Allen Gregory: Has FOX Cancelled the Animated Series?

Allen Gregory canceled?FOX has released their new schedule for mid-season and Allen Gregory wasn’t on it. What does this mean? Has the animated series been cancelled?

Allen Gregory revolves around an arrogant and delusional seven-year-old, Allen Gregory De Longpre (Jonah Hill), who’s being raised by his persnickety father, Richard (French Stewart), and his father’s hunky life partner, Jeremy (Nat Faxon). Neither Allen Gregory nor his father are fond of adopted Cambodian daughter Julie (Joy Osmanski). Because of the recession, Allen Gregory is forced to start attending a public elementary school. He meets his best friend/personal servant Patrick (Christina Puccelli), his idol Joel (Jake Johnson), and his crush, the school’s senior citizen principal (RenĂ©e Taylor)

Following a slew of negative reviews, the series debuted on October 30th. It attracted a 2.4 in the 18-49 demographic with 4.77 million total viewers putting it in last place for its timeslot. The series tied with The Cleveland Show as FOX’s lowest-rated show of the night and was even out-performed by a repeat of The Simpsons. This certainly wasn’t an auspicious beginning. A year earlier in the same timeslot, an episode of The Cleveland Show performed 30% better.

Allen Gregory fell by nearly 13% in week two and still hasn’t stopped falling. This week’s installment fell an amazing 21% in the demo, hitting a new series low of a 1.5 in the demo and 3.18 million viewers. It currently ranks 12th out of 13 scripted shows on the network, beating only Fringe which airs on Friday nights. It has “D+” demo grade on the network report card and, the way things are going, it won’t take long for that grade to drop even lower.

FOX ordered just seven installments of Allen Gregory and, the way things have gone, they’re very likely glad they didn’t ask for any more. There are two episodes left to air and they’ll be finished airing by December 11th. The network could run repeats after that but may decide to run something else. New episodes of Allen Gregory have done so poorly that its hard to imagine that reruns wouldn’t do even worse.

FOX hasn’t officially cancelled Allen Gregory and has no reason to announce it if they did, at least until the show’s off the schedule. If they did, the ratings would only go down.

They’ve made no mention of putting new episodes into production — even though they ordered additional scripts way back in July. Animated shows need a longer lead time for production so FOX has often handed out very early renewals. Not so in this case.

In the end, it makes no sense for FOX to renew the Allen Gregory show for a second season. It’s performed very poorly and the network has plenty of better-performing animated fare.

But, what do you think? Do you like the series? Do you think it should it be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I absolutely LOVE the show. Always looking forward to the next show
    & I’m very dissapointed to hear it may be cancelled

  2. Danny V. says

    I love this show. I don’t see why it got cancelled. I don’t see why that one guy who left a comment said “it dosent even compare to family guy” like why does it have to compare to family guy? That just goes to show that the loser who said that is sooo stuck on family guy jock and he need to get off it. Allen Gregory had it’s own style, humor , and way about it, I think this show had so much potential but the stupid fox network didn’t want to give it its time to shine because it’s not a Seth Mcfarlen show, I mean look at “the Clevlend show” it’s doing terrible and yet it continues and as it continues it fails more and more. I say renew it and come up with better advertisements so people can get to like it

  3. Jackie says

    First, whoever ran advertising and promotions needs to know that they didn’t do crap for this show, and this is part of the reason why it’s getting its downfalls and bad ratings. Second, I personally like this show a lot. It had a very different storyline, let alone, the humor in it. Allen Gregory doesn’t have to be like other FOX comedy shows, and if the staff and FOX’s viewers want things that way, that’s lame. I think this show definitely deserves a rerun.

  4. Dean says

    Since the entire country is too stupid to get it, maybe you and the writers of Allan Gregory can get together and swap witty and intelligent quips on Twitter. I guess all those illiterate critics who hated the show should all turn in their degrees.

