The Game: Season Four Starts on BET in January 2011

The GameIt turns out The Game isn’t over yet. It just took a timeout, albeit a long one. The sitcom originally ran on The CW network for three seasons, with the last of the first-run episodes appearing in May of 2009. BET has announced it’s bringing the series back on January 11, 2011. The hope is to build on fan interest that began even before the original series cancellation was announced.

The Game is a comedy/drama produced by Kelsey Grammer and is a spin-off of the series Girlfriends. Tia Mowry stars as a first-year med student who ignores being accepted into Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, preferring instead to follow her boyfriend (Pooch Hall) to San Diego. He’s been tapped by a professional football team as a promising new rookie. Other castmembers include Brittany Daniel, Coby Bell, Hosea Chanchez and Wendy Raquel Robinson.

Even before The Game was cancelled by The CW, BET began syndicating reruns of the series, with some of the episodes garnering higher numbers than they did when they originally aired on The CW. Now the cable channel is looking to expand on its original programming to get more money from their advertisers, money that only high-end scripted series can bring in. With The Game bringing a large fan response in syndication, BET execs were convinced that new episodes would be a viable option to anchor their other new programming.

BET’s senior vice president of original programming, Charlie Jordan Brookins, said, “This is the beginning of building what scripted programming means to BET.” They have a selection of drama projects in development at the cable outlet, yet are deciding to start this new programming with comedies, because they can get them on the air more quickly.

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With the new production of the Game series, they’ll need to downscale from what the show was used to on The CW. To start, they’ll save on the costs and will also take advantage of some tax incentives by moving the series from Los Angeles to Atlanta, where the series is now in production at the EUE/Screen Gems studio.

Stars Mowry and Hall were eager to pick up where they left off, as were many from the writing staff. Some of the scribes who couldn’t return to the writers room are submitting freelance scripts.

Executive producer Mara Brock Akil claims, “Everyone on our team wants to just shock everybody and make it even better than it was on the CW. How do you do that with less money? You have to be more creative. There’s definitely a bigger rock to push up the hill, but we want it to be a huge success not only for us but for the network.”

Brock Akil is willing to work hard to make The Game a success on BET, feeling the show never had the attention it deserved on the old network. “What we never had before was the marketing component to support the show.” Yet as a new flagship series for original BET programming, “they know what they have, and they want us to help grow their audience. That’s exciting for us.”

What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing new episodes of The Game? How long do you think it will continue this time? One season, two or ?

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  1. MCT says

    Why is the season so short? I didn’t like the role they gave Kelly and Jason this season.High drama this season, however I have enjoyed the episodes. But I am with everyone I want Rick Fox back but he is basketball analyst with ESPN. But he should be able to tape after basketball season. I hoping the show to pick up before September since it didn’t start until January.

  2. Betty Strodes says

    Didn’t especially connect with the new show but I kept watching and now I don’t want to see the season end. The writers found their swag after about the third show. Looking forward to the reruns and the new season.

  3. charles bailey says

    I like the new show, lives have to move on,but i do think they ought to bring Rick Fox back to the show for tashsha.She is still beautiful and witty and Rick is a ladies man and mature. Megan Good is a great and beautiful addition as the bad girl. I am still into the characters, jason should eventully get back with his wife and daughter.

  4. Ann says

    I love the previous seasons of The Game; but I am not as happy with the new season. Are these the same writers as in previous seasons? Couldn’t be, because this season is so serious with no humor!!! I like the drama in The Game, but I like the laughs too. Please add more laughs!

  5. Mary says

    I agree with everyone before me , The show sucks Derwin should have gotten a
    DNA test a long time ago to prove to Mel if the baby was his. Bring back Rick

  6. RONDA says

    I’m not happy with the new show. You did not pick up where you left off. The characters are off. The show is depressing to me I don’t get the laughs that I use to get with the old show. The sets are dark and it looks like their on stage. Editing is terrible. How did Derwin pick up chicken for Janay and the next scene is Janay at the restuarant with a friend I thouht Derwin was buying her chicken lunch? You never showed Derwin taking a DNA test so how did Janay get test results? Bring back Rick ASAP Terrance is not a fit. I guess we will have to deal with all the commercials which really suck. We end up only getting out 15 minutes of show and 15 minutes of advertisement. I find it hard to believe thi show still have some of the old writer because it appears that there is a new crew of writers. I do hope for a second season giving BET a chance to correct their mistakes. I feel to let down after the big hype.

  7. Barbara says

    I was not pleased with the direction of the show , I love the show but do away with Janay and the
    baby mama drama. It is not to late to change the test results again, mistakes happen. The show was
    so positive at first , now Jason being let go from the team, his marriage being over, Tasha and her
    new love , it was not fun to watch. Hated it

  8. Debra says

    I was happy to see the game again.. but why didn’t you start where it left off???? Melanie if she had doubts… who waits 2 years before they get a baby tested??? and kelly looks sad as a bitter ex wife… and Malik has changed he wasn’t that cold as to use tee tee… and What happened to Rick Fox and his relationship with Tasha… i was lost on that one… you bring her back dating a younger guy??? where are you going with that… i rather see her in a relatioship. and what happened with Jason new lady(Stacy Dash)??? You started with the viewer not being able to follow from where it left off….

    • Anonymous says

      i agree why did rick leave ? thats rong as hell for malik to be soo cold to tee tee where the hell is ms nash why is kelly so whorish lookin being a mom why is melody acting crazy with that fine man please do something i was really disappointed really.

  9. CYNTHIA says


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