Family Matters

Family MattersNetwork: ABC, CBS
Episodes: 215 (half-hour)
Seasons: Nine

TV show dates: September 22, 1989 — July 17, 1998
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Reginald VelJohnson, Jo Marie Payton, Kellie Shanygne Williams, Darius McCrary, Jaleel White, Rosetta LeNoire, Telma Hopkins, Bryton McClure, Shawn Harrison, Jaimee Foxworth, Cherie Johnson, Judyann Elder, and Michelle Thomas, and Orlando Brown.

family matters past TV show

TV show description:
Policeman Carl Winslow (Reginald VelJohnson) and his wife Harriette (Jo Marie Payton, later Judyann Elder), the chief of security for the Chicago Chronicle, raise their family in a suburb of the windy city. Their children are Eddie (Darius McCrary), Laura (Kellie Shanygne Williams), and little Judy (Jaimee Foxworth).

Also living with the Winslows are Harriet’s widowed sister, Rachel Crawford (Telma Hopkins), her young son Richie (Bryton McClure), and Carl’s feisty mother, Estelle Winslow (Rosetta LeNoire). Their annoying next door neighbor is nerdy Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) who has a major crush on Laura. The Winslows find themselves in typical sitcom dilemmas, often due to the antics and inventions of Steve.

The sitcom is a spin-off of Perfect Strangers which featured Harriette (Payton) for two seasons.

Series Finale:     
Episodes 214 and 215 — Lost in Space, parts one and two
Steve wins a science contest and NASA decides to test his artificial gravity field invention on the shuttle launch. They offer him the chance to become the first student astronaut. He and Laura agree to postpone their wedding. After six months of training, Steve goes into space. Things go wrong and it looks like he’ll be lost in space forever but Steve cleverly comes up with a way to save himself.

Meanwhile, Eddie graduates from the police academy. Harriet is worried that her son will be in danger and gets him reassigned to meter duty. He and Carl are upset and want to get him transferred back. Before that can happen, he apprehends an armed robber after being shot in the abdomen. Fortunately, the bulletproof vest from his dad saved him. Harriet acquiesces after Eddie promises to be careful.

Steve returns home and is greeted by the happy Winslow family. Before Laura will give him a big welcome home kiss, she makes him promise to never go into space again. He says, “Only when we kiss, Laura Lee, only when we kiss.” They share a big kiss.
First aired: July 17, 1998.


What happened next?   
There hasn’t been any news of plans to revive the show.


Behind the Scenes

Family Matters was cancelled by ABC after eight seasons. CBS picked it up, along with Step By Step, and ran them for another year before cancelling them both.

There were several notable cast changes and departures during the run of the Family Matters TV show.

Jaimee Foxworth left the series after four seasons. She was let go to trim the show’s budget and the disappearance was never explained. Producers hoped that the audience wouldn’t notice.

Telma Hopkins also left the show after season four, to do her own show for ABC called Getting By. It was cancelled by ABC during its first season, picked up by NBC and then cancelled again, during season two. Hopkins remained close to the cast (their sets were nearby) and made guest appearances on Family Matters in seasons six and nine.

Despite the fact that his TV mom had left the series, McClure remained in the cast as a regular until season eight (Richie was played by twins Joseph and Julius Wright during season one). His role was reduced to guest star for season nine and was last seen mid-season.

LeNoire was phased out in the last seasons, likely because of her age and budget costs.

Payton decided to move on midway through the eighth season. The producers have said they didn’t want to do a divorce or death storyline so she was replaced by Judyann Elder for the remainder of the series.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Adam says

    I did felt strange that Jo Marie left the show, she was cool. I like Judyann too. But I wish they would of just reduced Harriet Winslow and Jo Marie recurrent her role making necessary guess appearance. And they done Jamiee Foworth dirty, weed her out from the series like Judy Winslow shouldn’t of never existed to begin with. It would of been nice to at least made up a special episode of Jamiee leaving the show as her role Judy Winslow going away to private school. Then it could of been a better excuse for Jamiee to come back to the series to recurrent her role as Judy Winslow in the later seasons.

  2. breoneesha anglin says

    and also if you did not understand any of that because my phone was acting up do not hesitate to ask me to re-type it i do not mind at all.

    Thank you :-)

  3. breoneesha anglin says

    you know… as i look back it’s hard belive that a family like that could ever exist.As you look back you the laughs and tears hellos and goodbyes.It’s hard to belive that anyone could fogrget abt this perfect silly funny beautiful Television family.your probably asking yourselfs ”with all that drama how could that family be perfect?” well that famiy is perfect becuse of all the mistakes and drama that goes on.that family is like the perfec computer.A perfect comuter is no a machine that does not make any misakes,but macie that make mstakes bt also learns while and after making t.every sncei was a kid always wantdto be known anddo art and be a singer by the way i’m 14.and maybe an actor but i alwys thought to myself tat it would never happen so i gave up .but then i saw how crazy those peeps were on t.v so ithougt if it happened to them i have a chance this mayb pointless because i know nobody s gonna read this but that is hw i feel.thank you to whom may ever have read this.

  4. says


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