Revolution: Cancelled by NBC, No Season Three

NBC Revolution ratingsHow times have changed. Last year, Revolution looked like it was the big hit of the 2012-13 season. Now, NBC has cancelled it, according to TV Guide.

Revolution revolves around the Matheson family and others who live in a world where there is no longer any power. The cast includes Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Giancarlo Esposito, Zak Orth, David Lyons, JD Pardo, Stephen Collins, and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Following The Voice, Revolution started out very strong last year but the numbers fell as the season progressed. NBC renewed it for a full season off 22 episodes anyway and relocated it to Wednesdays at 8pm. It’s really struggled in that timeslot and this week fell to a 1.2 demo rating with 3.78 million viewers — an all-time low.

Not surprisingly, NBC has decided not to order a third season. There are two installments remaining and they will air on May 14th and May 21st. The final episode of ABC’s Mixology will also air on the latter date.

What do you think? Did you stick with Revoluton? If you ran the network, would you have cancelled the show or renewed it for a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Very disappointed in NBC dropping Revolution. It should be noted that as a fan of the show, I became frustrated keeping up with when the next episode was going to air. One week the show would air then it would be off for two weeks then it would show and I would watch it online. I think the inconsistent airing hurt Revolution. Not to mention having moved it to Wed nights. The Olimpics also hurt Revolution. I hope the bring it back

  2. Anne-Marie says

    Wish another channel would pick it up. There were so many possible developments left for that show. Loved it. But the world is ruled by the masses. This is another clearcut example.

  3. Taylor says

    What a croc! Ditto to they should ditch American Idol! This was (is) a great show. They should at least wrap it up.

  4. Ron says

    This is a perfect example of television management at its best…..incompetence, that is! They will never learn and yet these people make 6 or 7-figure salaries while continuing to make stupid blunders – but yet they truly believe they are doing a great job. BTW – I watched every episode of “Revolution”. If I was scheduled to work while it was on, I DVR’d it and watched it later. Keep it up, NBC…and you’ll quickly find yourself in 4th place again behind a cable channel.

  5. Bill says

    Maybe, we consumers of TV products ought to demand, that networks ought to tape a ‘wrap up’ show as well as a pilot. I hate that I devote time from my life to a book that they sell me with the last chapter torn out.

  6. darrin says

    Revolution was a great show looked forward to every episode. NBC should at least let it end properly. This is the first show I have watch on NBC in years I guess it will be the last if they don’t let revolution have a series finale.

  7. Anonymous says

    This is ridiculous! can’t believe they have cancelled this show it was amazing and the characters are all amazing!! it should be renewed not cancelled! :(

  8. luella b says

    you should of cancelled American Idol… I think it has ran its course…. Cancelling Revolution is a BAD CHOICE… it should of been moved … to a different night… Wednesday is Church night… did you count all the people who viewed it by other means… very disappointed in NBC… and tired of getting hooked on a drama series and it getting cancelled… : (

  9. Anonymous says

    You have to be kidding. Everyone likes this show or at least most people that I know.
    What are you thinking NBC?

  10. Kevin says

    I wonder why the ratings dropped, maybe because NBC doesn’t know how to broadcast a good show and takes so many breaks that people get tired of waiting for it to air again. Kudos NBC management, want a good network, fire all your execs and start over.

  11. Sonny says

    Same thing happened with Jericho on CBS years ago. We the People protested and CBS reinstated it with a shortened season to finalize the story line. So the story ends on Revolution with no closure…just like Jericho.

  12. Robin says

    What?! Please tell me they will actually conclude this before it goes off the air! Watched every single episode and they are not going to wrap this up? Really, nbc….really?! You suck.

  13. Glenn Armstrong says

    This is why network television is a dinosaur about to meet its end. We don’t even watch first season shows in fear of their abrobt cancellation. Now we watch shows on Hulu or iTunes after they are renewed for a second season. But Noooooo – these corporate pieces of dirt are just as likely to abruptly cancel a show after its second season. So forget it – we will stick to GREAT shows that are produced by non-broadcast clowns. Breaking Bad, House of Cards, etc. NBC can go f*** itself!

  14. says

    I was extremely disappointed in the cancellation of Revolution why have a series if you cannot provide the fans with disclosure. If you think their numbers are hurting they are going to get hurst worst once my friends and family no longer watch NBC. How can we trust them they are canning away some really good shows which could grow in popularity if their were not so many time gaps or changing time slots. I was beyond disappointed by this my kids and I love this show. It kind of gives you an idea of what a post apocalyptic world would be like. The actors and actresses are really emotional all the way from their expressions to those amazing battle scenes. Just another poor move by NBC way to treat the fans it is no wonder why more people are switching over to AMC and other networks that actually continue their series which is how it should be!!!

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