Perfect Couples: NBC Pulling Sitcom; Cancelled?

Perfect Couples canceledNBC has decided to yank their freshman sitcom Perfect Couples from the schedule after April 7th. It’ll be replaced by The Paul Reiser Show on Thursday nights. Does this mean that Perfect Couples is canceled and gone for good?

Perfect Couples revolves around three young couples. Dave (Kyle Bornheimer) and Julia (Christine Woods) are the “everyday couple,” who are messed up in all the “normal” ways. Vance (David Walton) and Amy (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) are the high-passion, high-drama couple. Rex (Hayes MacArthur) is a reformed party guy and Leigh (Olivia Munn) is a self-anointed relationship guru who considers it her duty to mold the other couples in their image.

The NBC sitcom has been struggling in the ratings from the beginning. The network gave it viewers a sneak peak in December and that generated a terrible 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 3.56 million viewers. A month later, the second episode brought a mediocre 2.1 rating and 4.15 million. The numbers quickly started falling and the latest episode hit a low of a 1.2 rating.

The whole season of Perfect Couples currently averages a 1.5 rating in the demo and just 3.27 million viewers. It’s the lowest-rated scripted series on the network by far and even The Cape has a better season average. Bornheimer has committed to a new FOX pilot while Walton has signed on for a new NBC one.

TV show supportSo, no, NBC has not cancelled Perfect Couples officially, there are many very strong indications that it won’t be back next season. NBC has no incentive to bring it back and even cast one of the sitcom’s actors in one of their new shows.

Right now, it looks like there will be four unaired episodes of Perfect Couples. They may or may not see the light of day at a later date.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see Perfect Couples go? Do you think that it still has a chance to return for a second season?

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  1. Francois says

    Like Dion and Jenay indicated the show Whitney sucks big time! My wife and I cannot believe that a well written, witty and totally funny show would get “canceled” and another poorly written show like Whitney can stay on the air. I guess NBC prefers horribly written shows over the well tuned smart written script.

    NBC, bring back this awesome Show!

  2. Tregg Kirkland says

    My wife and I loved this show!!!! Cast was perfect!!! Ratings? Wasn’t this show on Thursday at the same time as American Idol??? No wonder it got terrible ratings… BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!!!!!

  3. courty says

    I am not happy about this at all! I dont usually get into tv show but this one was great. the cast was awesome and its funny. stupid ratings!

  4. likedamaster says

    So diverse, so many different personalities. A genius comedy that got lost in the shuffle because of “ratings”. This is bs. Bring the show back, damn it.

  5. tomz says

    Loved this show. I was really looking forward to new episodes. Office, 30 Rock and Community are great and this was the perfect compliment to those shows – smart, very funny and great cast.

  6. adam says

    I honestly can’t believe this show was cancelled. It’s one of the funniest sitcoms I’ve seen…really unfortunate that there will be no season 2…I’m Bummmed!!

  7. Jenn says

    My husband & I loved Perfect Couples!! Other than The Office NBC has no other funny shows. Whitney is terrible. Bring Perfect Couples back.
    It’s hard to believe it got low ratings, it was one of the best new shows last year.

  8. says

    I just discovered perfect couples, and it was a perfect show for me and my girlfriend. It is intelligent humor, well all types of humor really, but largely intelligent, and you do learn things about relationships when you watch. Also the different characters represent different personality archetypes which makes it all the more introspective. The show is extremely entertaining though and amazingly written. The fact that it got bad ratings really says a lot about the intelligence of the american public. I suppose people would rather watch “two and a half men” and other comedies where there is no real humor, just a laugh track going off every time any character says anything, prompting people to laugh. While real humor, without a laugh track, and shows that make people think, are cancelled. Also the fact that NBC did not give them a chance to improve knowing that it was actually a good show with even better potential, is even more upsetting. Isnt there anything we can do to bring this wonderful show back.

  9. Kim says

    Perfect Couples was the smartest, most hilarious sitcom since Friends and I am so sad to see it go! Please give it another try with a different time slot next to a successful show? :(

  10. Amie says

    I LOVE PERFECT COUPLES!!!! This show is hilarious!! How could it possibly get low ratings?? Maybe a bad time slot??? There is no reason to cancel this show!! I will be so bummed!!!!!!

  11. Dion and Jenay says

    Perfect couples rocks…Whitney sucks the big one. We felt like we were crazy until we saw that other people felt like we did. I loved perfect couples and I have no idea how it got low ratings when we were glued to the screen for every episode. Once again, Whitney sucks. PERFECT COUPLES! PERFECT COUPLES! If you know whats good for your viewers NBC, you will bring it back!

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