Dracula: TV Show Cancelled by NBC; No Season Two

Dracula TV show: cancel or keep?It seems that stakes and network executives can take a vampire down. NBC has cancelled the Dracula TV show after one season of 10 episodes.

NBC’s Dracula is a retelling of the classic Bram Stoker story. In London, Dracula (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is posing as an American entrepreneur while he seeks revenge on those who cursed him. He doesn’t count on falling in love with a woman (Jessica De Gouw) who looks just like his deceased wife. Others in the cast include Thomas Kretschmann, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Victoria Smurfit, Katie McGrath, and Nonso Anozie.

The show’s debut did respecatably for a Friday night show but dropped much lower in subsequent weeks. The first season averaged a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 3.25 million total viewers.

Hannibal and Dracula are both produced under a unique deal that costs the network much less than other original drama series. Hannibal’s license fee is set to go down for season three so the network ultimately decided to renew that show and cancel Dracula.

It seems like Dracula’s studios could still potentially produce a second season for another outlet but there hasn’t been any news of that thus far.

What do you think? Do you think Dracula should have been cancelled or renewed for a second season? Would you follow the series to another channel or pay to see a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Holly says

    Why cancel after one season? Ridiculous. By the time the season ends you’ve had just enough time to become vested in the characters lives and seeing that Mr. Meyers has been one of my faves for quite a while, I was extremely disappointed to discover it had been cancelled. I am not a “cable” watcher so discovered the series on a search to see what projects he was involved in these last couple years. Maybe advertisement of the series could be broadened to more of us “device” users rather than relying solely on network ads. So absolutely I would follow it even if they renewed on another channel.

  2. Adam in Australia says

    I was sceptical at first but ended up absolutely loving it! Please, SOMEONE pick it up & run with a second season!!!!

  3. Joanette says

    The show should continue. I wish it would be another season 2. Jonathan Rhys Myers is so perfect and debonaire.

  4. Jill says

    I was wondering what happened to this show! It was a new favorite of mine. Great acting, script, sets, consumes… I could go on & on. It truly needs to be brought back!

  5. Alexander Grayson says

    Seriously folks, its a shame … nothin but a shame that this brilliant Tv show got cancelled.
    Reconsider it and bring it back !!!
    A lot of people would watch and even pay to watch , trust me on this one .

  6. says

    Just the sets and costumes alone! So sad- they should def. bring it back. The dialogue and acting was superb. Lush scenes and a great take on modernizing the story without losing the heart. (heart, get it?)

  7. says

    I think NBC should have kept Dracula because we had higher ratings than Hannibal and NBC didn’t give Dracula a chance at all, I lot of fans of the how didn’t even know about Dracula till the middle of the season and didn’t even see it advertise on t.v. , I think they should give it a second chance.

  8. Michelle says

    YES, all the GOOD ones get cancelled for these crappy shows. DRACULA was awesome, th e story , the actors ext… PLEASE bring it back.

  9. Janet denizac says

    I love Dracula so much is sad they not going to do anymore seasons
    I have been waiting for when it was going to start and nothing ugh
    I keep track of all the good tv show and Dracula was one of the so sad they cancel the good tv show n leave the bad ones … I work to Much and only watch tv when is a good one like Dracula …. Pls bring it back …… Dracula one of the good ones

  10. Randy Greer says

    We get so many good tv series and they only last one season, what happen to acting talent and good entertainment, i don’t understand why we get a great tv series like so many Tara Nova, The White Queen, Dracula and so many more get cancelled,

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