Star Trek: Enterprise: Scott Bakula on Movie Shoutout and What Might Have Been

Scott BakulaThough Scott Bakula’s Star Trek: Enterprise only lasted four seasons (versus other Treks that lasted seven), no one can accuse the actor of resting on his laurels.

Since the end of Enterprise, Bakula has had recurring roles on Chuck, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and State of the Union, and co-starred in The Informant feature film. He’s now got a starring role as past-his-prime actor Terry in TNT’s new dramady, Men of a Certain Age.

TrekMovie recently interviewed Bakula and asked him about the brief mention of his character in the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, in which Scotty has been punished for “losing” Admiral Archer’s dog.

Scott Bakula: It went by so fast and there was so much going on that I almost didn’t think that I had heard it, because it was the dog reference and I was like “did I just hear that?” My two sons, they were all caught up and they didn’t care about my backstory, so when I asked them if they heard it, they didn’t remember it. So I had to confirm it with other people. I thought it was very clever. I thought JJ Abrams did a great job with the movie and everybody was great and it was a huge success for the studio.

TrekMovie: I talked to Bob Orci, who co-wrote the movie, and he told me that in his mind that reference was to your character, who was still alive at that time.

Scott Bakula: I really appreciate that. Maybe I will get in the next one. All I want to do is beat Shatner out for being in the next one.

The interviewer then went on to ask Bakula about what he would have liked to have seen happen to Archer had the series run for a few more years.

Scott Bakula: I think everything that happened to Archer in the first four years was about expanding his–his life experiences were limited by growing up in the system, and yet he had this incredible imagination and incredible believe in the possibilities. His character was hampered by that, because he was such an insider and such a company guy because of his father, there was a lot of breaking down that needed to go along with his taking over of the ship, which seemed natural and correct. But as he kept experiencing the possibilities and dealing with the formation of the Federation — that is where we were going, obviously — and contributing to that, and creating that politically and creating all the different factions and everything. I thought that was great. And as a human being, what we could have done with him in terms of opening his eyes more and lightening him up and different things that I thought were all elements of his character that I hoped we would have the time to explore and expand up.

You can read the complete interview here. Men of a Certain Age premieres tonight on TNT.

What do you think? Would you like to see a cameo by Bakula in the next Star Trek movie?

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  1. Jack Han says

    I think T’pol should’ve appeared in the first one and Spock on his own deploying the red matter? Could’ve had some other crew with him.

  2. douglas hagerty says

    star trek enterprise needs more than the four years, it was incomplete.there is much more to tell. (star trek fan Douglas Hagerty)

  3. Rob says

    I think that given the commercial/financial/and literary success of Battle Star Galactica in which it’s first run was wafer thin above the abhorrently bad Gil Geurard Buck Rodgers and the very forgettable Moon Base Alpha (Alpo? lol) that dropping STE was like shredding shares of Microsoft ….

  4. Shelby Williams says

    I just loved Scotty as Jonathan Archer in STAR TREK: Enterprise!! That show turned me into a hard care Scotty fan. Now I just love him, love him & love him even more! I’m still dreaming of seeing him as Admiral Jonathan Archer in a continuing 22nd century STAR TREK adventure. Look, I don’t care what the producers decide to do, as long as I see that Jonny finally married his true love, T’Pol. I’ll never forget how much Jonathan loved T’Pol. I was so angry when she ‘hooked up’ with Trip! They were absolutely awful together! I would love to see that T’Pol finally married her former captain and had a family with him. Their children would be so cute and intelligent.

    • Shelby Williams says

      I was so disappointed when Archer never got to ‘score’ with T’Pol! Scotty and Jolene Blalock took over the Enterprise series with their incredible onscreen chemistry! I just wanna see them reprise their STAR TREK characters as married spouses with a Human/Vulcan hybrid family. If they can’t be together that way, I don’t wanna see a continuation for the franchise’s 22nd century characters. Are you listening STAR TREK geniuses?

  5. says

    The problem with how they ended Enterprise, was that they focused too much on two Next Generation characters (Riker & Troi) and reduced the whole cast to guest-stars on their own show.

    As I understand it, they came close to having William Shatner on the show… playing Chef. Somebody mentioned every so often, but never shown up close. I guess the plan was to have him play Kirk’s Great-great grandfather and friend who dispenses advice to Archer.

    Given Shatner’s style these days, it could’ve made a great comedy turn for him… but again, not something to close the series with. That should tie up loose ends and round out each character’s journey as TNG, DS9 & VOY did. Sadly ENT “These are the Voyages…” was just a pointless runaround involving a stolen jewel, Shran’s kidnapped daughter and a main crew member who sacrifices his life in the most pointless way imaginable.

  6. says

    They should just bring back Enterprise for a TV mini-series and make a mends for that awful finale. Season 4 spent so much time building bridges to The Original Series… exploring Vulcan, foreshadowing the Earth-Romulan War, setting up the Coalition (a precursor to the Federation, a League of Nations=United Nations historical parallel)… and got cut short by the 2005 cancellation.

    Check out these links all about the ongoing SAVE ENTERPRISE campaign:

  7. WolvenSpectre says

    Not just would I like to see him, I would like to see his dog, obviously different from the original series because he would have passed by now, and have Scotty and the dog face off. I’d like to see the dog be something unexpected like a bull mastiff or some other large breed of dog now that he wouldn’t be traipsing around the galaxy.

    That would be funny.

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