The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: Cancelled, No Season Three

canceled Avengers: Earth's Mightiest HeroesEarly last year, Marvel and Disney XD announced a new programming block — Marvel Universe — would begin airing on Disney XD. The block would be comprised of the new Ultimate Spider-Man animated series and the second season of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

A year later, Spider-Man has been renewed for another season while The Avengers has been cancelled. Marvel confirmed that there won’t be a third season in a print statement.

The second season of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes debuted on April 1st and is currently running on Disney XD. Of the 26 episodes that were ordered for season two, only eight have aired in the US thus far.

Almost the entire series has aired in Australia so we know that the series finale is titled “Avengers Assemble” and revolves around the Avengers fighting Galactus, a planet-eating entity, and his heralds in the team’s biggest battle.

The same press release also notes that, “Marvel Animation will present their newly developed series Marvel’s Avengers Assemble in 2013.” The new animated series will feature the same characters from the recent live-action Avengers movie — Captain America, Hulk, Ironman, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye — as well as The Falcon (an African American hero from the comics). Word is that Black Panther and Ant-Man will also join the team at some point.

What do you think? Did you like this version of the Avengers? Are you looking forward to the new animated series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Craig says

    What a drag. This was such a good version of artwork, storyline and charectors. This was so much the comics that I read growing up. I could enjoy it with my kid or as an adult. The Ultimate Spiderman is not this way, it is for kids only. Please bring it back!!!!!!

  2. DJ Gears says

    why do they always cancel the great shows. Bring it back Disney,u if its not broke don’t fix it current story lines are great>

  3. EEzyoff says

    I really like the current version of the show. Season 2 was stronger than the first season. I really hope Marvel reconsiders the cancellation and renews the show. I’m interested in the new show, but maybe there is room for both. Chris Yost is a terrific writer. I’ll watch this show all 52 episodes again and again. Boo for the cancelation.

  4. mike says

    My girl and i knew something was up. I mean they changed the opening. My girl who 25 still sings the opening even though they went over it. By far best show in a long time.

  5. Daniel says

    They are almost certainly planning to create something more “kid friendly.” No one will die or ever get hurt, and cutesy teen jokes with and liberally sprinkled throughout. In other words, nothing I would want to watch.

  6. Lilly says

    Um, heck no. The avengers series is way better than the spiderman one and with the movie out, Avengers EMH has been even more poupular. Cancelling is a HUGE mistake on Marvel’s part. This is their best series yet, and I’m very very angry to see it go

  7. Andrew says

    Ive watched every episode and look forward to the remaining season. I’m sad to hear that there will not be a 3rd season

  8. Andy Randall says

    I think its too soon too cancel the series. Even Batman The Brave and the Bold had enough stories for 3 years. Reading all the opinions of people who enjoy the show, I feel that Marvel is making a tragic mistake. Its still early yet, and perhaps the hardcore fans will convince them too do another season. There are still stories too tell.
    I watched the remaining shows on youtube, and Red Hulk is by far my fav villian for The Hulk. And with Red Hulk having been on the show. Can Red She Hulk (Betty Ross), be far behind? I always thought she was allot sexier then the Green one. But thats just me. lol

  9. rick says

    The current Avengers show is watchable by a wide range of ages, that’s why it’s great. Kids and parents can both enjoy it. The new Ultimate Spider-Man show targets a much narrower audience, and speaking as a member of the older audience, I find it unwatchable. If the new Avengers Assemble show is anything like that, I definitely won’t watch it.

  10. ND Mitchell says

    I’m pissed…Ultimate Spider-man was renewed but not the Avengers…I think they should have been aired on Saturday mornings since that is when the kids wake up with their bowls of cereals and watch cartoons all morning in front of the TV. I’m a big 39-year-old kid…at heart! Avengers should be renewed until the new Avengers 2013 enters.

  11. Grandizer says

    I keep hoping they mean the children’s version of the Avengers with the small child versions of the Avengers…

  12. Miguel Kelliebrew says

    I am furious about the cancellation! I’ve waited over 30 years for an Avengers series. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was exactly what I needed. Let the movie be the movie. I see this series being much closer to the comics I grew up with. Disney has done well so far with the building of characters so far but have not even scratched the surface! Too many heroes and villains are being left undisclosed. (Wonderman, Vision, Wanda, Hercules, the Skrull, more Ultron…) If Disney wants to merely dabble in Marvel Universe, please hand Marvel over to a committed party.

  13. shad says

    This is sad and disappointing. This show is fantastic and is hands down the best cartoon i watch with my daughter. After only two seasons why is this being cancelled? Everyone I know thinks its a terrific show and very well written.

    They only thing hurting it is the fact is that it is only on disney XD which doesnt come with the standard hd disney channel package so we have to wait for demand which seems a bit tarded considering they 14 or so episodes behind australia :(

    Guess now disney xd will have nothing left for me to watch even on demand, I no longer need the disney channel.

  14. Alton says

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, this is a terrible idea. The company seems to be truly shortsighted when it comes to their animated block. Even with solid ratings they tend to only commit for a short timeframe. There was a huge following for Earth’s Mightiest and just because the film succeeded, you want to take away the the show and replace it with another? This is wonderful news…just wonderful. Thanks for having people enjoy a show and then suddenly tell them “it’s time to move on to a different interpretation?” LoL

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