Awake: Will It Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

Awake to be cancelled?This season alone, two of NBC’s most anticipated new Thursday night TV series — Prime Suspect and The Firm — have flopped. Is Awake different? Will it be cancelled or survive to see a second season?

Awake revolves around police detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) following a horrific car accident with his wife (Laura Allen) and son (Dylan Minnette). Britten discovers that he’s living two parallel realities. In one, his wife died in the accident. In the other, his son did. As he tries to discover what’s going on, he finds that details from both realities seem to bleed into the other. The cast also includes B.D. Wong, Cherry Jones, Michaela McManus, Steve Harris, and Wilmer Valderrama.

The show debuted on March 1st with lots of positive reviews, a mediocre 2.0 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic, and 6.24 million total viewers. It was first in its timeslot, opposite repeats on ABC and CBS. While the premiere of Awake didn’t generate great numbers, it did better than Prime Suspect and The Firm. It was also the best performance that NBC’s had in that timeslot since last May.

Many contended that the premiere’s ratings were undercut because NBC released the pilot online well in advance — a strategy that seemed to help generate some buzz. If that gamble paid off, theoretically the numbers for the second episode would be better than the first. They weren’t.

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The ratings for episode two fell 20%, to a 1.6 demo rating and 4.33 million. It was easily beaten by an original edition of The Mentalist on CBS but topped a rerun of the GCB pilot on ABC. Week three of Awake held steady. If the show could maintain those numbers for the rest of the season, it would be safe. Unfortunately, it couldn’t.

Episode four’s numbers dropped a whopping 25%. Weeks five and six then dropped another 17% and 10% respectively. After just a half dozen episodes, Awake is basically matching the Thursday night ratings of NBC’s other cancelled dramas.

Based on the ratings, Awake is sure to be cancelled by May. They’re just too low for the peacock network to be able to justify a second season on the network.

Awake TV show petition and supportGiven the state of NBC’s current schedule, it seems likely that the network will let the remaining seven episodes air on Thursday nights. If the ratings continue to drop, they may pull it or ship it off to the Saturday night graveyard with The Firm.

Most importantly, it looks unlikely that viewers will have their questions answered by the last episode of Awake.

But, what do you think? Are you still watching Awake? Have you lost interest? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

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  1. blue says

    Pleeeeeaaase keep it! And promote it. E.g., run a marathon catch-up, like OUAT did. It could really develop a following.

  2. Chris says

    Gosh – the morons at NBC are doing it AGAIN!
    Seems like every time they get a bold, intriguing, and all around solid drama, they either don’t promote it enough, put it in a bad time slot, or just let it die in season one.
    “Awake” is, IMO, one of the top 5 shows on network TV right now. You won’t find a better cast (Steve Harris, Laura Innes, B.D. Wong, Cherry Jones, Michela McManus – to back up the protagonist, Jason Issacs). Why go through the trouble of getting these fine actors to carry out out a fantastic script around a very original premise, just to let it die???
    They (NBC) did the same thing with “Boomtown”, “Southland” … anything bold and original just doesn’t last on NBC. I think it speaks volumes about the network’s inability to keep quality programming (outside comedy) on the air. It’s disgusting, really.

    • Kelly says

      Well said. NBC stands for “Nothing Bold or Creative” after all, this is the network that thought Jay Leno was the prime time answer – that was creative… I agree about Awake being one of the best shows on TV. At this point I may not take chances on new NBC shows, it’s not worth getting invested in characters and stories when they don’t…

  3. Anonymous says

    please keep the show its the best story ive ever seen maybe its the time slot i hope the station will keep it on

  4. cheryl says

    I look forward to watching this show. I hope that they reconsider cancelling it. The premise reminds me of the movie “Momento”. The acting is first rate, and the plots are more interesting than most dramas of this type.

  5. says

    NBC has a bad history with me for canceling exceptional shows, going all the way back to Boomtown. This network especially seems to bail on shows at the earliest opportunity, whilst moving them around on the schedule when they do actually air episodes so viewers have difficulty finding the show when it is on.
    Unfortunately for me I am an avid Jason Issacs fan, and I have been unable to avoid getting hooked on the best drama on TV in years.
    The fact that this amazing show AWAKE airs on NBC guarantees that the excellence will not be recognized and that it will meet an untimely demise.
    Is there no one at NBC capable of an informed decision to allow such an exceptional series as Awake have at least one full season? The show is so well written even Wilder V. seems like he can actually act after all!!!

    • Chris says

      I couldn’t agree more with practically everything you stated, and I was also a huge “Boomtown” fan.
      I honestly think they could fire all the “brilliant execs” at NBC, and hire people off the street with half-way decent common sense, and get better results with respect to ratings.

  6. Brad says

    I think Awake is the best new show this year. The concept is terrific, and it is very well done. I enjoy shows that require some thought, which is probably why there is nothing but reality shows on tv anymore. Big disappointment if it is cancelled.

  7. says

    I have watched every episode and really find it intriguing. I also really like “The Firm” although I struggled a bit with it in the beginning, I think it has really improved and I get miffed when it isn’t on, like, every 2nd week. I also like “The Gifted Man” so I’m really batting 1000 this year, it seems. Every year, it seems, the shows I like are getting cancelled more and more. If they cancel Fringe this year, which always seems to hang on by its fingernails, I’ll have nothing left to watch. It’s getting that I hate to watch new shows because my track record for picking the cancelled-to-be shows… grin!

  8. says

    The idea that AWAKE is on the chopping block is so typical of the Networks and NBC, I don’t think you have anything else but re-runs to put in its place. I think even some of the cable channels would keep it on longer. AWAKE is an engrossing show that you actually have to WATCH in order to keep up. I’m one of those people who actually pays attention to the TV shows I watch. Otherwise, what’s the point? I am disappointed that they’ve injected an apparent conspiracy surrounding the accident although Britten’s double life seems to be a by-product of it. I love that he’s willing to go insane to keep his double life intact with his wife and son. I also want to know why the shrinks don’t look each other up since clearly they know about each other. I’d also love to see a resolution to this show. NBC, you don’t have anything to loose, by keeping this show on the air for at least one more season or 6 more episodes. NBC, you don’t have anything better to show us.

  9. s says

    the only reason I am not watching…is because I figured it would get cancelled since I like it. 😉 Every show I like – they cancel…so I just watch reality tv now, or old staples like the Simpsons or Family guy, as I don’t care if they get axed. I’ve been hurt by shows like “Drive” and “jericho” being cancelled…so … i dont watch drama’s anymore

  10. JEB says

    It will be a shame if it gets canceled. Do they count us peeps that watch it online? I’m usually too busy to watch it during its time slot.

    The only thing I think they can clean up a little, and they seem to be by adding the visual queues, is the transitioning back and forth. My son noticed the differences between the scene colorings but I didn’t. It definitely keeps you on your toes.

  11. J says

    I love the show! Don’t cancel it. OMG. Such a beautifully done and intriguing show. Have been the best drama/action series this year.

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