Breakout Kings: Cancelled; No Season Three

Breakout Kings no season 3A&E has cancelled their crime drama, Breakout Kings after two seasons and 23 episodes. It seems this case is closed.

Breakout Kings follows a squad of U.S. Marshals who make special deals with prisoners to catch escaped convicts. The cast includes Laz Alonso, Domenick Lombardozzi, Brooke Nevin, Malcolm Goodwin, Serinda Swan, and Jimmi Simpson.

The series debuted in March 2011 to a 1.2 rating in the demo with 2.8 million viewers. The ratings declined in later weeks and the first season finale drew a 0.8 rating with 2.01 million.

Should Breakout Kings have been cancelled?

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In March 2012, the second season debuted with a 0.8 rating with 2.11 million. In that episode, many viewers were shocked to see Alonso’s lead character Charlie abruptly killed off. Alonso later told fans that leaving the show was not his idea.

Over the course of season two, the ratings for Breakout Kings further declined, hitting a low of a 0.5 rating with 1.27 million. The finale aired last month and A&E has decided they don’t want a third season.

Of the cancellation, Malcolm Goodwin (Shea on the series) tweeted, “So Breakout Kings is canceled. Thx to all 4 the luv & support over the last 2 seasons! It’s been a fun experience! Much luv! On to the next.”

The news comes soon after co-creator Matt Olmstead was signed to run NBC’s new fireman drama, Chicago Fire.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Breakout Kings won’t be back for a third season? Did Alonso leaving the series influence your watching the series?

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  1. speed says

    Why on gods green earth cancel that show!!! Reality tv does make money only because the viewer’s are dumbed down morons. Its a proven fact. People dont get cable anymore when they got other places to watch their shows cause they got things to do. Or sell it to someone that wants it cause u doomed it to fail putting it in a ****** time slot. Mash is the most popular series on tv and they fought for that till about 3rd to 4th season to keep it on air. Dont be idiots and bring back breakout kings!!!!

  2. luke says

    Hi, i agree with everyone that has said the show should continue! I started watching breakout kings for only 3 days now and i have nearly finished… that’s how much it grabbed me i couldn’t stop watching it. So i googled to see how many seasons were made and it would be an understatement, if i said i was shocked and disappointed at the same time to only see 2 seasons!! THEY HAVE TO MAKE SEASON 3! And maybe more how the rating were so low i do not know, i would much rather watch season 3 of breakout kings if there was one than anything airing on tv’s these days, i would put money on it being a massive hit worldwide now. As reality tv and the same rubbish series have taken over and at least finish something when you start it!!

  3. Tiara says

    I think they should continue the show with season 3! The ratings may be low but hey you do have some fans who love it. I personally love the show and hate how they left us unknowing and now we will never know. If it was up to me there would be a third season. I would definitely make the prisoners keep quiet about Ray. That way the could continue working together and so he wouldn’t go to prison. Hey you have to agree that Damion deserved what he got after making the statement about Charlie. I think and believe they should bring it back for the supporters they do have!!

  4. Derek kline says

    That show was very good. I cant belive you stopped it. I am very upset bc my hole family was into that show and to tell you. That is the frist show i would watch.. I hope u guys some how pick it back up again.. Plus how you ended it why.. And if i had the money i would pay for it myself

  5. Derek kline says

    That show was very good. I cant belive you stopped it. I am very pissed off and upset bc my hole family was into that show and to tell you. That is the frist show i would watch.. I hope u guys some how pick it back up again..

  6. Nola Jackson says

    This was an excellent series. It really should not have been cancelled. It had more than just entertainment value; it showed the depravity of humanity and the good in humanity and the efforts made by some law enforcement to truly protect & serve the public.( I had no idea that New York had so many correctional facilities.) I loved the character mixes, the plot, the music and the storylines. It truly was an outstanding show. I wish it could resurrected.

  7. Ryan says

    Also just got done watching it on Netflix, maybe if it made it across the pond it would have had more viewers! Can’t believe it got cancelled and ended the way it did!

    Anyone that enjoys prison break would have loved that show

  8. gregory says

    I just got done watching break out kings season one and two I went straight to the Web to find out when the next season comes out and when I typed break out kings and it said they canceled it I was shocked I loved the show and how can they end it like A@E you are a very big network and make a very large amount of money you want loyalty to your channel you got to at least end the show make a final episode if ratings were as bad as you said than you know before even half way threw the second season that you were going to cancel it why did you not make an ending episode for those of us who loved the show I wish there was something we could do

  9. sharonda says

    I think it’s really messed up they canceled a great show. Just watched both seasons on Netflix. What a great show. Why would they end it and than end it like that smh I’m beyond hurt.

  10. says

    I think it’s horrible that they took Breakout Kings off and did not continue the seasons I hope Netflix somehow can get it going again. The acting crew was awesome!!! It amazes my family that they are claiming the ratings were too low This has kept up on out tors throughout the whole thing!!! It’s just messed up.

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