Cold Case: Sunday Experiment Significantly Boosts Ratings, Is It Enough?

Cold CaseAs solid as most of CBS’ schedule looks, the network has been having trouble with their Sunday night schedule.

Both Three Rivers and Cold Case have been under-performing and are expected to be cancelled. Three Rivers hasn’t been given a full season order and it looks like it will end after 13 episodes in January. Cold Case has a full season order of 22 episodes but it’s not likely to be renewed for an eighth season next May.

CBS decided to try an experiment this week and switched the shows’ timeslots. The result? Well, Three Rivers didn’t benefit by the experiment but Cold Case did.

Sunday night, Three Rivers brought in just a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.888 million viewers. That’s down from last week and essentially par for the course.

One hour earlier however, Cold Case drew a 2.1 rating and 9.547 million total viewers. That’s an increase of 23% in the demo from one week earlier. It’s also the second-highest rating of the season in the demo and in total viewers.

Unfortunately for Cold Case fans, the numbers are still low and unlikely to change the show’s cancellation fate. On the positive side, it’s expected that CBS will air all of this season’s episodes.

What do you think? Does the increase in Cold Case’s numbers give you some hope for an eighth season or are you okay with it being cancelled?

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  1. PeggySue says

    I have watched Cold Case weekly since it started. I even record the re-runs so I can watch them again. It is one of the few intelleigent shows on TV and it would be a shame to see it end without finishing up all the story lines. I am a big Tom Berry fan and would like to see him more. Thank you please don’t cancel this show.

  2. AR says

    I just started watching Cold Case last year. I do enjoy this show but CBS is putting it on way to late at 10pm.

  3. debbi says

    please,please,please don’t canvel cold case. i am a 40 year old female, disabled and i look forward to sunday night to watch cold case. this is one of the best shows on that isn’t like all the others(ie:all csi’s). i even watch the reruns on tnt.cold case is a very unique show and very educational, if cold case is canceled that would be a HUGE mistake. i do agree it should be on at a 9 o’clock slot because Sundays most people do go to bed earlier and the flip flop schedule don’t help. please save cold case, maybe put it on before a csi that would be a great 2 hours of tv

  4. Megan says

    NO I would NOT be okay if this show was cancelled. Cold Case is amazing and does not deserve to be cancelled for some dumb reality show or whatever show they think can fill the void. This show is intelligent and actually requires the viewer to think, which is what some shows should do. There’s too many crappy tv shows on the air that are degrading or just plain pointless. So if Cold Case, a genuinely good show that actually helps people, gets cancelled, theres something wrong with that.

  5. Don says

    Cold case is one of the best ensemble casts on TV. The plots are always challenging and it’s great to see that justice always gets served, even if it’s only on TV. CBS gives the show no publicity, puts the show up against the roughest competition shows, and yet the show still gets relatively good statistics. There is no doubt this show still has a sizable fan base. Many people record the show on their DVR’s. Do the ratings reflect there fans? Also, I want to know why CBS has never agreed to put the show out on DVD’s? Many fans of the show would like to see previous episodes like they do other shows.
    The fans of the show don’t want CBS to cancel the show!!!!

  6. Linda says

    Well, you have so little good on your network at all, that I’m not shocked that you would cancel Cold Case—it’s just too well acted for your pathetic network—and I’ve never even heard of Three Rivers—but IF its a medical show—I swore off them years ago. As an RN in real life those medical shows were just embarrassing to anyone’s intelligence. If it’s not a medical show, but a reality show—well–I don’t watch them at all. Give me something with some meat—I swear, you folks used to know how to do it—what happened??

  7. pl says

    Cold Case is one of the Best Shows out there..The network needs to put it back in the 9pm time slot and leave it there! Moving a show back and forth does not help it..

    The network should give Cold Case at least one more year maybe two, and put it back in the 9pm time slot where it belongs!

  8. Don says

    We love cold case. It’s all a case of what time slot it’s scheduled.
    We record it on the DVR if there is some block buster show at the same time.
    10:00 pm Sunday night is a better time slot. We really hope CBS doesn’t cancel this show!

  9. DN says

    I agree with the above comments about the time slot problem, I have DVR and myself have taped 4 hours just to try and catch Cold Case so I don’t miss it and it has even been on as late as 12 and 1:00 in the morning. This is an excellant show and shouldn’t be cancelled . I will be very mad if it does get cancelled.

  10. charlie says

    Once again, it seems at though that any show we REALLY like is doomed to be cancelled. Cold Case has good plots, outstanding actors and actresses, lots of human interest, so it will die after this spring.

    I suppose the almighty dollar is the final determinant. Lots of folks use DVR’s and never watch the commercials anyway.

    Hope that whatever replaces Cold Case will be as good, and not just another Reality Show, or Dance Show, etc.

  11. Mary M. says

    I really enjoy Cold Case and will be sorely disappointed if it is not renewed for another season! Football running late has always been a problem – to predict when Cold Case will actually be on. I’d like to see it on another night – say Monday night instead. Also, I am a fan of Three Rivers and am very unhappy that it has been cancelled!

  12. Teresa says

    Just realized you were considering cancelling cold case as well as three rivers. I have commented on three rivers which is a GREAT show and now I find out you were considering booting cold case too. These two shows are the only really great shows CBS has that are not reality tv which, by the way, is getting obnoxiously overdone. Ages 30 to 85 in my household have enjoyed having some true talented TV shows to watch in the face of all the stupid reality tv stuff out there. Please reconsider this move.

  13. LAKINCA says

    I also agree with LB. You just never know when Cold Case will beon. CBS consistantly starts the shows early, ends them late, and if you do not see the beginning it is difficult to follow. 10 pm is late for a great show like this one!! Put the dumb reality shows on late so the rest of us have an opportunity to enjoy some good programing.

    • PeggySue says

      I have watched Cold Case weekly since it started. I even record the re-runs so I can watch them again. It is one of the few intelleigent shows on TV and it would be a shame to see it end without finishing up all the story lines. I am a big Tom Berry fan and would like to see him more. Thank you please don’t cancel this show.

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