Pilots for Green Arrow, Sex and the City Prequel, and Beauty and the Beast Reboot

Green Arrow TV showIt looks like The CW network may be sticking with known concepts next season. The network has ordered pilots for new shows based on Green Arrow, Sex and the City, and Beauty and the Beast.

Loosely based on the DC Comics character, Green Arrow will bring a new take on the classic superhero archer. The project will be executive produced by Greg Berlanti (Green Lantern), Marc Guggenheim (No Ordinary Family) and Andrew Kreisberg (The Vampire Diaries). First seen in the comics back in 1941, Green Arrow has appeared in several animated series over the years — most recently Cartoon Network’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold — and was played by Justin Hartley on The CW’s Smallville.

The Carrie Diaries is based on the novel by Candace Bushnell, It follows a younger version of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw as she makes her way through high school in Manhattan. Bushnell will executive-produce along with Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (Gossip Girl), Len Goldstein (Hart of Dixie) and writer Amy Harris (Sex and the City). Could it be that this show is being poised to replace Schwartz and Savage’s Gossip Girl, which has seen low ratings this season?

And finally, Beauty and the Beast will be loosely based on the cult-favorite TV series from 1987. The CBS show ran for three seasons and 56 episodes, starring Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton. In addition to romance, the new version will also include a “procedural twist.” Jennifer Levin (Felicity) and Sherri Cooper (Brothers and Sisters) will write and executive-produce along with original series executive producers Paul J. Witt and C. Anthony Thomas, creator Ron Koslow, and Bill Haber (Rizolli & Isles).

Interestingly, ABC (which is owned by Disney) is developing their own Beauty and the Beast project. It’s expected to be more of a traditional take on the classic fairy tale.

What do you think? Are you interested in seeing any of these new projects.

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  1. Maseki says

    Come on Sex and the City, really. this will be a failed attempt like they did with Melrose Place and 90210. let the old series go in peace come up with other shows. I f God forbid they make another fracked up series about a comic hero like the cape it will die before it hits the screens like Wonder Woman did.



  3. kevin says

    Ok so the sex and the city thing and both beauty and beast shows are a no go. I would watch Green Arrow, If they stuck to Justin Hartley,because I know him as the Green Arrow from Smallville.
    If anyone else plays Arrow then I’ll pass. You know they’ll pair this with the Deadman series the CW wants to pick up. What the CW needs to do is Do a supernatural spinoff with Cas as the main character. Misha Collins rules.

  4. Bethany says

    I think it was Robot Chicken’s 100th Episode that showed “Sex In The City 3, in 3D” which was more for men. LMAO When I read Tha Critic’s take on the Carrie Diaries, it made me think they might get a broader audience if they did something more like that. LOL (Ok, don’t blow up the main characters or anything, but it was pretty good parody wise, and I was never a huge fan of the original either.)

    As far as the 2 Beauty and the Beast shows, it seems to be the current trend. Two networks develop almost the same basic concept with slightly different twists. Currently airing are Grimm (I LOVE this show) and Once Upon A Time, both of which are modern day tellings of classic farie tales of one sort or another. Of course there is also Suits and Unforgettable (Both of which I love as well) which are two different takes on people with photographic (I can’t remember or spell the medical term) memories who try to live their lives and help people. And let us not forget the numerous attempts at recreating the fan favorite Friends, only Happy Endings seems to have made the cut even with so many wonderful shows going by the wayside along the way. (Again, LOVE this show as well, but I really Miss Man Up and severl of the others as well) In short, I have enjoyed many of the incarnations they come up with, but think it is rather tacky to basically steal one another’s show ideas, and then put just enough twist on them to claim for themselves. But it just seems to be standard operating proceedure these days. Originality is not a coveted talent any longer, at least not when it comes to developing shows.

    Please understand that with multiple tvs with DVRs on each, I watch hundreds of hours of tv a week. I am a stay at home caregiver/mother with insomnia, so I entertain myself with following such trends. I will probably check out both of the Beauty shows, and might give the Carrie Diaries a peek, but don’t expect to watch any of them regularly unless they screw up and cancel the really good programing out there that I already watch religiously.

  5. Tha Critic says

    I’m a guy so excuse me for not being a fan of Sex and the City, but they need to let “Sex and the City” go. There have been two movies to follow it and now this? Look, the show is OVER. Move on to something else.

  6. Kat says

    A Tale of two Beauty and the Beasts — I forget which one I liked better, though, been a while since I read about ’em. Still, I’ll check out both, if they both get picked up. I’ll give the Green Arrow show (which is oddly being called just “Arrow” right now) a chance as well. As for the Mini Sex in the City show…? Definitely not, especially if they use it to replace Gossip Girl. Not that I’d really blame them if they did cancel Gossip Girl — the most recent episode was the first truly awful episode of an uneven season, filled with really good episodes and some so-so ones. Few episodes this season have lived up to the jawdropping twisty excitement of past seasons. But the point is, I’d be even LESS interested in investing in a new set of Manhattan teens at this point and I’d constantly be comparing the show to Gossip Girl.

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