The Goode Family: Could the Cancelled Show Return for Season Two?

The Goode FamilyAfter a disappointing run on ABC, the network announced that they were cancelling The Goode Family. It turns out the show’s creators aren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

The Goode Family is an animated series from King of the Hill’s Mike Judge, David Krinsky, and John Altschuler. Featuring the voice talents of Judge, Brian Doyle Murray, Dave Herman, Linda Cardellini, and Nancy Carell, the sitcom follows a working-class family who find it difficult to live politically-correct lives.

The show debuted to low ratings (3.93 million and a 1.6/5 in the 18-49 demo) on May 27th and was shuffled off to Friday nights after three episodes. In its new timeslot, The Goode Family’s viewership dropped even further and averaged a little more than a million viewers each week. It came as little surprise when ABC officially cancelled the show the day after the season finale aired.

The creators of the show aren’t ready to give up on a second season though. Just prior to the cancellation, they wrote to their fans, “The fact that our number of viewers has grown steadily without any network promotion is heartening, especially since DVR hits aren’t counted in the summer. If you like the show, please spread the word. Because of your interest The Goode Family has a shot to live on.”

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Later that day, Altschuler followed up with “We will keep you posted as soon as the re-launch of the show is nailed down. We look forward to a decent time slot and some promotion so people get a better chance at seeing it.”

At the time, it seemed as if there were plans to continue the show on ABC. But, after the cancellation news came out, a message from Krinsky and Altschuler made it clear that they have another venue in mind.

They wrote, “That was our first season. We will let all of you know as soon as we have our new network and time slot. A lot of people have asked how they can see episodes they missed and we will try and find an answer. This show has been the most creatively satisfying thing we have ever done and we look forward to continuing it.”

Could The Goode Family truly find new life on a cable channel like Comedy Central or Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim? Should it? Would you change it in some way? What do you think?

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  1. Jon says

    Thanks to the Friday switch, I can only catch it with my DVR.

    Leave it to ABC to cancel the only thing people are watching on their channel.

  2. Mike says

    Liberal ABC buried the show and wouldn’t promote it. It was set up to fail. I hope it finds a home on another network since it is a great show.

  3. Matt says

    Fantastic show. I really would like to see it live on. I’ll watch every episode and encourage my friends to watch it without being annoying.

  4. Megan says

    I thought the show was great! I watched it until it moved to Friday. Could they have given it a worse time slot?!

  5. Bronnie Barry says

    ABC has a less that stellar track record where prime time animation is concerned.
    When they put Goode Family in that Friday night death slot,that sealed it.
    Fact is, this show is funny, well written and does deserve to live on.. Like ‘King of the Hill’ before it, the characters will develop with time…Speaking of KOTH— that should NOT have been canceled either. Crazy decision.

  6. Jenni says

    The Good Family is really funny and so on target for our times. It’s a show for our generation – whether you’re laughing with them or at them, the show hits home.

    Check out free episodes on YouTube

  7. jessica says

    i think that ANY network should pick up ‘the goode family’…i think ive watched all 13 episodes 13 times each and still going strong. but despite the hilarity of this show i dont know how much longer i can go before i need some fresh lines from gerald, helen, che….whoever.
    definitely hope this one comes back!! abc needs to reevaluate their lineup because i have a feeling that regardless of the numbers, this show definitely attracted some viewers that otherwise wouldnt be viewing their station….theyd be smart to hang on to the group that this one brought in!

  8. Chuck says

    The Goode Family is a great show. I just thought it got funnier and funnier with each episode I watched. The last show about Gerald’s “manliness” or lack thereof was hilarious. I sincerely hope it finds a new home deserving of it.

  9. Jeremiah says

    Well, looks like MIke Judge hit the nail on the head with his film, Idiocracy, and here is an example of it. I think the show could work well on Comedy Central OR Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. I think FOX should look at it as a replacement for King Of The Hill as well.

    It would be a shame to see it go away!

  10. EJ says

    It should definitely be back. ABC did zero promotion. Perhaps too much time spending a week shilling tor President Obama.

  11. Rene says

    I am deeply dissappointed to learn that ABC has cancelled the show. I was watching it religiously online, until ABC just took it off their site for free viewing! I mean, come on, seriously ABC? Don’t expect me to watch ABC again. As Scott says, all they are worried about is showing off attention whores who are rotting people’s brains into mush. Anyway, PLEASEEEEEEE bring back The Goode Family. Keep it going, at least 20 seasons, it’s good stuff!

  12. rj says

    This is great news. I would love to see it come back for season 2. It’s a great show and deserves a second season.know what about surviving surburbia.

  13. Scott says

    I think that cartoon network should pick the show up. They could air it on adult swim. This show deserves to continue on. The only reason it didn’t survive was because the only thing that mainstream America cares about is watching some attention ***** prance around on a reality series or some structured crime series. Its sad really. So thats why they could continue and im sure get as many viewers to watch it on adult swim. Mike Judge would probably have more freedom on adult swim anyways.

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