State of Georgia: ABC Family TV Series Cancelled, No Season Two

State of Georgia canceled season twoABC Family execs have certainly been busy with the renewals and cancellations. The cable channel has renewed Make It or Break It and Switched at Birth, ordered more episodes of The Lying Game, and cancelled The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Now, they’ve cancelled sitcom State of Georgia as well.

In the TV series formerly titled The Great State of Georgia, Raven Symone stars as aspiring actress Georgia Chamberlain who leaves the south to pursue her dreams in New York City. She’s joined by Josephina “Jo” Pye (Majandra Delfino), her timid best friend and a graduate student in physics. Honey Dupree (Loretta Devine) is Georgia’s nymphomaniac aunt who offers advice and owns the apartment where they live. Recurring characters are played by Kevin Covais, Hasan Minhaj, and Jason Rogel.

State of Georgia ran for 12 episodes, between late June and mid-August of this year. The first episode attracted 1.32 million viewers but the second installment fell sharply to 807,000 — a loss of nearly 40%. Subsequent episodes did even worse and the season (now series) finale attracted just 590,000 total viewers.

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Despite the poor ratings, up until a couple days ago Symone was campaigning on Twitter for a renewal. She hasn’t tweeted since the cancellation notice came down.

Co-star Delfino tweeted, “State of Georgia fans thank you so much for watching! You’ve been simply the best. You even loved the crazy hair! Speaks volume(s). teehee x”

Rogel tweeted, “single tear ;(” and Delfino responded, “Totally. We’ll just have to do our own private nerds show and gear it towards Showtime.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that State of Georgia has been cancelled? Why do you think it didn’t attract a bigger audience? What would you have liked to see happen in season two?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. mayen says

    i am so bummed to read this!! I just discovered this show on Netflix and i watched all 12 episodes in one day!! I laughed so hard most episodes. the “aunt honey” character is priceless! Raven-Symone as always is adorable! I really was hoping there would be a second season coming down the pike! :(

  2. says

    NO! NO! Abc should not have canceled this show. I think it didn’t get good ratings because no one knew about the show. Not that many people watch abc anymore so they should’ve done a better job advertising/promoting the series. Raven Simone is a very talented actress and so are her co-stars. You would think that a show with such a great cast would attract a huge audience, but not if no one knows about the show. Come on abc do a better promo job then you wouldn’t have to cancel so many shows.

  3. Betty says

    NO! This is the only show on abc family that is actually worth watching! It’s funnier than any other show on there! Why can’t cancel one of those depressing shows. There plenty on there!!

  4. Natisha James says

    State of Georgia was great. I love the relationship raven had with her crazy aunt and quirky BF it was great TV especially for young girls- not sexually or negatively driven. I think the show had very poor advertisement, in relation to other shows like that Melissa and Joey thing -not that funny, and very predictable. I love Raven Symone she is a positive role model for young girls unlike other Disney Stars.

  5. Chasity says

    I think it didn’t do as well because it lacked the hype that all the other shows have. I only saw one preview before it aired and never knew when it was actually on. I watched the whole season on Netflix in the past few days and fell in love and now I’m heartbroken to hear that it’s been canceled. I love Raven and was so excited to see her quirkiness in a more adult role. She stuck right along growing with her original Disney viewers. State of Georgia will be dearly missed in my home.

  6. drag queen( Slexcia C. Brown) says

    I just finished watch the first season and it was amazing it was well put and raven was back i didn’t even kno the she had another show until i saw her on a episode of rupaul’s drag race where she was a guest judge and rupaul said her name and about her new tv show state of georgia and some of the comments r true if they would have put up big signs and advertise it over the tv a lot it would have gotten so much views, come on it’s “tha’s so Raven” nobody would have want to miss her neww show. but i gotta say she lost a lot of weight and looking fine as hell Mmmm………

    i’m out love ya so Raven 😉

  7. Sandra says

    OMG!! I LOVED State of Georgia, it was such a good show!!! They didnt even freaking put up any ads about the show b/c no one freaking knew about it!! I saw it on the ABC family website and I never saw it being advertised anywhere! this makes me really sad because I was hoping for another season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Presley says

    State of Georgia only had low ratings because nobody knew about it. I abcfam all the time pretty little liars&idk if the lying game or state of Georgia started first but I only knew about it from watching abc family. Maybe more people would’ve wanted to see it if there were ridiculously huge signs all over the malls like there were for pretty little liars and the lying game. Honestly this show was awesome, why would yuu purposely cancel your own power to bring the sitcom back? AND RAVEN!!!<3 (:

  9. Brandon says

    SERIOUS?! this show was SO ******* AMAZING! i’m really sad to hear it’s not coming back :(

    The lying game better be cancelled!

  10. Mell says

    NO! I loved that show. Raven has been my favorite actress since i was like 9. I this show gave me another chance to see her, since after that so raven she went away for years. I also very much enjoyed her friend on the show bc she was a complete opposite of raven and related to even some of my friends. I’m sad this show is not having another season but I really hope to see raven symone in another show are mOvie. Thanks ABC good luck with all your other boring and unentertaining series.

  11. Navira Hamill says

    Didnt Watch It….Didnt Like it and Am Glad It’s over.

    Loved Majandra Delfino in Roswell but this wasnt even worth watching.

  12. amy says

    an 1 other thing ******* look at ur online rating dumb asses cuz alot ppls hav gone to watching it on online but oh wait u guys dont ******* care bout

  13. amy says

    r u ******* kindling me dam abc family im starting to hate abc family all they do is cancel ******* good shows but dont cancel the bad show dam u guys r retarded i mean serious if u cancel any more shows u lose more ppls an then less gud show on

  14. Anonymous says

    I liked this show! I love Majandra Delfino. and Raven Symone is so charismatic though she has been type cast as an over-the-top kind of character.. but I still like her.

    I’m so thankful that switched at birth got picked up for a season 2! I LOVE that show. I was hooked since the pilot, and it is so tastefully done. The deaf/hard of hearing community isn’t positively represented enough these days, and SaB totally nailed it in such a captivating- not overly cheesy way that the whole family can enjoy.

  15. Alan Bryan says

    Honestly, I’ve never heard of this show (or any of those mentioned in this article) and I wouldn’t have watched it either.
    None of the shows on ABC FAMILY interest me at all…Guess I’m the wrong demographic for this channel.

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