The Exes

TV series The Exes on TV LandNetwork: TV Land
Episodes: TBD (half-hour)
Seasons: Four

TV show dates: November 30, 2011 — TBD
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Donald Faison, Wayne Knight, David Alan Basche, Kelly Stables, and Kristen Johnston.

TV show description:      
This comedic TV series revolves around three divorced men who share an apartment across the hall from their female divorce attorney and landlord.

Holly Brooks (Kristen Johnston) has never been married and is a top divorce attorney. While often playing matchmaker for her divorced male friends, Holly’s also recently single (having broken off an engagement) and struggles to meet the right man.

She’s also the landlord of an apartment across the hall from her own and rents it to her former clients and friends. Holly’s newest single client is Stuart Gardner (David Alan Basche), a successful dentist. He’s recently divorced and is trying to get over his feelings for his ex-wife.

Stuart moves in with two other divorcees; Phil Chase (Donald Faison) and Haskell Lutz (Wayne Knight). Phil is a sports agent and a womanizer. While seemingly focused only on his own interests, he often reveals a sensitive and helpful side. Haskell is a lazy, sardonic man who makes a living selling various items on the Internet and was once a professional bowler.

Things get off to a shaky start for Phil and Haskell when they begin to have reservations about living with clingy Stuart, but Holly is right across the hall to help them steer clear of any catastrophes. Meanwhile, Holly’s hard-partying assistant Eden (Kelly Stables), doesn’t let her professionalism get in the way of prying into her boss’s personal life.

As time progresses, the guys begin to realize that the issues they have with each other are the same ones that they had with their ex-wives.

Series Finale:     
Episode ??
This TV series has not ended yet.
First aired: ??


What do you think? Are you a fan of The Exes TV series? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for a fifth season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I don’t understand how your decisions are made when cancelling programs. From all of the stats listed on this website, The Exes crushed your new show Younger, however, you renew Younger and cancel one of the funniest shows on television which is doing so much better in the ratings department. I tried to get into the new shows. I really did. Wake up TV Land. You are making some real puzzling decisions. Need I even mention Hot In Cleveland who also crushed all of your new shows. SMH. I just don’t get it.

  2. Deb Hearon says

    Why do you keep cancelling the best shows on your network. First, Hot in Cleveland and now the Exes. I only watch your comedy shows and now that you keep cancelling them, I definitely will not be watching you network anymore. I am so sick of reality Tv. Over to another network unless you bring back the comedy. bye ye

  3. PONI says

    How disappointing.. IST Hot in Cleveland now this show. 2 of the funniest shows. Leaves a good reason to quit watching this station.

  4. The Truth says

    Who the hell cancelled this good show. Tv land you are not that good with sitcoms so why would you do this to a good show.. So dumb and stupid.. Who do we need to contact on this!!!

  5. John Carver says

    This series is very well written and the cast is exceptional.
    While no series can run forever this one should be given another season
    to entertain us . First we lost Hot in Cleveland and now The Exes, what happened
    did somebody ask for a raise ? TV Land is not HBO or NBC and they should listen to their viewers or they may end up some obscure station showing Mr. Ed reruns.

  6. says

    I love all the characters in the show the only one I have a problem with is Nikki’s charactershe was great in The King of Queensbut not so much in show I don’t like to turn at the show took with Nicky has an affair with another womanyou took a really good show and made it seem dirty I know this seems to be the new trend on shows but you kinda ruined it for me on this one


    Which are the dates that the Exes is on, cannot find it????
    I think it is one of the bests shows ever!

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