The Event: Are You Satisfied with “Arrival,” the Last Episode?

Event last episodeLast night, NBC aired the series finale of The Event. As fans know all too well, the series has struggled in the ratings for much of the season and the network decided to cancel the show last week after just 20 episodes.

The Event started decently in the ratings but the numbers quickly declined. Once they fell as low as a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic, NBC decided to pull it and planned to relaunch the series in early 2011. When they did, the ratings dropped even lower.

TV show supportThe producers knew there was a good chance that The Event wouldn’t be back for a second season and tried to give viewers some sense of satisfaction. They constructed the finale so that it would answer some questions but leave plenty of room for a second season, just in case they got lucky. Though it was cancelled, there’s still a glimmer of hope that it may continue elsewhere.

If you missed it, you can catch up with what happened on the series finale or watch it below. Either way, we’d like to know what you thought.

Was there enough information to satisfy you? Would you recommend that people watch the series or not bother because it doesn’t have a definitive ending? Which unresolved questions or storylines will bug you the most?

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  1. dmjakers says

    The reason I suggest people not watch the program is NOT the “lack of a definitive ending”, it’s everything leading up to that. Behind this, I thought, was a potentially rich idea, but they FAILED miserably to execute. The characters are unexplored so that I can imagine a dozen different background stories for each of them, which means the writers and producers didn’t do the work required to make me care about any of them.
    Who cares if the aliens take over the planet if the viewer doesn’t know or care about any of the current inhabitants? I watched every episode and I still don’t really KNOW the characters, and too many key features don’t make any sense whatsoever. No matter which character you check, it’s always easier to find ways they don’t make sense than to believe they do. What’s missing is the “willing suspension of disbelief” required to make a story sustainable. I WANT to believe. But “The Event” just failed to get me there. And they failed miserably. Blame the network for helping the writers and producers ruin what should have been a long-running and thoroughly compelling viewing adventure.

  2. Claudia says

    I think The Event is an excellent TV show, there are many answers needed, create expectfull, good efects, etc. We are involved with caracters and actually is needed a 2nd. season. Please, please!

  3. Suki says

    Once again, a show leaves without a proper goodbye. Too many unanswered questions. A terribly unsatisfying conclusion. Too many shows in this genre end prematurely- V, Flash Forward, Persons Unknown (Loved it!). Feel duped by the major networks wasting my time! Will stick with books and movies for this genre.

  4. DK says

    ok…so in the pilot they transported the big airplane from one place to another….in the finale, they transported our Earth to where there Earth was and now we are gonna burn up from their sun going supernova…and that’s what Sofia meant by The Event” and killing all of us with the virus was “merciful”….instead of being burned up by thier sun….right…??? or am I just “Event” stupid here…………jeeez

    • Sam says

      You Got It Wrong It’s Not Earth It’s Thar Planet What Got Transported To US Re Watch It again So In The End They All Come To US Got It ?

    • Anonymous says

      You have it backwards. They transported Sophia’s planet to our solar system which left all the other questions open.

  5. Frank says

    To coin a phrase from (cancelled) Battle Star Gallactica “FRAK YOU” NBC! you guys are real $h!+ heads. I think I will never watch any of your series again….You are just so insensitive to peoples feelings. All you want is MONEY MONEY MONEY! ONE OF THE

  6. Joseph says

    I wish the show had been better written,
    It is hard to mourn a series with as many issues as The Event, early on it was all about the non linear flow of the show which did get resolved. But they never fixed the issue of plot twists, characters or elements that made little sense.
    Heck where to begin with this show.
    Take Sofia, talk about someone with multiple personalities, even at the end we see her in agony trying to deploy a virus seeing all of her people getting killed one by one, does this make any sense if this was just about a mercy killing?
    The we have the entire mystery about the Guardians , and even at the end when the scroll and what has been going on can be explained our hero is instead told read the scroll? Really? Why would this make any sense after our traitor just sold out his people why they heck not reveal his age and what has really been going on and why he is even on earth to begin with.
    So yes , I wanted to like the show but it was so badly written it should only go on if they get new writters.

  7. Sam says

    NBC Did it again dam i hate this channel from all my hart every time i attached to a show they cancel it and for what play boy club !!! Really NBC & FOX Really Started To suck Not Started They already Suck They cancel Every Good Show the Problem Is there is shows with less Rating Still airing Every Time i say i will not watch NBC Show’s and they do it to me again OMFG I Really Want To See The Man Who Cancel The Show I will Really Bunch Him In The Face God I Hate Them I Wish They Bankrupt Or Something ……. See You When another Show Canceled .

  8. gobigred says

    My husband & I looked frwrd to watching the event. I hope the show continues. Great suspense show but if it is cancelled we r frusrated by to much left open. BRING BACK THE EVENT!

  9. T2Thomas says

    Send it to the Syfy channel or any other cable canel. I was an avid watcher of The Event. I believe the sporadic airing is what confused a lot of viewers. However, I remained a loyal follower. I am thankful that most of the questions were answered but there were many more created. I too, feel deprieved. It was a great show.

  10. MadatNBC says

    NBC you suck for canceling this and thereby necessitating the WORST ending since Lost. I am completely enraged by such events. NBC you caused a lot of people to lose respect for you as a channel and many more who will never want to watch your series’. Television is a cruel industry run like any corporation…just following the money. Sometimes, its worth losing a bit to gain long term respect and coherence.

  11. kcw8 says

    I can’t believe that a show as good as The Event is being canceled. I thought the writing was edgy and left me wanting more. I don’t get these networks that run at the drop of a hat, even though the ratings may not have been great, I do believe there was audience for this show and to be honest, like one of the other comments – I’m kind of done getting invested in a program only to have it canceled, once it got interesting. So, kind of done with basic programing! Sticking with Cable!

  12. Don says

    It was a great episode if it gets another season. If it is over, it was an awful way to leave us hanging. I’m tired of this happening. I really got into this series. NBC you stink!

  13. William says

    This poor ending has pushed me over the edge. Won’t watch any series anymore. The writers of these series can’t seem to satisfy the open questions to my satisfaction or they leave too much unanswered as they did here. In this case, they never really defined what “The Event” actually was. They only superficially touched on it and just once. I was very dissatisfied with the ending. I’m through with them all. If it can’t be concluded in a couple of hours, I won’t watch it.

  14. Bill says

    I was totally disgusted by this ending. Yes, it answered some questions but left you hanging on what “The Event” actually is/was. Never again will I get caught up in a series. I’m really sick and tired of getting my hopes up as I did for LOST and then the writers drop the ball. NO MORE. I won’t jump into these soap operas anymore.

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