Preliminary Round: What’s the Best Sitcom in TV History?

I Love LucyWe’re on a mission — to uncover the best sitcom in the history of television. And we need your help.

We’re preparing a sitcom tournament where soon you’ll be able to vote for your favorite TV comedies. We have our favorites but we want to make sure that we include yours too. There’s just so many!

So, before we ask you to vote, we’d like to get your help in assembling the nominees. In the comments below, please list up to 10 of your favorite sitcoms of all time. We’ve listed a “few” to help jog your memory and organized them by the decade when most of their episodes aired. If we missed a show that you think should be included, go ahead and add that in as well.

The 1950s
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, Amos & Andy, The Burns and Allen Show, Father Knows Best, The Goldbergs, I Love Lucy, and Leave It to Beaver.

The 1960s
The Addams Family, The Andy Griffith Show, Batman, The Beverly Hillbillies, Bewitched, Dennis the Menace, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Donna Reed Show, The Doris Day Show, Family Affair, The Flintstones, Get Smart, Gilligan’s Island, Gomer Pyle USMC, Green Acres, Hazel, Hogan’s Heroes, I Dream of Jeannie, The Lucy Show, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Mister Ed, The Monkees, The Munsters, My Favorite Martian, My Three Sons, The Patty Duke Show, Petticoat Junction, and That Girl.

The 1970s
Alice, All In The Family, Barney Miller, The Bob Newhart Show, The Brady Bunch, Chico and the Man, Eight is Enough, Fawlty Towers, Fernwood 2 Night, Good Times, Happy Days, Here’s Lucy, The Jeffersons, Laverne & Shirley, M*A*S*H, Mary Hartman Mary Hartman, Mary Tyler Moore, Maude, Mork and Mindy, The Muppet Show, The Odd Couple, The Partridge Family, Police Squad, Rhoda, Sanford and Son, Soap, Three’s Company, Welcome Back, Kotter, What’s Happening!!, and WKRP in Cincinnati.

The 1980s
227, ALF, Amen, Benson, Blackadder, Bosom Buddies, Charles in Charge, Cheers, The Cosby Show , Diff’rent Strokes, The Facts of Life, Family Ties, Full House, Gimme a Break, The Golden Girls , Growing Pains, The Hogan Family (Valerie), It’s a Living, Kate & Allie, The Love Boat, Mama’s Family, Moonlighting, Mr. Belvedere, Newhart, Night Court, One Day at a Time, Perfect Strangers, Roseanne, Silver Spoons, Taxi, Too Close for Comfort, Webster, and Who’s the Boss?

The 1990s
3rd Rock from the Sun, Blossom, Boy Meets World, California Dreams, Coach, Designing Women, A Different World, Dinosaurs, Ellen, Empty Nest, Evening Shade, Family Matters, Frasier, Freaks and Geeks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, Grace Under Fire, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, Home Improvement, Living Single, Mad About You, Married With Children, Martin, Murphy Brown, The Nanny, NewsRadio, Northern Exposure, Red Dwarf , Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Saved By The Bell, Seinfeld, Sister Sister, Spin City, Step By Step, The Steve Harvey Show, Wings, and The Wonder Years.

The 2000s
8 Simple Rules, According to Jim, All of Us, Andy Richtor Controls the Universe, Arrested Development, Becker, The Bernie Mac Show, The Cleveland Show, Cougar Town, Dharma & Greg, Drake & Josh, The Drew Carey Show, Everybody Hates Chris, Everybody Loves Raymond, Extras, Family Guy, Futurama, The Game, Girlfriends, Just Shoot Me, The King of Queens, The King of the Hill, Malcolm in the Middle, The Middle, Modern Family, My Name is Earl, My Wife & Kids, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, The Office (UK), The Parkers, Samantha Who?, Scrubs, The Simpsons, That ’70s Show, and Will & Grace.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and tell us your favorite sitcoms (up to 10). In a week or two, we’ll compile the results and then ask you to vote in round one of our upcoming sitcom showdown.

UPDATE: Thanks for your input everyone! Now, please go vote!

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  1. KevinSwayne says

    The Simpsons
    Family Guy
    King Of The Hill
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    South Park
    The US Office
    Will And Grace

  2. msd01 says

    Hogans Heroes
    Green Acres
    Dick Van D yke Show
    Big Bang Theory
    Two and a Half Men
    Leave it to Beaver
    My Favorite Martian
    Mary Tyler Moore Show
    Bob Newhart Show

  3. Brandon says

    I Love Lucy
    The Cosby Show
    The Dick Van D yke Show
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    The Bob Newhart Show
    The Golden Girls

  4. natalie says

    I am picky about sitcomes and have only had about one a decade that is really good enough to watch over and over and over…. these shows make me belly laugh!! The 60″s were the best! My favorite shows are….
    I love Lucy
    Dick van dike
    Andy griffth
    Laverne and shirley
    The Cosby show
    according to jim

  5. Jefff says

    Naturally, these lists are dependent on how old you are, what your parents let you watch. As an adult, people choose based on their own sense of humor, what their frands are watching, etc. So here’s my biased list:

    1. Seinfeld
    2. Friends
    3. Cheers
    4. MASH
    5. Frasier (to me, one of the best-written comedies ever)
    6. The Office (US)
    7. Mork & Mindy (introduced me to Robin Williams, who I think is still the funniest man alive)
    8. South Park
    9. Night Court
    10. Will & Grace

    Honorable Mention:
    Barney Miller
    Happy Days
    Faulty Towers (love John Cleese)
    Gilligan’s Island
    Get Smart (sorry about that chief)
    The Jeffersons
    Laverne & Shirley

  6. Rin says

    Three’s Company
    Arrested Development
    My Name Is Earl
    Gomer Pyle USMC
    The Simpsons
    WKRP In Cincinnati

  7. Robbie H says

    The Nanny
    The Jeffersons
    Golden Girls
    Family Guy
    The Cosby Show
    The Munsters
    The Addams Family

  8. Rochelle says

    The Cosby Show
    The Andy Griffith Show
    Will and Grace
    All in the Family
    Dick Van Dy ke show

  9. Barbara says

    My ALL time favs are (in no particular order):
    All in the Family
    Golden Girls
    Perfect Strangers
    Kate & Allie
    Mr. Belivdere
    Too Close for Comfort
    One Day at a Time
    Threes Company
    Laverne and Shirley

  10. Christina says

    I would have to say i have many favorites but Friends would have to be def be one of them!!!!!!!! I love that show i have every season and continue to watch the reruns!!!

  11. Keturah Thompson says

    Golden Girls
    Who`s the Boss
    Designing Women
    Spin City
    Murphy Brown
    Perfect Strangers
    The Nanny

  12. kurt johnson says

    In approximate historical order: These are the shows which were not only hilarious, but groundbreaking in some way. There are a couple of really good new ones (Modern Family) but haven’t been on long enough to earn a spot.

    I Love Lucy
    Dick Van Dyke Show
    All in the Family
    Married with Children
    The Simpsons

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