Why in the world would they cancel the best show on TV. I finally found a show with thought provoking ideas, brain twists, interesting plot beginning to end type of show such as this. We are ALL disappointed in our household. Only thing worth DVR’ing and spending an hour watching. Who’s making these stupid decisions? Obviously some BIg Wig who is totally unconnected to what the people want and need and what we want and need is something besides cope, crime, investigative shows! Come on people, pull your heads out of your Butt!

  6. Janice says

    What is wrong wih these networks????? A show that has a smidge of intelligence and you have to really watch never seems to last. That is the problem with this time of instant gratification,the people with little intelligence seem to be running the tv programs. Put the show back on!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    I am so up set with ABC. Are you kidding me. A show that involves the brain and makes you think like Mind Games and Final Hour are cancelled after a few episodes but show’s like Mixology stay on. What is ABC thinking….

  8. Lena H says

    I suppose this show is frenetic, but it’s an interesting premise, and I was becoming quite invested in the characters. I will miss them all.

  9. Larry Schwabe says

    Has Christian Slater ever been in a successful series? Cancelled in our house half way through the second episode and is easily forgotten.

  10. John Taylor says

    Lousy show.

    It’s the “Slater curse” strikes again!!!
    It should be off air by episode 4. Well hopefully so.

  11. John Taylor says

    Utter rubbish. I too half way through turned it off. What a waste of air time (& money)
    Killer Women is far better at least that is not frenetic & senseless!

  12. Elizabeth A. Royalty says

    I agree with all comments here. The show was painful to watch and truly got on my nerves quickly. Half way in, I was thinking to myself “why are you watching this obnoxious show”? Killer Women is a much better show. I’ve enjoyed watching every episode…even watched them during the Olympics.

  13. Patsy says

    The concept sounded interesting, but honestly it is painful to watch. Bi Polar is a serious mental illness and people with this illness can function in the real world with meds, but to see this highly intelligent person fall out of control in his manic states is just hard to watch. It isn’t funny, and I am sure it is not supposed to be. But, as a drama, I cannot imagine a family actually with the disease enjoying this, and people who dont understand it enjoying it. Perception works, this one doesn’t, at least based on the episode we just watched. Mental illness should not be kept in the closit, but it needs a better outing that this program is giving it, even if it is realistic, it may have been too much too fast. JMHO

  14. Dorothy says

    Totally agree with top comment, after 20 minutes, had to turn it off. ABC took off Killer Women, with good plot lines and characters just beginning to mesh and replaced it with a Robin Williams wannabe character, too loud talking, like you have multiple human remote controls constantly turning a channel.

    • Marie says

      Yeah I’m really mad they took off Killer Women, I loved that show!! WHY? It was very original, fast paced, great action and the leading lady was just awesome in kicking ass!! Guess it was kind of intimidating maybe?? But what made it interesting is all the killers were women…maybe some people got turned off by that, I don’t know. With Mind Games though, I watched the first episode and I don’t think I will be watching again. It’s confusing as heck, makes you think too much (which a lot of people don’t like to do), LOL, and it’s just crazy, period. Don’t think this one will survive, GOD I hope not. Spare it!

  15. dji says

    not sure on this show. don’t know that i like it yet. seems so over the top. if i had to guess i would say it won’t go 3-4 weeks.

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