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As the World Turns: Watch the Last Episode; What Did You Think?

As the World TurnsAfter 54 years on the air and 13,858 episodes, As the World Turns has ended.

The last installment aired this afternoon and was filled with closure. Doctor Bob Hughes (Don Hastings) retired from the hospital , Barbara (Colleen Zenk) dissolved her partnership with Paul (Roger Howarth), Casey (Billy Magnussen) left for law school, Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) proposed to Katie (Terri Colombino), Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard) and John (Larry Bryggman) got back together, and Janet (Julie Pinson) asked Jack (Michael Park) to be Lorenzo’s godfather.

It seemed like everyone’s storyline was wrapped up in some way, except for Luke (Van Hansis). As fans are well aware, he lost Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) last week and yesterday, said goodbye to Noah (Jake Silbermann). The closest he got was to be able to use Reid’s stethoscope to listen to Reid’s heart, now pumping in Chris’ body.

If you missed the farewell episode, here it is…

What do you think? Are you satisfied by the final episode, “The World Stops Turning”? Is there anything you would have done differently?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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cheryl March 1, 2014 at 3:03 pm

i must say I was very disappointed to see such a wonderful show end yet they still have y a r that to me is the show that should have been canceal.


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