Two and a Half Men: Will Charlie Sheen’s Problems Cause the Show to be Cancelled?

Two and a Half MenActor Charlie Sheen has voluntarily entered a rehab facility, following the actor’s highly publicized legal problems. As you may recall, Sheen allegedly threatened his wife, Brooke Mueller, by holding a knife to her throat in Colorado on Christmas Day 2009. He was charged with second-degree assault and menacing and was subsequently released on $8,500 bail. He’s scheduled to return to a Colorado court on March 15th.

Sheen didn’t come to work yesterday and a statement was released a couple hours after he didn’t show up for work today. Sheen’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield, released this brief quote, “As a preventative measure, Charlie Sheen has entered a rehabilitation facility. He will take some time off his series Two and a Half Men. He has asked that his privacy be honored. No further statements are planned.”

Sheen’s absence is said to be unexpected by CBS and the show’s producers. Production had been business as usual since the cast and crew returned from their winter break.

The cast and crew of Two and a Half Men were supposedly scheduled to film their 18th of 24 episodes for this season. It’s unknown how long Sheen will be out of commission but this could potentially lead to a shortened season for the hit CBS sitcom.

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It seems unlikely at this point however that Sheen’s problems will result in the show being cancelled or going off the air. Sheen has had several well-publicized problems in the past and they don’t seem to have affected the series’ ratings.

Sheen is currently the highest paid actor on television and is paid more that $800,000 per episode. It’s a hugely successful program for Warner Bros. Television and for CBS so neither will willingly let it go. It’s already been renewed through the 2011-12 season.

A joint statement of support from CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler, Warner Bros. President Peter Roth, and executive producer Chuck Lorre said, “CBS, Warner Bros. Television and Chuck Lorre support Charlie Sheen in his decision today to begin voluntary in-patient care at a treatment center… We wish him nothing but the best as he deals with this personal matter. Production on Two and a Half Men will be temporarily suspended.”

What do you think? Will Sheen’s personal problems lead to the cancellation of the sitcom or is this just another temporary bump in the road?

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  1. robin says

    Man i will be SOOOOOOO angry if two and a half men is canceled. This is one of the funniest shows known to man!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what i would do if i didn’t have a new episode to watch every Monday!!!!!!! ): please do not end the show PLEASE!!!!!!!

  2. Dean Chaban says

    The facts of the case in CO are murky at best. His wife had a very high alchohol content and his was less than .02 which showed that he was in control and she wasn’t for whatever reason.

    CO has one of he toughest domestic laws on the books when it comes to abusing or alleged abusing of women. Even if Charlie was defending himself as most claim, and she wanted to drop the charges as was reported, the DA has to pursue the case with the understanding that she might be under duress from the hubby to drop the charges.

    I think he’s in rehab to try to mitigate the charges and I hope it works because I love the show even though Sheen is starting to look very worn and there is little left to talk about in relation to the show. Love Chuck Lorre and his life’s path and would hate to see him lose this show as this one and “The Big Bang Theory” are my favorite shows for their humor.

    Hope they work this out.

  3. Brian says

    You did not just compare Charlie Sheen to Chris Brown.

    Charlie is the show, I watch it when I can (it comes on at a great time). Alan and his kid are alright; it has been pretty funny to see the kid change shapes throughout the show. But the point is Charlie is the show.

    Also, there is other material staying Sheen has been wanting out for over a year b/c he wants to go back into acting in movies. Personal problems aside, he is a compelling actor (and a funny guy) to watch.

  4. maria says

    Charlie has made some bad choices ..but you knew who he was when you hired him,keep the show believe me if its bad the veiwers will let you know.

  5. says

    its odd. A judge in wilkes barre pa gets nailed for trying to strangle his wife while he was wasted. Charges filed then dismissed because his wife refused to testify. charges refiled by the da. Now judge will have all charges dismissed if he goes to a fast paced treatment program and will be returned to the bench upon completion.

  6. Mary says

    I’ve been watching this show since it started
    it is one of the more consistant shows on rite
    now Charlie Sheen has made some bad choices in his
    life but the cast n crew should not all lose their jobs because
    of Charlies issues in his personal life! It is an entertaining
    show and less and until ratings drop and storylines
    get boring I say don’t cancel Two and a Half Men!!

  7. says

    Just like the whole Aerosmith thing with Steven supposetly leaving the band, this is just like that. To stir everyone up, try to boost the appeal to everyone.

  8. helen says

    Even if Charlie Sheen screws up the show and does not return. I do not think that cbs should cancel it. I would like to know still see more of Alan and Jake and their is a good ensemble cast. Maybe Judith could throw herb out and divorce him and Herb can move in with Alan and Jake. I think that would be a interesting story line.

  9. EO says

    You shouldn’t let what happened between Charlie and his wife stop yourself from watching the show. It is an amazing show, and I strongly believe that it won’t be cancelled. Why would Sheen want to leave if he’s the highest paid actor? It will come back on. Yes Chelsea is gone. I hate her.

  10. GM says

    I think before you jump to conclusions you should get all the facts. I’m not sure what happened on Christmas Day between the Sheens, but it certainly sounds like they were both out of control. One account I read had Charlie defending himself from her drunken attack, and everyone is allowed to defend themselves even when the attacker is female. Tiger Woods’ wife attacked him with a golf club; if that’s all we knew wouldn’t we be judging her pretty harshly? (Not that I condone physical violence by anyone–a cheating husband does not give you license to swing a club at his head.)

  11. goddessvixen7 says

    My husband and I watched the show alot. We even watched the reruns on Fox. However when we heard about Charlie Sheen beign arrested for abuse toward his wife we stopped watching the show. I can’t give a paycheck to someone that hit women. That would like patting him and Chris Brown on the back and saying nothing you do has reprussion. Even if you are a set of monsters that beat women.

  12. Sean says

    I honestly hope this show ends after this year, even though it’s been renewed. It’s not that I’m not a fan, I’ve loved this show since the beginning, but unless they get rid of Chelsea, they’re going to lose one of the biggest points in the series’ structure. A lot of Charlie’s subplots have involved the women he’s sleeping with, and if he marries Chelsea it all stops there. He loves her too much to cheat on her.
    In the terms of the ratings, I think nothing much will happen. The fans of the show are going to stick around to see how the story continues, if not for Charlie then for Alan and Jake. That’s what I think will save the show: the ensemble cast. If it was reliant simply on Sheen, then it might tank in ratings, but the group of characters who carry the storylines is the show’s saving grace in this situation.

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