Desperate Housewives: Your Last Episode Thoughts?

series finale of Desperate Housewives on ABCTonight, ABC aired the two-hour series finale of Desperate Housewives; actually a pair of episodes, titled “Give Me the Blame” “Finishing the Hat.” After eight seasons and 180 episodes, I believe Desperate Housewives is the longest-running primetime series with all female leads. It beat Charmed by two episodes. Quite an accomplishment.

ABC has reason to be very thankful to this TV series. When Desperate Housewives and Lost came on the scene in 2004, they were fresh and buzz-worthy shows that really gave the network a boost.

In tonight’s episodes, there was, as you might expect, lots of closure.

After fighting cancer, Mrs. McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten) was in her final days, decided to take the rap for Alejandro’s murder, and succeeded in ending Bree’s trial. She dies as Julie’s baby is being born and has Roy (Orson Bean) at her side.

Ben (Charles Mesure) refused to rat on Bree during the trial, spends some time in jail for contempt but is eventually freed. On the way to her wedding, Renee’s (Vanessa Williams) wedding dress is ruined when Julie’s water breaks in the limo. Thanks to Gaby (Eva Longoria), she gets a new one, arrives late to her wedding but still walks down the aisle.

Bree (Marcia Cross) is initially angry with Trip (Scott Bakula) for some of his actions during the trial but eventually relents and lets him back into her life. In a flashforward, we learn that Bree moved away from Wisteria Lane with her new husband Trip and, with his support, went into politics and was elected to the Kentucky State Legislature.

Gaby and Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) both nearly confessed to Alejandro’s murder, each proving how much they care for one another. Gaby is given a promotion at work and we find out, during the flashforward, that Carlos helped her start her own successful personal shopper website. That led to a successful shopping TV show of the Home Shopping Network and the two moved to California where they live in a big house and continue arguing with each other, happily ever after.

Lynette (Felicity Huffman) and Tom (Doug Savant) finally get back together. Katherine Mayfair (Body of Proof’s Dana Delany) returns to Wisteria Lane and offers Lynette an intriguing job — working for her successful frozen food company in New York. In a flashforward, we learn that she took the job and the two (presumably with their kids) live in a penthouse overlooking Central Park. Lynette eventually plays with her six red-headed grandchildren there.

Susan (Teri Hatcher) tells her friends of her plans to sell her house and to move away so that she can be close to Julie (Andrea Bowen) as she raises her daughter. Julie goes into labor and has her baby with Porter (Charlie Carver), Tom, Lynette, and Susan in attendance.

As the movers (including series creator Marc Cherry) take her things, Susan shares one last poker game with the ladies. They promise that they’ll get together to play poker again someday but we’re told they never do.

As Susan leaves the house, she meets and welcomes the new owner, Jennifer — a young wife who looks a lot like her. She assures Jennifer that things never get boring on Wisteria Lane.

In her car, Susan asks MJ (Mason Vale Cotton) and Julie if they’d mind if she took one more drive around the neighborhood. As they do, we see the ghosts of dozens of residents from years past, looking on as she drives by. The last is Mary Alice (Brenda Strong), the neighbor whose suicide began the series.

In the last scene we see Jennifer quickly go into her new home, take a wooden chest out of the box she was carrying, and lock it in a cabinet. Apparently some things never change. There will always be lots of secrets on Wisteria Lane.

What do you think? Was this a fitting end to Desperate Housewives? Did they miss something? Would you like to see a new Wisteria Lane series someday?

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  1. China (I'm serious, no joke) says

    I thought that it was a fantastic finale for the great show Desperate Housewives. But I thought it was kind of sad that they never seen each other again after they all moved from Wisteria Lane. And at the end when Susan sees all the ghost, Edie Britt wasn’t there. And she lived, and then died in the neighborhood. Well at least “I” didn’t see her. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t there unless I’m blind. But yeah she wasn’t there. But other wise great season finale to a fantastic show that I looked forward to every week, and I will miss.

  2. Cory says

    It’s always open for maybe a spin-off with new characters :) Using the same set.

    I think it’s closure, so I’m fine with the ending.

  3. trenese hickey says

    Loved the show for all 8 years. Yes another wisteria lane would be great. We need more tv series not reality shows

  4. Manpreet Bath says

    it was such a good final episode. it was happy, sad, exciting, and most importantly, realistic. what a beautiful and bittersweet episode. i can’t believe the show is over but that was definitely a good way to conclude it.

  5. june says

    What about Orson? Why did they overlook what he did? What about the cop whowanted to find out what happened to his partner?

  6. Emily says

    So sad that it’s finally over=( I wish there was more seasons to come… Anyone suggest any other shows life Desperate HOusewives?

  7. kristy says

    The last episode was filled with drama but thats nothing new that is what I have always loved about the show. I especially like how all of the ghost from the past came back. I am sad to see it go. I love this show let’s just say that the creator and producer did that always leave you wanting more!!!

  8. bri says

    I’m kinda dissapointed that we never heard anything more about toms daughter Kayla…or from gabby and Carlos niece

  9. Mary says

    Wonderful, Wonderful by Johnny Mathis was the song Karen was listening to. I still have the album (remember those) with the song on it.

  10. naoma foreman says

    I could not see the last episode because I am out of the country and it is not available on line if you are overseas. I enjoyed reading the summary — there was a different summary and it was totally garbled. Only one question: What happened to Gaby’s overweight kids? It never made sense that she let these two remain so overweight — she was so beautiful and slim. All in all, it sounded like a great ending…

  11. jane says

    Does anyone know what song it what that was on the record Karen wanted so badly? It played during the baby being born scene but I don’t know what it is..

  12. Meredith says

    This might sound like a stupid question to those who know, but this was the series finale right? So, the end with the new home-owner who looks into the chest makes me think they will continue the series, kinda like they did with Degrassi. Anyways, either way I would still watch even with a different cast, would you? Can’t believe it been since 2004! <3

    • RecceR says

      No, this was it. They announced last August that this was the end of Desperate Housewives. Based on the dwindling ratings and an ever-changing audience (which I feel has definitely moved on from the housewives craze), I don’t think ABC would risk something like bringing it back with an entirely new cast which is proven to be more unsuccessful than successful (Scrubs for example). Plus, Marc Cherry had moved on before the series even entered its final season, developing new series for ABC, with a new one for this fall.

      Like the narrator and the article above point out, things never change and mysteries will always inhabit the lane, hence the new homeowner hiding a concealed secret. It’s basically saying that even though the women of the lane will move on, the residents will always be keeping secrets and doing “desperate” things.

  13. Anonymous says

    I didn’t see Edie in there with all the ghosts! I thought these last episodes were fufilling, though I do wish we got to see what Ben and Renee finally did!

  14. Nancy says

    Wonderfully written, heartwrenching ending but when the girls all promise to get together again to play poker, I’d have liked for have had them actually done so. Instead, we’re told by Mary Alice that sadly, they never do. I’M READY FOR THE REUNION SHOW!

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