As the World Turns

as the world turns tv showNetwork: CBS
Episodes: 13,858 (1956-75: half-hour, 1976-2010: hour)
Seasons: 54

TV show dates: October 3, 1961 — September 17, 2010
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Helen Wagner, Maura West, Michael Park, Roger Howarth, Terri Colombino, Marie Wilson, Grayson McCouch, Jon Hensley, Kelley Menighan Hensley, Trent Dawson, Jennifer Landon, Jesse Lee Soffer, Ellen Dolan, Colleen Zenk Pinter, Van Hansis, Martha Byrne, Don Hastings, Mick Hazen, Elizabeth Hubbard, Austin Peck, Alexandra Chando, Marnie Schulenburg, Zach Roerig, Ewa Da Cruz, Mark Collier, Noelle Beck, Scott Holmes, Jennifer Ferrin, Julie Pinson, Jake Silbermann, Kathryn Hays, Jon Lindstrom, Marie Masters, Billy Magnussen, Elena Goode, Cady McClain, Kathleen Widdoes, Paolo Seganti, Meredith Hagner, Kin Shriner, Agim Kaba, Benjamin Hendrickson, Paul Leyden, Ashley Greiner, Allie Gorenc, Dylan Bluestone, Eileen Fulton, Scott Bryce, Terri Garber, Justine Cotsonas, Jordana Brewster, Dylan Bruce, Spencer Grammer, Jeffrey Meek, Daniel Manche, Chauntee Schuler, Hunt Block, Dylan Denton, Lesli Kay, Jordan Woolley, Napiera Groves, Tamara Tunie, Bailey Harkins, Jon Prescott, Jessica Dunphy, Jake Weary, Alyssa Diaz, and Ellery Capshaw.

TV show description:      
The creation of Irna Phillips, this long-running soap opera takes place in the fictional community of Oakdale, Illinois. When the program began, it favored character development and psychological realism over melodrama. The stories move at the same pace as life itself, just as the world turns.

The show began revolving mainly around the upper middle-class Hughes family but over time has grown to focus on others as well. The self-made Stewart brood frequently clashes with the Hughes, both professionally and personally. The country Snyder clan has had its own share of entertaining clashes and successes as they mingle with the townies of Oakdale. Finally, the sophisticated and worldly Ryan family; a brood of flawed angels and devils whose passionate value of family often leads them into dangerous territory.

Despite the program’s reputation for being conservative, it was the first soap opera to have a regular character give birth to a child out of wedlock and to feature an openly gay character as a regular. The soap also became well known for its performers staying with the program for many years. Helen Wagner, who played matriarch Nancy Hughes in the first episode, played the role for almost the entire run of the series, until her death in May 2010.

Series Finale:     
Episode #13,858
Bob packs up his office before he and Kim move to Arizona. As he does, he reflects on his life and long career as a doctor in this town. Alison wakes Casey up on the day they move to Carbondale. Chris proposes to Katie, and she accepts. Holden goes fishing with Ethan. Tom and Margo, and Chris and Katie agree to swap houses — one for a (hopefully) growing family and one for a pair of new empty-nesters.

Dusty and Janet introduce Jack and Carly to their baby, Lorenzo Dustin Donovan. Jack and Carly are almost a trimester into Carly’s pregnancy and Sage can’t wait to announce it. Faith gets Parker to supervise her driving, but she speeds and gets them into trouble. Parker tries to take the heat for it, and Jack and Carly see themselves in the teens.

Luke is bereft after the loss of Reid, but he finds some solace in his family, especially Natalie. Paul wants out of his business with Barbara. He and Emily are surprised when Henry and Barbara meet them for dinner and Barbara wants out, too. It looks like Lily and Holden will find their way back to each other.

Craig wants the same for himself and Rosanna, whom Johnny is excited to see. Lucinda and John are once again a couple and Lisa supports them.

Kim gives Bob all the time he needs in his office. Filled with emotion, Bob packs his nameplate in his briefcase, and moves towards the door. He looks back at the desk and says “good night” (the first words spoken in the series were “good morning”). He turns out the light and leaves. A spotlight comes up on the globe on his desk and the world starts turning as the scene fades to black.
You can watch the last episode here.
First aired: September 17, 2010.


What do you think? Do you like the As the World Turns TV series? Do you with that it had continued? Were you satisfied by the series finale?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tina says

    This was another one of my favorite soaps . I hated to see it go,but would LOVE to see it and Guiding Light to return ine day in the future! HOPEFULLY

  2. Gerttie says

    I watched this show for many years, but not from the beginning. I wish there was a way to watch it from the beginning. Is tere?

  3. says


  4. Bonnie says

    Ok, I’ve seen The Talk, the show that replaced As The World Turns. It’s time to bring As The World Turns back. Nothing can replace it.

  5. kelly norton-howard says

    just another example of changes and endings-i’m sorry but i find it quite sad.why can’t SOME things stay the same?

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