The Whole Truth: ABC Pulls Cancelled TV Show Again

The Whole TruthLast week, ABC aired the first original installment of The Whole Truth in five weeks, since October 27th. The ratings-challenged show was bumped from the November sweeps schedule and cancelled in late October.

The Whole Truth’s ratings were anything but positive last Wednesday with it ranking a distant third place in the timeslot. Opposite Law & Order: Los Angeles and The Grammy Nomination Concert special, the legal drama attracted just a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 3.65 million viewers. That represents a new series low for the Rob Morrow/Maura Tierney drama.

ABC had intended to burn off at least four more episodes throughout the month of December but this poor showing has convinced the programmers to change their plans. The Whole Truth has been pulled from the schedule and replaced with repeats for the immediate future.

On December 8th, Modern Family and Cougar Town repeats will fill the slot. On December 15th and 29th, Cougar Town encores will take over. And, on December 22nd, ABC will rebroadcast the CMA Country Christmas special. It’s unclear what will air on January 5th but a new drama, Off the Map, will debut on January 12th.

There are seven unaired episodes of The Whole Truth left on the shelf. It’s unclear when or if ABC will decide to air them at some point in the future.

What do you think? Will ABC get around to airing the rest of The Whole Truth episodes? During the summer, released online, or never?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Ericka says

    I also loved this show and was wondering when it was going to reappear. I am extremely disappointed that this clever law show has been cancelled. I agree that it might just do better on a different day or time slot and also hope that some other station sees how great this show is and will pick it up soon.

  2. Kathy says

    I enjoyed this show very much. I am a big fan of Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow. I liked the way you found out if the verdict was correct or not. I am really sorry this got cancelled as two of my favorites old christine and medium have also been cancelled. Please give this one a chance as I think it was not given one.

  3. Tracy says

    I LOVED THIS SHOW & am so disappointed. I liked how both sides were shown & how you found out the truth at the end, sometimes showing that justice got it wrong. Hope another network picks it up but at least show the final 5 episodes. Don’t think it was given enough of a chance & it didn’t help that they let 5 weeks go by before showing another episode, plus even before that they would often skip a week.

  4. Cathy says

    LOVED this show, although I always watched it later on U-verse. Particularly liked the summation at the end…to see if the verdict was “truth” or not. BRING THIS ONE BACK!

  5. gen says

    I’m really sorry The Whole Truth was cancelled. It seems every time they put on a show thats good it gets cancelled. The stories were good the actors and actresses were great and the whole concept of the show was enjoyable. There seems to be less and less to watch unless your into talent competations or reality. Good dramas are few and far between.

  6. ELLEN says


  7. Lee says

    I loved this show. It was different, you know? The way that it was layed out, the prosectuions view, to the defence’s view, to the truth. You dont get shows like that anymore. All you ever get are CSIs, Law and Orders, NCIS’… nothing new. This was new and very well done from the story line to characters. I hope you release the last few shows and consider brining it back out.

  8. ed miller says

    The Whole Truth was a well done show and gave people something different to watch that was not a Law and Order show. The actors and writing were very well done. Hope you run the episodes not showen sometime in the future. There is nothing wrong with having a different show on your network that is not the same as that on another network. Don’t be afraid to be different and add a little diversity for you fans to watch.

  9. Dougus says

    I thoroughly enjoyed “The Whole Truth.” The cast had great chemistry. I think the plot lines were great. Maybe the only detraction was the MTV video style of the quick cuts and flashy type editing was a bit distracting. My only thought is that the style of editing could be tweaked a bit and change the time slot to another until the show gets a stronger and larger fan base, then change the time slot to go up against an established show. “Numbers” and “ER” fans will tune in to see Rob Marrow and Maura Tierney. I was a huge fan of “Numbers,” which I DVR’d (and still do, to see some of the older episodes I missed from years past. I liked “ER,” but lost interest towards the end of the series. Unlike “Numbers,” I believe “ER” ran its course and I was fine with it ending. Much like “The Whole Truth,” “Numbers” was cut too soon. If “The Whole Truth” is not picked up by another network, I hope that ABC will air the unseen episodes and maybe run it as a summer series in a effort to restart the clock, so to speak, and give the show a second chance. As a simple observer, I believe the fans, the cast, crew and advertisers deserve a second look at “The Whole Truth.”

  10. Laura says

    awesome show – but I have no time to watch TV at night – so I watched it on Hulu
    Really interesting idea where it showed both sides of the story.

  11. Rose says

    I really liked this show. Sorry to see that it has been cancelled. The ability to see both sides and then to “know” the real truth was great!

  12. Kristy says

    Loved the show. Different (in a good way) than other crime dramas. Exciting to see two sides of every story develop, with guaranteed delivery of “the whole truth” at the end of every episode. Eye-opening and educational concept demonstrated how easily the facts can be misinterpreted or misrepresented, and how critical (and imperfect) the justice system is in sorting thru those facts in search of the truth.

  13. Summer says

    I too have a crazy schedule but always watched it on line. I was hoping maybe it was just on hiatus until after Christmas. I wish they would at least post the additional episodes on line.

  14. Ken Goffee says

    Loved the show. I have never voiced my opinion in any way before. The show was a great concept. Hope some other station picks it up.

  15. Rose Simpkins says

    I loved the show…busy with work I never got to watch it when it aired….I had to watch it online later in the week but I thought it was an awesome show…I’ve been looking and waiting for new episodes and have been confused why there havn’t been any. Definately bummed.

    • Mary Lou says

      I also agree. This show was awesome. I have been wondering why it has not been on and came across the post that it was cancelled. Are they crazy? Maura T and Rob Marror were great and it had such a good plot. I hope they bring it back- Maybe try a different night- it can make the difference. Thanks

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