Two and a Half Men: Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. Not Even Talking?

Two and a Half MenThough Two and a Half Men is one of CBS’ highest-rated shows and in the midst of a two-year order, Charlie Sheen’s contract renewal has, for some reason, come down to the wire. It’s pretty clear that, without Sheen, there won’t be a TV show.

Well, TMZ is reporting that, contrary to popular belief, there aren’t any ongoing negotiations. The two sides aren’t even talking right now. Warner Bros. supposedly offered Sheen $1 million per episode to continue making Two and a Half Men but the actor wants $1.5 million. Neither side has gone back to the table with a counteroffer.

On the positive side, both sides believe that a deal will be worked out prior to May 19th, when CBS announces their new fall schedule to advertisers.

That’s good news for the network, especially considering their recent timeslot experiment didn’t work out as well as hoped. CBS replaced this week’s Two and a Half Men with an episode of The Big Bang Theory. The geeky sitcom still performed well but scored a season low for an original episode in the target demo.

Sources suggest that Sheen will end up making about $1.3 million per episode — a hefty pricetag but, considering how much money the studio will make, it’s still likely a very good deal.

What do you think? Would the studio be smart to give Sheen what he wants or is that paycheck just too high? Should Two and a Half Men even continue?

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  1. william wilson ivey IV says

    to the sheen comments and wisdom,
    ….my three buddies, :” the buddies boys” are 15 years older than mr sheen.
    ….after graduating from the University of Virginia, we “all” continued the life style,
    …..we enjoyed so much, we had a three word life, quizes, sex, and liquor…it was the olde
    ……university. we produced product, money, happiness, families, well not all happiness.
    ……Tom keeps all his three families happy, he left, but still provides the operating cash
    …..we are extrememly glad that some one has found a way to make more money than
    …..we did ….and continue his fictionable life style. More power to the writers.
    …… We have no problem separating fact from fiction, or from a dream.
    …..However, we did call the Pope, one night. grain alchol was involved, along with
    ……four ladies from various schools in Virginia. We needed to ask Bishop Montini
    ……a question. After twenty minutes of operators and explanations, the phone rang
    ……in the Pope’s living quarters,

    …….Please have ron howard or the writers from the show, return the question.
    ……..We would be glad to reveal a great story.

    ……………………….respectfully:…..W.W. IVEY IV

  2. Wil Schneider says

    Two/Half Men has a huge support audience “out here”. It would be a travesty for it to end. All of us make mistakes “along the way’ which has diverted Sheens’ attention.
    The humor and the writing is unequaled. Do NOT “end” this series………

    NBC has made a considerable number of programming errors in judgment … don’t make this “another one”. Make a “resign” happen…to NBC’s benefit.

    I…We, also watch all the reruns…….SUPERB Comedy!

  3. Bonnie Simpson says

    Two and a Half Men is by far my absolute favorite sitcom on TV. Without Charlie Sheen the show just isn’t complete. I heard rumors that Warner was going to replace Charlie with another actor. I’m sorry, but that just won’t do. Charlie makes the show and I’m going to be very sad if the show actually does come to an end. I really hope there is some compromise so the show will still have Charlie.

  4. Carl Lofland says

    It’s just a very funny sitcom. They don’t have any axe to grind. Charlie plays the randy Uncle that many of us can relate to. Sex addict? he’s an exagerated fictional charactor. Many of us can relate to the different charactors. I love my mother , but Holland Taylor has her down to a tee. Angus Jones plays a normal teenager , I have a godson that could be Jake’s twin. And every one enjoys watching Jon Cryer’s charactor get dumped on every week. There’s a lot of great “Schadenfreude” on this show. Why don’t people just enjoy this well written , well acted comedy , TV shows of this caliber are rare gems indeed.

  5. Priscilla Kennedy says

    Gee, I am all for family values, but since when does your job depend on being a role model? I think Bill Clinton put that wish to rest. If you like the show watch, if you don’t then change the channel. Believe me, the execs can figure out the value of keeping the show on the air. I love the show, as do many of my friends (and we never agree!) so the ratings will be fine. If you are looking to TV to set the standards for families….that ship sailed years ago, sorry.

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