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The Gates: Petition to Save the ABC TV Show from Being Cancelled

The Gates tv showThere’s a lot of incredible things going on in the Gates community. As unbelievable as it might seem, the show’s ratings haven’t been very good. As a result, there’s a very real possibility that The Gates TV show will be cancelled and won’t be back for season two.

What can you do? Remember, the ideal scenario for ABC is for many millions of people to watch the show on their television sets, while it’s being broadcast. Unfortunately, ratings are put together based on a sampling of viewers. If you’re a “Nielsen household,” your viewing is being counted. If not, it’s not.

However, if you like The Gates and want to see it continue, there are a few things you can do to help.

  1. If you’re a Nielsen family, watch the show whenever it’s on. If not, watch it on or purchase episodes online so your viewing will be directly counted. Encourage others to watch the show. You might know a Nielsen family and not be aware of it.
  1. Talk about the show with others; at school, at work, online, or wherever. Creating a buzz about a show that you’re invested in gets other people interested and might help bring former viewers back.
  1. Sign the petition below and encourage others to do the same.
  1. Write to the network. Be respectful. Everyone responds better to courtesy. Tell them how much you enjoy the show, that you’ve signed the petition, and that you want to see it continue. You can use this form or, even better, write via “snail-mail” to: Mr. Paul Lee, President, ABC, 500 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521, RE: The Gates
  1. Take note of the products that are advertised during the show. Write the advertisers and tell them that you appreciate their sponsoring the show and that you buy their products (if you do).

To ABC, Fox Television Studios, and Little Engine Entertainment:

We, the undersigned, enjoy watching The Gates on the ABC network. The series has just the right mixture of drama and supernatural suspense.

Please find a way to keep The Gates on the air. We are devoted viewers who will continue to watch the program, encourage others to do the same, and will support the series’ advertisers as well. Please keep it going, either on ABC or, if necessary, on another Disney-owned channel.

Thank you for your consideration.

