Round One: What Top TV Show Should Be Cancelled?

Popular TV showsHas your favorite TV show been cancelled? Has it been pit up against a big successful show on another network and been decimated in the ratings? If so, well this is your chance for a little revenge.

If you were given god-like powers over all things TV, which show would you cancel and immediately take off the air, never to be seen again? Which one has been on too long or just needs to go?

Is it a reality show juggernaut like American Idol, The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, and Survivor or long-running scripted fare like Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and CSI?

Which show would you love to see cancelled?

  • Vampire Diaries (5%)
  • Two and a Half Men (3%)
  • Survivor (5%)
  • Supernatural (0%)
  • Sunday Night Football (1%)
  • Smallville (2%)
  • The Simpsons (2%)
  • Private Practice (1%)
  • The Office (2%)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles (0%)
  • NCIS (0%)
  • Modern Family (1%)
  • The Mentalist (0%)
  • Lost (1%)
  • Law & Order: SVU (0%)
  • Law & Order (1%)
  • How I Met Your Mother (0%)
  • House (1%)
  • Heroes (7%)
  • Grey's Anatomy (3%)
  • The Good Wife (1%)
  • Glee (2%)
  • Family Guy (2%)
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (1%)
  • Desperate Housewives (2%)
  • Dancing with the Stars (3%)
  • CSI: NY (1%)
  • CSI: Miami (5%)
  • CSI (1%)
  • Criminal Minds (0%)
  • Cougar Town (1%)
  • The Cleveland Show (2%)
  • Brothers & Sisters (1%)
  • The Biggest Loser (2%)
  • The Big Bang Theory (0%)
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette (14%)
  • America's Got Talent (2%)
  • American Idol (16%)
  • American Dad (1%)
  • The Amazing Race (2%)
  • 60 Minutes (1%)
  • 30 Rock (3%)
  • 24 (2%)

Total Votes: 1,105

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Well, here’s your chance to have your say.

You may vote only once. We’re doing this “smackdown” style though so you’ll also be able to vote in the next round.

At the end of the week, we’ll take the top “winners” and pit them against one another. Then, in round three, we’ll take the top two shows and they can duke it out for the title of “Most Hated, Popular Show on Television.”

Which show’s popularity don’t you get and just plain drives you crazy?

Vote and then comment below. Tell the world why your choice deserves to win. Who knows? You could help sway some network executive’s opinion!

UPDATE: This round has been closed. Head on over to round two

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  1. Steven says

    I HATE American Idol. Singing is a great thing but when somebody is trying to give it all they’ve got and those judges make fun of them and act like they’re better, it makes me mad. I’d ;love to see Simon Cowell try to sing. I’d snipe the moron.

  2. deidre says

    @admin: well i hate that show period i hate sophia bush i mean if you like her then fine but i think she’s been a snobb since the show even came on. the show’s been on long enough. it’s time for it to go off now. if it doesn’t then i might email the presdient of the network dawn ostroff to make her take it off

  3. says

    I wonder if this new poll will help the GOOD canceled shows come back on the tele. I mean, come on i’m in Barbados for pete’s sake…………. Doesn’t the rest of the have a right to want these GOOD shows back on? Doesn’t our vote count?

    • says

      @deidre: Sorry, some shows were omitted. If enough people comment that they feel as you do, we can add it (or any other show) to the next round.

  4. leslie says

    like others, i would have liked to vote for those that i would like to see saved (or have been saved) rather than those i wish cancelled (& with the chek box method rather the “radio”(?) method–i couldnt even tell if my vote registered!). also i’d agree with josh that let your remote be your voting machine. with that being said though…. i would love to see almost every “reality” show be cancelled…..they are the farthest thing from “reality”! lets put bachelor at the top of the list & then shows like survivor & amazing race etc etc. I wouldnt have such ill feelings about them if excellent & critically acclaimed shows like boston legal, reaper, pushing daisies, eli stone, dirty sexy money, kyle xy, invasion, men in trees, the 4400 weren’t being cancelled in favor of the “cheaper to produce” garbage that they put in in their place! aargh!!!!! and the shorter seasons & such LONG hiatuses is the death nell for many shows because people loose track of them & the storyline (that usually ended in a cliff hanger) over such a long period of time–that is a no brainer!!! who is making such stupid decisions anyway?! heaven help us. and lastly i hear that if u tivo or record your programs (as so any people do these days) then it isnt even recognized that they are being watched!—there has got to be a “fix” for that! how do the networks even know how many people are watching any particular show–is it a tiny percentage of people in the neilsens ratings program or what–how does “big brother” know anyway???? i would gladly have my viewing (& recording) habits monitored so i know my “vote” counted!!! comments anyone???

    • says

      @leslie: We’re planning to do more polls like this. One that focuses on which shows you wish weren’t cancelled will surely be among them.

  5. Karen says

    and Dave I have to agree with you about Ghost Whisperer. Once they killed off the best friend the show changed. The nail in the coffin for me was the whole trippy fast-forward-in-time now-poof-they-have-a-10-year-old-kid thing. I think they “jumped the shark” when the best friend died.

  6. Karen says

    well gee, I wish I would have read I could have voted for more than one before I voted…theres about 10 I would like to see cancelled, hmm make that 13. Actually it would be easier to vote for the shows I DON’T want to be cancelled. T.V. sucks anymore, just a rehash of the same old crap and reality shows. snoozefest.
    cancel them all and let the network gods sort them out!

  7. Josh says

    This is a horrible poll…Why wish cancellation for a show that we aren’t forced to see… Someting we might hate might be loved by someone else or the other way round…

  8. says

    I loved moonlight, reaper, bigshots, dirtysexymoney,aliens in America & I liked the idea of Dexter coming on CBS. I hate the biggest loser & jay leno very much. I want ENTERTAINMENT. Just so you know, supernatural & vampire diaries ROCKKK

  9. Dave says

    I voted to axe American Idol as I feel it has run it’s course; but the show I really wish would get canceledis Ghost Whisperer, it started out fairly decent but after killing off her best friend and then Ned changeing from a grade school kid to a high school kid with no explanation. Then there was the whole Jim/Sam thing, and now they have jumped about 5 years into the future and and have that creepy kid. This show has been trying everything to be something that people will want to watch but is failing miserably. They should cancel this crappy show and bring back Joan of Arcadia which was the awesome show that it replaced.

  10. says

    I was going for “The young and the restless”, but since you didn’t include it to you poll, I chose “Grey’s Anatomy”.
    It has become very boring, especially after Denny Duquette died and Izzie started losing it.
    Also at this scenario I can add the exit of Dr. Preston Burke from the show, who played a great role.

  11. robycop3 says

    “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” just plain SUX. Everyone knows it’s phony as a $3 bill. Who could be themselves on a date with cameras & their operators following their every move, recording their every word? And besides that, outside the participants’ families, WHO CARES about who’s dating whom? Who gives a flying farky about some stranger’s love/social life?
    This garbage has been on the air TOO LONG now, and it’s time to stop wasting air time on this trash. I certainly don’t waste any viewing time on it; I’d sooner watch an old CONELRAD test pattern. far as I’m concerned, this junque can’t depart too soon!

  12. says

    I could only vote for one…. I would have loved to vote for more, but you used radio instead of check box… Add CougarTown and Modern Family to my votes…

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