Batman: Petition to Release the Classic Adam West Series!

BatmanThe Batman TV series became an instant hit when it debuted in 1966. Ever since that time, audiences of all ages have fallen in love with the campy villains, high adventure, and family-friendly heroics.

Unfortunately, because of copyright ownership issues, the series has not been released on DVD and it’s not looking like we’ll see it in stores for a long time to come.

Can’t we all just get along?

To: 20th Century Fox Television, Warner Bros., and DC Comics

We, the undersigned, have long enjoyed the classic Batman series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. We would love to own the series on DVD so that we can watch high-quality versions of this family-friendly show.

We ask that you please find a way to work out the legal and financial issues that are preventing the three seasons of Batman from being issued on DVD. There is a large audience who is ready to purchase these sets. By not releasing the series, everybody loses.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Stevie PalmerCountry: UK2014-11-06 13:03:04
    I see the Blue ray is being released in the UK and the Blue ray and DVD in the US. Does anyone know when, or if, the DVD is going to be released in the UK?
  • Barbara MckinneyCountry: United States2014-08-17 16:24:09
    I heard on the late show with Jimmy Fallon. That it was being released in 2014. so excited
  • RonCountry: Netherlands2014-08-12 05:36:35
    Finaly it's gonna happen! My youthhero on DVD and Blu Ray. I'm looking forward to.
  • Robert ChambersCountry: USA2014-06-01 16:33:30
    come on this is silly there is a win here for everyone
  • steven nicholsCountry: usa2013-11-28 17:07:42
    please put batman on dvd this is a great show from my childhood.
  • Brittany DavenportCountry: United States2013-11-03 15:03:07
    Please release Batman: The Classic series on Blu-ray! I would love to Adam West kick butt in high definition!
  • Kristopher Adam CurninCountry: The United States Of America2013-06-14 02:35:03
    To whom it may concern, Please bring out 1966's Batman tv series out DVD and blue ray! We the fans would definitely love to buy each of the 3 seasons or as a complete box set. I know I personally would! I am also sure billions of others would like to add this series to their DVD library and would enjoy seeing it again or for the very first time! Think of us fans first and knowing how much joy and satisfaction it would bring all of us!
  • andy stylianouCountry: england2013-01-22 03:02:57
    Hello , I too sighn the petition in support of this legendry 20th century fox production Batman with Adam West,and Burt Ward, to be released to us the fans on dvd/ blu ray ,please sort a deal and share in the profits us fans will make you as we will buy the serieses by the millionsxx all the best to you
  • PaulCountry: Canada2013-01-09 19:01:45
    Please we all need this on BLURAY!!!
  • Benoit ChouinardCountry: Canada2012-12-15 10:59:49
    I Want Batman on dvd !
  • Sean VargasCountry: United States2012-12-12 15:59:12
    Please release the 1966 Batman series on DVD
  • Sue T.Country: USA2012-12-08 18:01:25
    Just release it already!
  • AnonymousCountry: Costa Rica2012-12-04 00:53:45
    Yeah, release this on DVD.
  • JohnCountry: United States2012-11-28 01:35:43
    I wish it would be released already, This argument between Warner Bros, Fox, and CBS has gone on long enough
  • TayCountry: United States2012-10-14 20:02:56
    To Warner Bros. and Fox: Stop holding this series hostage and release it on dvd and blu-ray already! If you were able to agree and put the 1966 film on dvd, then this should not be a problem. And while you're at it, release the Green Hornet on dvd as well.
  • Mark RobsonCountry: Australia2012-09-19 06:06:49
    Please produce the series on DVD or Blu Ray
  • SerenaCountry: USA2012-09-16 20:30:02
    Please release Batman Season 1 with Adam West.
  • Bill dangerCountry: Usa2012-08-18 21:11:05
    Please release these episodes for those of us reliving our childhood
  • Al SchmidCountry: USA2012-08-10 15:24:08
    Bootlegs suck... give us the real thing....
  • Jeppe LaursenCountry: Denmark2012-06-11 11:43:06
    I love the movie with Adam West and I have seen some clips from the series. Please release it for us who are too young to have ever watched it and please release it for thoose who are old enough to remember the fond memory.
  • George NilsenCountry: United States2012-05-29 20:31:48
    I pledge to never watch another Warner Brothers, Fox, or DC comics movie or television show, buy a cd or dvd owned by you, or even tune into your crappy TV channels until this series is released on dvd. You have had enough time to figure this out already, this is it.
  • chad gallCountry: USA2012-05-24 16:36:19
    You guys should not deny the public a chance to watch one of the greatest tv sows ever. You guys have been arguing over it long enough JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY!
  • Tony PhillipsCountry: USA2012-05-02 02:38:26
    PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE make this available on DVD and Blu-ray ASAP!!!
  • GregHCountry: Usa2012-05-01 13:11:51
    Ive been waiting to show these to my kids for years. My oldest are now adults and have moved out. Thanks much!!
  • Nikkevia Country: USA2012-04-23 12:51:50
    I love and enjoy this version of batman. It is by far the best! I wish I owned it on DVD, so that I can share it with my friends and family.