Animal Practice: PETA Claims Victory Over Sitcom Cancellation

Though some fans may miss NBC’s cancelled sitcom, Animal Practice, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are rejoicing. A celebration was held at PETA’s Bob Barker Building in Los Angeles.

Here’s a statement from the organization’s website:

Animal advocates, it’s time to break out the bubbly. After pressure from PETA and tens of thousands of our members and supporters, NBC has pulled the plug on its cruel show, Animal Practice…

The only thing funny about this “sitcom” was its laughable ratings. By not tuning in, viewers told NBC that they weren’t interested in watching animals dressed up and made to perform cheap tricks—animals who had been torn away from their mothers as babies and subjected to cruel training methods and unnatural living conditions.

Even before the first episode aired, PETA showed NBC that if the network wanted to broadcast cruelty, it was going to have a rocky road ahead of it. We wrote to NBC and the show’s producers and explained how wild animals suffer in the entertainment industry. We kept the heat on by asking advertisers to pull their support, organizing demonstrations, sending an urgent action alert to our members and supporters, and enlisting primate experts to speak out about how the portrayal of monkeys as “pets” leads irresponsible people to acquire them on a whim. And it worked.

NBC will air the three remaining episodes of Animal Practice that have already been filmed. Then viewers can rest assured that cruelty to animals won’t be part of the Wednesday night TV lineup.


What do you think? Do you think that PETA’s actions caused or contributed to the sitcom’s cancellation? Was it just the low ratings?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lee says

    Well now that I understand that PETA is possiblly responsible for the cancellation of Animal Practice I am saddened by the knee jerk reaction to a show that had a chance to get people to elevate to human beings. Instead of canceling the show it could have beene a great oppurtunity to expand the percepton of animals as sentient beings. PETA failed big time . Though I have been proud of; peta work getting out videos of barbaric practices used in industrial holocaust of farm animals as well as in “training” for entertainment induztry they in their ferver has overlooked a unique oppurtunity to inform and sway more people to become human by seeing and hearing about these atrocities. PETA lost a significant chance to improve the lives of animals used in entertainment industry.

  2. Jodi says

    Give me a break, PETA! This show was not the best, but is wasn’t the worst. And, it certainly didn’t have ANYTHING to do with animal cruelty! Gee, I used to watch Mad About You, and I really don’t think that the dog playing Murray was tortured. Was Lassie treated badly? Or maybe the makeup artists used extra makeup to cover the bruises by their handlers or the actors so the viewer couldn’t see it??? Ridiculous! Maybe you should sue every single producer/director/actor/animal trainer because they want to feature animals in their productions. And, shame on the Two Broke Girls….they are probably force-feeding cupcakes to that horse on the show! LOL I think a show that should be banned is Toddlers & Tiaras. THAT is cruelty to children!

  3. robycop3 says

    To us Christians, ONE human life is more-important than those of all the animals, birds, & fish on the planet. That show was cancelled due to POOR RATINGS, not anything peta did.
    BTW, at last report, Cheetah, the chimp in the Tarzan flix starring Johnny Weismuller, was still living, age 78. Any peta wackos know of any 78-yr. old chimps in the wild?

  4. Samara says

    What is wrong with you people?!! PETA is a fantastic organization! The real “idiots” are people who are okay with animal abuse!! I am elated that this show is cancelled! I have been fighting to end it, along with a lot of other wonderful people! Animals do NOT deserve to be treated inhumanely, and they should have the same rights us!

    YAY PETA!!!!!!!! Thank-you for helping us help the animals!!!

    • Atlas says

      PETA is a joke. They have no proof or information to back up any of there ridiculous claims, they make up or extremely exaggerate most of their information, and they have terrible campaigns that sexualize women and in one campaign ad, they mocked a man who was attacked by a shark. They compare the AKC (American Kennel Club) to the KKK and say that animals view humans as Nazis. It’s just a bunch of bitter vegans trying to take over the world. And how can you say animals hate humans when animals literally don’t even think? They don’t even know what is going on around them, all they know is to eat, mate, and stay alive. So freaking calm down.

  5. Daniel says

    You may try to do good, but PETA you are idiots! The show was fine. Stop trying to ruin other peoples’ jobs by protesting this, and protest things that are actually stupid (ie. CISPA, Romney’s plan to cancel Pell Grants if elected, etc.)

  6. Daniel says

    You may try to do good, but PETA you are idiots! The show was fine. Stop trying to ruin other peoples’ jobs by protesting this, and protest things that are actually stupid (ie. CISPA, Romney’s plan to cancel Pell Grants if elected, etc.)

  7. Lori says

    PETA needs to shut up. Whatever they did to show their displeasure for this show had nothing to do with it’s cancellation. It was cancelled because it wasn’t a good show.

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