Romantically Challenged: New Alyssa Milano Sitcom on ABC; Cancel or Keep It?

Romantically ChallengedLast week, ABC debuted their new romantic comedy, Romantically Challenged. Do the ratings reflect some viewer love or will the show be dumped after one or two dates?

Romantically Challenged follows Rebecca Thomas (Alyssa Milano), a recently divorced single mother and attorney from Pittsburgh. She’s reentering the dating world after 15 years away and is scared to start over. Thankfully she has the support of friends who are going through challenges of their own. The rest of the ensemble cast includes Josh Lawson, Kelly Stables, Kyle Bornheimer, Camden Palmisano, and Sierra McCormick.

Last week, Challenged debuted behind Dancing with the Stars, the reality show that’s having one of its most successful seasons in years. The sitcom attracted a 2.9 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 10.67 million viewers. That put the premiere in second place for the timeslot, right behind established The Big Bang Theory on CBS. On the downside, it lost about 40% of its lead-in demo and nearly half of the total viewers.

This week, Challenged dropped to a 2.6 in the target demo and 9.06 million viewers. That’s a loss of 10-15% from last week and the sitcom was easily trounced by CBS’ Big Bang this time.

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While the ratings for Challenged look okay on their own, the real test will be how well it performs when it doesn’t have a strong Dancing with the Stars lead-in. Samantha Who? was in a similar position last year and, without a strong lead-in, the ratings didn’t hold up and it was cancelled.

For the moment, it’s unknown what Challenged’s fate will be. There are only six episodes in season one and two have aired already. Episode three is scheduled to air this Monday, May 3rd.

According to an ABC spokesperson, that’s the last one scheduled. On May 10th, there’s a two hour edition of Dancing. Challenged could return on May 17th because there’s a half-hour slot between Dancing and Castle. After that, who knows? Monday nights are filled with the new seasons of The Bachelorette and True Beauty.

ABC typically shows some faith in one or two new and/or struggling shows a year. The network could shelve the remaining episodes and decide to bring Challenged back next season — providing the ratings don’t keep dropping.

But, what do you think? Is Romantically Challenged worth your time or not? Anything you particularly like or dislike about it? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. liam says

    I like this show and hope it doesn’t get cancelled. Alyssa Milano is pretty funny but i think the best actor on the show is Kyle Bornheimer who plays Perry!

  2. Adam Decker says

    It might be good, but The Big Bang Theory will probably kill it. Otherwise, I would watch it more.

  3. Jack Watson says

    Week 1 was weak; really bad writing. Week 2 wasn’t much better. Only Alyssa Milano fans could’ve seen this as anything but mediocre. Week 3 had a couple of chuckles in it and it seemed that less of Kelly Stables is a good thing. All in all I’d say if Romantically Challenged goes the way of the Dodo I won’t be broken hearted.

  4. Valeen says

    I think it’s a good show. ABC should give it a chance and let it air for an entire full length season.

  5. Melissa D. says

    Didn’t find it funny at all. Going to give it another shot, but I would much prefer that they brought back Samantha Who?.

  6. adele says

    maybe if you showed this on sky so the people in uk who want to watch can maybe you would have more viewers we love alyssa milano and the bit of this show i have seen is really funny and looks like a great show.

  7. says

    YES!!i Its worth keeping. The only question goin through mind is not “why are thinking of pulling it?” its how the hell did it lose to the big bang theory??? Sorry but that show SUX!!!!!! Its stupid with the execption of the hot blound I would never ever watch it. With Alyssa Milano ABC has a hit. But if their gonna pull it then just tell us now instead of leading us on and just canceling it later. currently ABC has the 2nd best track record, they renewed Castle smart move. But canceled The forgotten stupid move. ABC keep it. That would be a smart move.

  8. Dave says

    Funny thing is I like everybody else on the show but Alyssa. I kinda find her a drag in the show but the rest are pretty entertaining. The show itself is ok. Couldn’t care if it stayed or goes personally.

  9. Christina says

    I saw the original pilot taped and cracked up the entire time. I was really disappointed to see the different version of the pilot. I wish the show wasn’t changed from the original airing of the pilot. It was so much better!

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