  5. Boyce says

    This is the funniest show … Why is it getting cancelled!? If only people understood the humor it’s trying to show….. He’s a very similar character as played in that movie (Cyrus with John C. Reilly) .. Hilarious! If anyone saw it they should get it…. Goddamn..
    The jokes are beyond that of Family Guy and the likes and people need to give it more of a chance.
    I hope the renew it for at least one more go.
    All I want for Christmas is some more Allen Gregory!

  6. Loken4Lve says

    This show sucks. I will be so glad if they did cancel it. It doesnt even compare to family guy, or even the simpsons. This show needs to be bared from the air waves nothing about it is even FUNNY.

  7. says

    This is one of the only websites where I’ve seen comments in favor of Allen Gregory. I agree at least some of the bad press is related to having gay main characters, but even if you are open-minded and a full-scale liberal, isn’t it a little weird that some of the only high-profile (albeit fictional) gay characters on TV would have been a narcissistic ********* and a clueless (albeit well-meaning) guy with Stockholm Syndrome?

    Allen Gregory wasn’t so much subtle and witty as it was pointless and vicious, and blaming social conservatives for its precipitous fall just doesn’t hold water Sure, there are zombie shows like The Simpsons people could complain about, but Allen Gregory doesn’t make for a replacement. It’s not even as funny as recent Family Guy, which doesn’t set a very high bar.

  8. Zoe Michael says

    As the fresh prince put it, “Parents just don’t understand” and really how could they? Destined to failure due to a ****** time slot, Allen Gregory was doomed to a clandestine future because of the decisions made by fox and the meatheads who run this “network.”. How could a network that airs pre teen “gold” such as the fan favorite, glee, expect to reach a critical mass of audience with such a gem in the rough as Allen Gregory. This show is hilarious and needs to be given a fair shot on a network and a timeslot that will hook the 18 to 25 demographic, a generation that can appreciate sarcastic, line crossing and yes, even obnoxious humor that is displayed by the outrageous cast of characters. The older generation that watches fox on a Sunday night at 8 only to numb their minds to sleep in preparation for an early work day could not fully appreciate such an engaging show. So for the fox exec who may or may not be reading this out there, start making decisions with your brain and not your pocket, as the profits will come with strategic and well thought out planning.

  9. Drew Fromer says

    I’m a student at Tulane university. I found out about Allen Gregory via twitter (@JonahHill). Allen Gregory is simply the best show. I think the reason for low ratings are
    1) Not enough publicity and
    2) Ignorance is not always bliss. The jokes on Allen Gregory are subtle and witty, often sarcastic. For the less knowledgable they may be hard to understand; even hard to catch. But please, whoever is reading this and has a say in airing a second season, dont burden the rest of us; the knowledgable, the ones who ‘get it’, the ones whos lives are enhanced by these half hour segments of comedic bliss. Allen Gregory is a diamond hidden in the rough world of television. Give it a chance, and get a better promotional team, because this show is too good, dare I repeat myself TOO GOOD, to go to waste.

  10. The Knower says

    This was the best show to come to TV since Family Guy! Everybody has there own opinion but mine is that there’s simply alot worse shows out there on basic cable than this. They should have started it on comedy central like South Park. If South Park started out on Fox it would have bombed too. Whos watching Fox 11 anyway on a Sunday night besides parents and families! Of course it didn’t do well! Parents see an openly gay couple raising an obvious closet case child!?! Of course they’d change the channel! That would mean America would have to talk to there kids! Seriously? This show because of its time slot and channel was destined to fail from the start. Are they having interns make decisions at Fox now? Somebody should be fired over this! At the very least be escorted off the lot for letting the Cleveland Show happen. Who’s brilliant idea was it to give the most boring character on Family Guy his own show? I watched it for about 33 seconds before my faith in television was lost forever. My point is that Allen Gregory deserves more time!!! You seldomly come across an original comedy like this and Fox would be really stupid to let this one go just to see blow up ratings on another network. It’ll just be money “out” there pocket.

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