The Bradys

The BradysNetwork: CBS
Episodes: Six (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: February 9, 1990 — March 9, 1990
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Florence Henderson, Robert Reed, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Eve Plumb, Susan Olsen, Leah Ayres, Ann B. Davis, Jerry Hauser, Ron Kuhlman, Caryn Richman, Martha Quinn, Jaclyn Bernstein, Michael Melby, Valerie Ick, Pat Crawford Brown, Herb Edelman, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

the bradys past TV show

TV show description:
Following the huge success of the TV movie, A Very Brady Christmas, three more reunion movies were ordered. Then, it was decided that the time was right for the Brady clan to return to television as a regular series and the three movies were reworked into six episodes.

Envisioned as a family drama, the show’s tone was quite different from that of the original family sitcom, The Brady Bunch. All of the original castmembers signed on, with the exception of Maureen McCormick, the original Marcia.

All of the kids have grown up and moved out of the Brady household, leaving Mike and Carol as empty-nesters. Mike (Robert Reed) continues to work as a respected architect and decides to run for a seat on the city council. Carol (Florence Henderson) is an established real estate agent. Former housekeeper Alice Nelson (Ann B. Davis) has married Sam Franklin the butcher (who never appears on screen) and lives with him nearby.

Eldest Brady son Greg (Barry Williams) is a successful obstetrician who is married to Nora (Caryn Richman), a nurse. They have a son named Kevin (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) who is sometimes the object of bullying.

Middle son Peter (Christopher Knight) breaks up with his girlfriend/boss Valerie and leaves his job as a corporate administrative assistant. He eventually goes into business with Bobby.

Youngest son Bobby (Mike Lookinland) has secretly dropped out of college and is pursuing his dream of becoming a professional racecar driver. He’s on his way to becoming a top driver when he’s in a crash and becomes a parapalegic from the waist down. After dealing with his depression, Bobby starts to go through rehabilitative therapy with Peter’s help. Along the way, he sees an old girlfriend named Tracy (Martha Quinn) and the two fall in love and get married.

Eldest sister Marcia (Leah Ayres) has given up her life as a fashion designer and is now a stay-at-home mother. She’s still married to toy salesman Wally Logan (Jerry Houser), who frequently finds himself out of work. They have two young children named Jessica (Jaclyn Bernstein) and Mickey (Michael Melby). Jessica is very intelligent and precocious while Mickey, like his Dad, frequently gets into trouble.

Middle sister Jan (Eve Plumb) is still an architect and works with her father. She’s still married to college professor Phillip Covington III (Ron Kuhlman). The couple have friction over the fact that they can’t conceive children together and almost end up getting a divorce. They eventually adopt a little Korean girl named Patty (Valerie Ick).

And finally, youngest daughter Cindy (Susan Olsen) has left college and become a deejay at a local Southern California radio station. She becomes involved with her boss who is a Jewish widower with two small children and is more than 15 years her senior.

Series Finale:     
Episode six — The Party Girls
Greg and Peter have a falling out over their different lifestyles. Marcia, Tracy, and Nora start their own catering business (“The Party Girls”) with Wally as the head of PR for the company. Sam the butcher has retired and the ladies take over the lease of his shop. After Peter nearly dies from choking and Greg gives him CPR, the brothers patch things up.
First aired: March 9, 1990.


What happened next?   
This is the final Brady project with the original cast as their characters. Reed passed away in 1992 from colon cancer. Many in the cast have said that they don’t expect to play their roles again.


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    • Amb says

      If you buy the complete The Brady Bunch on DVD, they include A Very Brady Christmas and The Brady 500/Here We Grow Again on DVD in the set. Otherwise, Episodes of The Bradys are on YouTube. Watch them while you can before they get deleted from the YouTube universe.

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