Rules of Engagement: Cancelled by CBS or Not? [report] UPDATED

Rules of Engagement canceled season sevenSee below for update. Despite the fact that the sitcom has been a winner for CBS in the Thursdays at 8:30pm timeslot, it looks like Rules of Engagement has been cancelled.

An inside source has told us that CBS has decided not to order the back nine episodes for the current sixth season. The cast and crew have two episodes left to shoot and believe that those will be the last episodes of the series.

Our source tells us that calls went out on Friday night to those who work on the show to give them the bad news. Especially given the current ratings, many were understandably shocked and upset as they head into the holiday season.

Starring David Spade, Patrick Warburton, Bianca Kajlich, Megyn Price and Oliver Hudson, Rules of Engagement launched in early 2007 and has been a reliable pinch hitter for CBS for years. It started in the post-Two and a Half Men timeslot but has been moved to a couple different timeslots.

Last May, the series was renewed for a sixth season with the aim of a Saturday night run. Word was that the studio gave CBS a great deal so they’d have additional episodes for the syndication package. When How to Be a Gentleman tanked, the network brought Rules back to Thursdays where it’s doing far better than it did last year — and better than any other sitcom that CBS has had in that coveted slot.

Our source says, “The reality is it’s got to be politics. The network has always had it out for Tom [Hertz, Rules’ creator] and the show, which is why it’s weird that they just set up a put pilot with him for next season… It really does seem to be a desperation move on their part to find something that hits it out of the ballpark in that Thurs 8:30 slot. Doubles and triples apparently aren’t good enough for them. They’d rather risk a few more fouls and strike outs than go with a solid player.”

What do you think? Are you a fan of the TV series? Should it get a seventh season?

UPDATE: A network source has told us that Rules has not been cancelled — not yet anyway. Apparently the sitcom was picked up for 18 episodes for season six, to be combined with two leftover episodes from season five. CBS has now cut the episode order down to 13 episodes (or 15 total). (Deadline is now reporting the same thing.) While the door is still open for season seven, we’re told that many involved with the production believe this is truly the end of the show.

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  1. Ollie says

    The show is fantastic and the cast are brilliant! With all their own unique attributes that complement each other. We love it in the UK and with the show pulling in so many viewers over the years and then having an increase of 16% its illogical to stop such a great show! I’m always watching re-runs and would love to see many more seasons. So please don’t cancel it.

  2. Venetia says

    Love the show! Began watching it after Big Bang and got hooked! I enjoy Rob’s movies…but Booo to the show. Go “Rules…” Hope to see it continue…it is a fresh and funny show!!!:)

  3. Tom Sappia says

    Once again a great show gets axed. What is wrong with this network. PLEASE start listening to the people that watch this show. We look forward every week to have a few good laughs from a great cast. What happens? They cancel it. WAKE UP OVER AT CBS!

  4. David Nolan says

    Get over your spat and get it back in the lineup. Figure it out CBS you are losing your best demographic.

  5. Trish Walther says

    Taking that show off was a big mistake. If you thought you could replace it with iRob you were seriously confused. I hane move on to other networks since Rules is over. Big big mistake folks.

  6. Tahlula Belle says

    It’s an injustice to stop production of an outstanding comedy series along with the fantastic cast! One would think the public should have a say in what they are to watch on TV? So many good shows have been canned, and why….we as the public are not privy to this information. I don’t think it’s fair that we don’t have a say in what we want to see on television.

  7. David says

    As always a good really funny show comes out. The kind u always wait to watch each week and they get rid of it. I think whoever is making those decisions is the person that should be let go. But then again they never listen to the.people who watch the shows anyway.

  8. Janice says

    It was a great comedy, so sorry to see it go. It had great actors and a great writer. Politics aside the network should forget about the relationship they have with the writer of the show and watch out for their viewing public!

  9. Stephanie says

    I seriously LOVE this show! I’m so sick of reality television and it’s so difficult to find a good comedy. It would be a shame if this show was canceled.

    • diane says

      Love this show. CBS why do you keep pulling a show that gets good ratings even if you pull it or move it to Saturdays and back, we are still watching. Please do not cancel.

  10. Joe Mingolla says

    Rules of Engagement is by far the best comedy show since Charlie “Winner” Sheen got canned from two and a half men. It would be a terrible injustice if they cancel it. Currently, there is not one comedy on TV that I watch regularly except for rules of engagement. Why hasn’t it been aired for the last several weeks if it hasn’t been canceled yet?

  11. Wes Schimpf says

    Possible canceled? The people running CBS have their heads soooo far up their behinds it’s pathetic! What is wrong with you people! You cancel a show with a huge following and replace it with what? NOTHING! Nice job GENIOUS. Now wonder CBS is a sinking ship!

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