The Killing: Uncancelled Again, Netflix Orders Season Four

The Killing season threeThe Killing seems to be the luckiest TV show around.

Months after AMC cancelled the crime drama for a second time, Netflix has come to the rescue and picked The Killing up for a fourth and final season of six episodes. Stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are on board, as is showrunner Veena Sud. AMC is not connected with the new deal.

In a statement, Cindy Holland, vice president of original content for Netflix said, “The rich, serialized storytelling in The Killing thrives on Netflix, and we believe that it is only fitting to give Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder a proper send off… We are looking forward to offering fans — both existing and new — a series that we know is perfectly suited for on-demand viewing.”

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that The Killing has been revived for a second time or were you fine with it being cancelled? Will you be watching season four?

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  1. Carolyn says

    FANTASTIC! Suggestion: fire the canceler; give a raise to the uncanceler. Linden an Holder are the best team I’ve seen on tv in ages. Thanks Net Flix, you’re becoming my favorite source of entertainment!

  2. pinkypoo says

    Thank god! The way they ended season 3 made me crazy. I could not believe AMC was just going to leave the fans hanging like that…

  3. Heidi says

    Glad to see that someone is thinking in TV Land. The Killing is real, it’s gritty, it hooks you. Can’t say that for many shows. The characters are multi-faceted, the acting top rate. Thank you for renewing a fourth season….who knows, maybe it’ll go for round 5.

  4. Gail M Miller says

    I and so many people I know simply adore The Killing. I usually can figure out where plots are going and who is guilty. Not this show. It has surprise twists and turns. Endings you do not expect. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Please keep the show going. TOO MANY STUPID BORING SHOWS. Not enough quality. The killing is quality, stories and acting.

  5. Al says

    Yessss! Netflix is the bomb. Never had a Tv series wore such a contradictory title. Killed twice, reborn twice. At least we’ll have a proper send off, even if it’s only 6 episodes! Quality above all else.

  6. kendra says

    YEAH !!!! I am THRILLED Netflix picked up the killing……….the show is soooo worth another season……….I was so surprised that AMC didn’t have faith in this show…………..EXCELLENT acting….EXCELLENT writing……..LOVE the edgy dark storylines……………THANK YOU Netflix…cant wait til season 4 !!!!!

  7. mike rhyne says

    The Killing is a great show with great storylines. I cannot believe that this show is even in this situation. If AMC doesnt want it I would hope NBC, ABC, CBS, or even FOX would pick it up. It just needs a good spot and I think it would thrive. I couldnt be happier that there will be a season 4

  8. Pikachu says

    It’s pretty rare for TV shows to get cancelled, get uncancelled, get cancelled again, and then get uncancelled again. I find it strange…

  9. says

    I’m absolutely thrilled, couldn’t be happier! The Killing is the type of quality programming that networks often cancel due to low ratings in the younger demographic group. And they are canceled before writers are able to give viewers a satisfactory conclusion to the series. Now I am even more of a Netflix fan and thank you very much.

  10. Jennifer says

    The Killing is one of the luckiest shows, I agree. It’s a great show with strong writing and wonderful actors. As a fan, I will admit that taking two seasons for the Rosie Larson case was inexcusable when one would have been more than efficient. Stretching the case into two seasons left too much room for filler and the writers definitely fell into that trap. That being said, I greatly enjoyed the third season and am most definitely looking forward to the fourth and final season of the series. Thank you very much Netflicks for saving The Killing. This news makes me hopeful that Netflicks will try to save/resurrect other truly fine shows that the networks gave up on too soon.

  11. Samara says

    I am so thrilled! This series is so well done that it should never have been cancelled, either time! I will watch every single episode they are willing to give us!

  12. says

    Great news!! Having The Killing come back for another season is awesome. The Killing was one of the best written and acted dramas and it was a real shame when AMC cancelled it. Thank you NETFLIX for having the vision to bring back one FANTASTIC SHOW!!! I certainly am looking firward to great writing, great actor and more fantastic story telling. NETFLIX if you have it in your power bring COPPER to your betwork from BBCA, that was another great series!!

    A message to AMC and BBCA, stop with the short sighted vision, both The Killing and COPPER are INCREDIBLE, QUALITY Programs. Don’t let the ratings dictate the cancellation of wonderful, quality programming for idiot reality shows like Honey Boo Boo and other crappy, reality programming.

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