Past Life: FOX Pulls Cancelled TV Show Again

Past LifePast Life follows a team of past-life detectives who try to discover if a person’s problems and visions stem from traumatic events in a former life. The series stars Kelli Giddish, Nicholas Bishop, Ravi Patel, and Richard Schiff. The series was inspired by the book Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose.

In February, the FOX TV show got off to a disappointing start with a 2.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 8.32 million viewers. That represented a loss of about 70% of the American Idol lead-in audience.

When the drama moved to Thursday a couple nights later, it attracted a meager 1.4 rating in the demo and 5.3 million viewers. Episode three ran opposite mostly repeats and viewership dropped even lower.

FOX pulled the show off the air soon after and cancelled the series. Word was that the remaining four episodes would surface after the regular TV season was over.

The unaired installments began airing on Fridays, starting May 28th. Two of the four have aired so far but FOX is pulling the series once again.

The final two episodes of Past Life were scheduled to air on June 11th and June 18th, followed by repeats of House. FOX has dumped Past Life (again) and has shifted House to 8pm.

At 9pm, they’re airing encores of The Good Guys. The new cop series is struggling in the ratings and the network is desperately trying to make it work because they’ve already given it a spot on the fall schedule. New episodes of Good Guys will supposedly air Fridays at 9pm next fall.

For the couple million viewers who’ve been watching Past Life on Friday nights, there are currently no plans to air the remaining episodes. If/when the show make sit to DVD, they’ll likely be included.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear you won’t be able to see the last episodes of Past Life any time soon?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. GTO says

    Really wanted to like it, but it seemed forced and mediocre to me (though I liked Kelli Giddish). Didn’t surprise me that it was cancelled, but I was looking forward to seeing the final two new episodes. House re-runs must get better ratings… But not on MY television!

  2. TVFAN says

    i am sooooo pissed off!!! that was a great show i think that Fox was being F***ing stupid to cancel the show.

  3. Mark says

    I agree with everybody who said that Fox did not want Past Life to make it. But they sure want Good Guys to make it. They keep showing the same episodes of Good Guys over and over and that show is SICKENING. I really wonder about the bosses at Fox sometimes. Part of the reason I think it is sickening is because no one wants to see the same episode over and over in the first weeks that it is on the air. Maybe it will turn out good for the viewers and they will start Fringe season 3 a little early.

  4. Marvel says

    I loved Past Life! It really was like Fox didn’t want it to make it, they kept moving it all over the place, cancelled it, brought it back and then cancelled it again. They didn’t give you time to connect with the show or the main characters. Bummer!

  5. clakes28 says

    I was furious when I turned on the TV last night to watch Past Life only to find out it was a rerun of House. Worst of all was that there was no explanation why it wasn’t on. When I checked our TiVo line-up on Thurs. night it said that Past Life would air on Fri. at 8. Then on Fri. when it didn’t come on I checked TiVo, even searched for it by title and it had just disappeared! We fell in love with it last Fall, & it disappeared. We were elated when it came on again in Feb. I’m curious as to who you survey about watching it. I agree with all the others who say that you never advertised it and obviously never cared it succeeded or not. We’re so disappointed. And as for Good Guys: are you kidding? It’s ridiculous! And you advertised the heck out of it. Was that because Bradley Whitford had had such a successful run on West Wing and Hanks is the son of Tom Hanks? Had Past Life been given the kind of support you gave Good Guys, you would have never cancelled it. And my prediction is that even after all the money you’ve thrown into advertising Good Guys, you’ll end up cancelling it because it’s so stupid. I don’t know who’s making your production decisions, but they just screwed up royally! A very unhappy Past Life fan.

  6. Sabrina says

    I only saw two episodes back in I guess Feb and then nothing… then last week I noticed that the show was on as it was ending… Like someone else said, NO ADVERTISEMENT!!!! I liked the show when it aired originally and I am disappointed to see yet another show disappear. I don’t really understand what is going on lately but shows are on for a few weeks and then all of a sudden they are just not on anymore then months later the networks decided to air them again RAMDOMLY with no advertisment… How the heck is anyone suppose to know they’re on? What happend to T.V. season being from Fall to Spring? It now seems as though there is a split in the T.V. season which I think confuses viewers…

  7. says

    This really sucks, I really liked the show. I could not wait till it came on. It should have definitely been advertised more and I’m sure people would have watched it. The show rocked I say give it another chance and actually let people know about it, I am sure if more people were aware they would enjoy it as much as I did. So put it back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Monica says

    OMG…..This was one of the most refreshing concepts on television. FOX made only 7 episodes and then pulls it after airing only 5 episodes? Stupid stupid stupid! Who is making these decisions? Fire them and fast!!! This show was great. At least air the final two shows for crying out loud. How dare you do this to us. I’m furious. Rarely do we get a quality show like this and you really blew it.
    Try dumping some of your money into advertising it like you do with other shows. It would have been
    a hit.
    It seems as if you’re afraid of the topic of past lives or maybe it’s a conflict with YOUR belief systems but there are millions of us out here that believe in reincarnation and past lives. I’m so turned off by your network right now I don’t know if I’m even going to watch it again. Thank God 24 ended because I was loyal to that show but now that it’s over, there’s nothing left for me to watch on FOX. American
    Idol lost Simon Cowell and I won’t be watching Idol. Fringe can’t even compare to Past Life. Get a clue. You had a hit with Past Life! You guys at FOX are idiots.

  9. Christina says

    Me and my boyfriend happened upon it and fell in love! To our dismay it seemed to disappear off the air. We’d be siked if it came back on but I agree, it doesn’t seem like they wanted it to work.

  10. Jim says

    Fox had made up their minds to dump Past Life early on. Bringing it back was merely an attempt to gain SOMETHING from the eps they had in the can; they were never going to ‘resurrect’ the series.

  11. Courtney says

    I agree with Jeremy. ABC did the same thing with season 2 of Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone. They advertised the season premieres and then hardly ran any ads after that. How does a network expect a show to get the ratings it needs if they never advertise it?! I don’t think Fox ever gave Past Life a real shot. Pulling it after only 3 episodes, then putting it back on in the summer on Friday nights? Pretty much a death sentence from the beginning.

  12. Rex36 says

    Should have given it a better chance, and to pull the remaining episodes to showcase Good Guys yet again? I’ve never seen a show get so many chances on FOX before, with the exception of Til Death. I have to say i kind of buy into the theory that they probably didn’t care whether it succeeded or failed. All i can say is, i enjoyed the show (Past Life) and i am sorry to see it go.

  13. Jeremy Rynek says

    Ratings. If thats what you want then try advertising the show. I mean really I just saw a few promos a couple weeks before it started and that was it. And just like Trauma on nbc most people probably didn’t know it was back on. Now I’m wondering did fox want this show to fail: all the evidence points to yes. And with Kelli Giddish alteady in a new show, I really don’t think fox gave a crap. I guess we’re lucky to see 5 out of a possible 7? 7 episodes thats it? Why just 7? Really from where I’m sitting, I’m really wondering something. Law & Order was on for 20 yesrs. Obviously it got enough ratings to grow into more. So that was one show that was a classic. So if it didnt do so good back in the early 90s, then that mean it would’ve got canceled like what 14, 15 years ago maybe more? Or what about sports? Yeah can you imagaine not having sports on tv at all? I mean really WTF? I mean doing a show and not advertising is like buying a tv and taking a hammer to it. It doesn’t make any sense unless your stupid or you wanted the show to fail. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

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