Cash Cab: Cancelled After Seven Years

Cancelled Cash CabVulture reports that Discovery Channel has cancelled Cash Cab after seven years on the air. A representative for the cable channel confirmed the cancellation.

Hosted by Ben Bailey, the TV series brought an unusual take to the game show genre. Everyday people would hop into a cab and were told that they were on a game show. They would then have a chance to win cash prizes by answering trivia questions while being delivered to their destination.

While Discovery never made a big deal about Cash Cab’s ratings, audiences and TV insiders clearly liked the original concept. It won the Daytime Emmy for Best Game Show for three years straight, from 2008 until 2010. Bailey won as Best Host in 2010.

With more than 200 episodes, reruns of Cash Cab will continue to air in syndication. Lion Television could shop the series to other outlets but plans to do so haven’t been announced.

There have been several international versions of Cash Cab and actually the concept began in Europe. In the US, there have been two spin-offs. Cash Cab: After Dark had a brief run in 2007 and featured Bailey as host. Cash Cab: Chicago debuted last February and hasn’t been cancelled yet. Beth Melewski hosts that version.

What do you think? Do you like Cash Cab? Do you think that it’s time for the show to come to an end?

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  1. DJ says

    Hey, what the heck? Somebody at Discovery got their priorities all twisted up. This was/is by far the most wholesome and intelligent game show on TV. Bad move, big mistake!

  2. carvel robinson says

    I starting my mother over cash cab the only thing we like to watch together. funny how this always takt place. u like somthing an the ******* on top tack it away

  3. Lou says

    I’m bummin’ … I love Cash Cab. I was in awe seeing the range of intelligence. I learned a lot and it was fun doing so. It made me want to visit New York City.

  4. Shannon says

    I love Cash Cab. There are so few shows left that are entertaining, educational and enjoyable. Ben Bailey is always fun to watch and I am always amazed that he can drive the cab, ask the questions, listen to the answers and not wreck the cab. Please bring the show back.

  5. ZEFE says

    BIIIGGG mistake from Whomever CASH CAB and Ben Baily have indulge hundreds of viewers with a positive,Educational and very fun show to watch I just couldn’t wait for it to start and if I missed it for some reason it was a bummer and I know all those hundreds of viewers are very dissatisfied and disappointed for the DUMB desition of canceling this GREAT SHOW I STILL ENJOY THE RERUNS I’ve learn a lot from them MY KIDS LOVED THIS SHOW we had lots of fun watching it :'( ~~~~~~ THE show that they should have CANCELED AND VAN 4EVER is that STUUUUUPPPIIIIDDDDD “FAMILY” Latin show called ——– SAVADO GIGANTE—— because is DISGUSTING,PORNOGRAPHIC,STUPID And to TOP IT ALL IGNORANT I don’t understan How or why They call it A ” FUN FAMILY SHOW TO WATCH” PPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE BRING BACK CASH CUB with Ben Baily as a Host AND NO 1 ELSE With Out Him the show is NOT THE SAME

    • SuetLin says

      Agree! Instead of some trashy shows, this is a wholesome one, why can’t we keep good ones like this!

  6. Wtf says

    Hey why drop this show?!? Gonna miss it bad I’m actually kind of shocked about this. I hope Ben gets more work… funny dude!

  7. Victor says

    I actually liked Cash Cab. it was educational unlike other trasy as tv shows. smh media is turning to trashhhh

  8. Audrey says

    This is such a fun show to watch. I love it on all levels. Why cancel this show? Please change your mind!!!

  9. E. Broeckel says

    Please renew cash cab with Ben Bailey . People young and old watch the show because it is so educational and interesting. We want the show back on tv. Please! Please! Please!!!!

  10. Marta San says

    I LOVE Cash Cab and have been desperately trying to get on the show for years. This is ruining all my dreams and will drastically cut my trivial knowledge in half. Ben Bailey always appears to love hosting and doing funny accents, the people in the cab are surprised and ready for the challenge, why cancel something with such a good formula of success? Yes 7 years is a good amount of time, but I say, why not 7 more? Bring back the cab!

  11. Thomas J Ruthaford says

    This is a national travesty! Where is the outrage? Why hasn’t Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton come to the rescue of this show? Is it because Ben Bailey is white? That’s what it is, isn’t it. They should start a hoodie protest and demand that more episodes be made. Poor Ben will be out of a job and living in a cardboard box, glaring at passing taxi cabs in NYC. His parents will make a small fortune giving interviews on national tv.
    Justice for Ben Bailey and George Zimmerman!

  12. says

    It was an alright show, I had been viewing it through syndication for the last couple of years after watching Craig Ferguson only because I needed some background noise while I worked. However I always found it interesting to gauge how well individual’s own knowledge weighed out on each episode. Most ranging from a surprising amount of intelligence, more so than the common predictable level. Of course that being said the factor of multiples in the discussion sometimes would tip the scale on challenges. As for the lifespan of the show, 7 years is nothing to toss aside.

    It’s a good amount of time for any television show. Not to mention the fair share of spin-offs so it’s not like the show’s legacy is in jeopardy. Now would I miss it? While I believe the concept is interesting I don’t think about it more than that. It had a good run and is ending on a good note, I’ll leave it at that.

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