7420 Entries - 297 Pages
  • EbonyCountry: USA2014-04-13 16:46:35
    Please bring the show back. I did not hear of thhis show as I'm not an ABC viewer. Well not too frequently, but I watched The Gates in one sitting on Netflix. Maybe youguys can come to a deal with Netflix to air new episodes? I believe you gave up too fast.
  • MorganCountry: USA 2014-04-07 00:20:20
    I love this show it was amazing. Please bring it back. I didn't know about it when it aired on abc. I saw it on Netflix. I watched all episodes in 3 days while juggling two three year olds. The only thing I didn't like about it was how it ended then was canceled. Please bring the gates back.
  • Denisse LealCountry: M2014-04-04 04:53:54
  • Tommy runge egelundCountry: Denmark 2014-03-24 02:12:56
    I have ben Washington the show in Denmark. I was cought from the first moment. I absolutley hated the Way it endet.... Couldnt they at least had Aires a final episode.?? I World absolutley love it if the show came back to life!!!!
  • Inger Anne UlriksenCountry: Norway2014-03-22 20:32:39
    I have just watch the show here in Norway and I love The Gates.It was well acted and a good story. So I sign this petition and hope to have The Gates reneved. Please bring it back!!
  • John MasonCountry: United States of America2014-03-04 04:48:34
    It's early March, 2014, as I write this. I only just discovered The Gates a week ago and just finished what was the final episode. Self contained, it was an amazing story with an overly bittersweet ending. Being able to accept it as the ending has been a hard thing to do, but at almost five years later any hope for a continuation of the story is long since abandoned. So I sign this petition, not in earnest to have The Gates renewed, but as a fan who loved the brief glimpse of it they had.
  • Linda HarrisCountry: USA2014-02-08 08:29:42
    There is so little to watch with a great story, well acted and characters that blend seamlessly to the story. I miss intelligent TV please reconsider producing "the Gates". Thank you Linda Harrison
  • Robin WisemanCountry: USA2014-01-23 11:52:00
    I just watched this whole series on Netflix and frankly when it origianally aired I didn't have $ for cable etc. So, I went searching internet to find out if there was a season 2 as I am left hanging in suspense now and am ready to see what's next for the families in THE GATES!!! I love this show and would love if you would bring it back!!! My friends and I are stuck left wondering boy does this ever dissapoint us to know we will not see more....
  • StinaCountry: United States 2014-01-05 15:15:14
    I just saw the season I love the show I just don't understand why they didn't give it a chance why can't they just bring it back it was SO good. Why do they do that you like a show and then they canceled it that sucks. What happen to the end what happen with his son they didn't finish the storey. Please bring it back
  • Penny youngCountry: USA2013-12-31 03:14:19
    Bring it back. I watched it on netflix. I love it. I didn't know about this show until 2 days ago. I watched the whole season in 2days. I couldn't sleep it was to intense
  • Christian PerezCountry: United States2013-12-29 23:48:41
    I can't believe THE GATES got canceled. It was a great show. I can't understand WHY "ABC" keep dropping shows! The shows now are really tiresome, lame, boring, etc. THAT'S WHY PEOPLE ARE TURNING TO CABLE. RAUNCHY, TWISTED AND GORY. THANKS FOR NOTHING ABC!
  • AmberCountry: United States2013-12-16 16:46:37
    This show is just what I was looking for. Bring it back please.
  • JenickCountry: USA2013-12-13 16:22:18
    Please bring back The Gates, even if it's only on Netflix. It is a great show. The writer is awesome and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next with the characters. My co-workers started watching it as well because I told them about it. Pleaseeee bring it back with more seasons so we can continue to see how life goes on in The Gates.
  • Christopher EsisoCountry: Uganda2013-11-27 18:00:59
    We need to see that summer continued 'cause they made their scenario not like others,there were in the gates that can change any thing! Please we need the second season!
  • Diane SmithCountry: Australia2013-11-26 06:57:55
    I was going to watch it and I found out it was cancelled I was devastated please don't get rid of it, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • emily ortizCountry: United States2013-11-20 17:24:18
    Best show please bring back
  • Holly pCountry: USA2013-11-04 21:26:02
    I really liked show. I would love to see it play out for at least 4-5 more seasons
  • ZoeCountry: Australia2013-10-15 09:02:04
    I've only just seen this show & was disappointed to read that it cancelled after the first season. It's a shame we here in Australia don't see it for sometime or hear about it soon enough, as it was a great show!
  • VictoriaCountry: united states2013-10-01 21:02:12
    The Gates Is Exactly The Type Of Show I've Been looking For! Season 1 Was Awesome Please Consider Coming Out With Season 2!
  • Autumn RaeCountry: United States2013-09-29 23:11:03
    Please, I would love to see the show starting its second season. The actors were incredible, plot made sense and very good camera. There are many people liking this show, so please take it into consideration. Thank you.
  • James G.Country: usa2013-09-29 21:54:10
    I just finished the season on netflix, im a very upset it's being cancelled.
  • CherieCountry: USA2013-09-29 18:49:21
    I recently just found this show on Netflix and it is AHmazing!! I just finished it in 2 days and I'm sad because I want to know what happens. Bring season 2 back with better advertising for it and I'm sure you'll get more viewers!
  • Crystal GalvezCountry: USA2013-09-20 01:22:58
    I fell in LOVE with this show! Just recently started watching and very, very upset it was cancelled. It needs to come back!!!!
  • Pang VangCountry: United States 2013-09-14 03:11:17
    I can't believe a show like this is cancelled. This show needs to come back...Thank goodness for NETFLIX I saw this show and was sad to find out that there is no more series for The Gates. Come Back....The Gates!!!
  • ginny fosterCountry: Australia2013-09-11 06:02:20
    Can't believe this show with incredible actors and storyline has been cancelled. Please make more series as this is a great show!
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