Boss: Already Doomed to Be Cancelled?

Boss canceled?As Tom Kane continues to try to keep a grip on his city and life, the Boss TV series struggles to attract an audience. Will Boss be cancelled or renewed for a third season of Starz? That’s an even bigger challenge thank Kane’s.

Airing on Friday nights, Boss revolves around the Mayor of Chicago (Kelsey Grammer) who’s recently been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder. Determined to remain in charge, he conceals the disease from everyone around him except his physician. The Starz TV show also features the talents of Connie Nielsen, Hannah Ware, Jeff Hephner, Kathleen Robertson, Troy Garity, Rotimi, Jonathan Groff, and Sanaa Lathan.

It’s no secret that the TV series struggled in its first season. Despite sporting some top talent, the viewers and ratings just weren’t there. Luckily for the cast and crew, the show was renewed for a second season weeks before the show even premiered. Had the cable channel waited to see how well Boss would perform before making a decision, it’s hard to believe we’d be seeing a second season now.

Last month, at The Television Critics Association press tour, Boss showrunner Farhad Safinia said, “I am completely aware of what the numbers are, and I’m heartbroken… It’s one of those things where you’d like more people to see what you’re doing… I do hope the audience comes to see it so we can tell the entire story. I think we just have to work on that assumption that we will get to do it.”

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The ratings were so low for the first season of Boss that they’re often very difficult to locate. We do know that Boss premiered last October to 659,000 viewers and by the middle of the run had fallen to 250,000.

Season two certainly hasn’t been bringing any better ratings. The August 24th installment drew just 229,000 viewers and the season has averaged only 310,000. Earlier this year, the second season of Spartacus averaged 1.35 million on Friday nights in the same timelot.

It seems highly unlikely that Starz will be bringing back Boss for a third season. These numbers are just incredibly small for an expensive scripted drama.

On the positive side, Safinia has indicated that they plot each season like a movie so that each has a beginning, middle, and end. While it’s very likely that Boss will be cancelled, at least the show’s loyal viewers will be given at least some kind of resolution by the end of the season. Season two wraps on October 19th.

What do you think? Do you like the Boss TV series? Why do you think it hasn’t caught on with a bigger audience? Should it be renewed for a third season or cancelled?

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  1. georgette says

    I got the Starz channel because of Boss. I shall be thinking about cancelling Starz if Boss does not come back. This is Kelsey’s best work. Bring it back soon.

  2. Kathy Davidson says

    I love the show, I just don’t think it had enough promotion. I found it well into the 2nd season and can’t stop watching ….please go for season 3!

  3. Anonymous says

    I really hope that some other network buy’s the show.or whatever it takes to keep it on the air . This show is brillant. Where do they get the viewing numbers from surely not me.

  4. Elainis says

    PLEASE do not cancel this series. This is Kelsey Grammer’s top performance. The plot is genious and the other actors are superb. Television series dosen’t get any better than this. My husband and I couldn’t wait to sit and watch BOSS together on Friday evenings, and he is NOT a television. Again, skillful writing and plot makes it all worth waiting for each week. DO NOT CANCEL THIS SERIES!!!!!!!

  5. Jane says

    Have the powers that wine and HBO or SHOWTIME. They seem to have better success with mini series with exception of LUCK which was cancelled due to other reasons besides ratings/viewers. This is just my opinion just I seen it happen regular network TV, moving from one network to another network. Case in point JAG was cancelled by NBC a year later and continued on CBS for several years, FRINGE moved to the SYFY CHANNEL. Just saying…just an opinion!!

  6. Dimitris says

    Sorry guys,news update

    ” On Nov 20, it was announced that Starz had cancelled the show, but a film is being discussed to finish the show’s storylines.”

  7. Maureen says

    Say it isn’t so! Boss in my top 5 shows to watch..the acting is top notch! Let the story unfold in Season 3, perhaps on another channel that that is not a premium one to get more viewers.

  8. mike says

    I hardly watch TV ,but I made a point not to miss this show every week. I was not a fan of Kelsey before this show, but I have become a big fan of him and thought he should win an award for this series. He is a really good serious character actor. I think he should do more parts like this and move away from comedy and show the depth to his acting abilities. Take out the sex scenes and move this show to AMC if Starz does not want to carry it.

  9. John says

    If these arse clowns cancel BOSS, I’ve given up on series period.

    HBO screwed me out of the Sopranos with the huge onion ring ending, that doofiss that was writing and creating Deadwood took a header or totally screwed a huge viewer base. And now Starz with BOSS..

    Go ahead and cancel, it… I’ll do the same with your grubby network right off my SAT box.

  10. Craig says

    I just wrapped up watching both seasons of Boss On Demand. The fact is regardless of how crude the series shows true politics to be, I love the plot. Even to the point that its obvious at the end of Season 2 that there’s so much more to unfold with this story. It’s a drama, and abundant with it. I’m definitely a fan & I do hope they will at least bring the series back for 1 more round. Maybe, if they do, people that have come late to the party (i.e. me), may start to catch on!

  11. Franco says

    Boss has two problem: too many and too enthusiastic scenes of love-making (vewers do not fell at the level) and a too crude portrait of how evil politics are (vewers do not like to aknowledge that that’s how it works in real life).

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