Happy Endings: Sony and Show Creator Haven’t Given Up on Cancelled Series

happy endings season four?It’s being reported that Happy Endings creator and executive producer David Caspe has signed a new overall deal with Sony Pictures TV. Sony produces Happy Endings and apparently both are still interested in keeping the show going.

Following the sitcom’s cancellation by ABC, Sony started shopping Happy Endings to other outlets like USA Network. USA decided to pass and to instead focus their resources on launching their own comedies.

It looked like the comedy was done for good but, according to Deadline, Happy Endings is still being shopped around. The studio ideally needs at least 88 episodes for a syndication package and there are just 57 so far. No word on if the actors’ contracts have expired yet.

What do you think? Are you still hoping that Happy Endings will return for a fourth season? Would you watch it on cable?

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  1. Randomuesr says

    Save it! the best show in a long time—how the hell did Tim Allen’s show get a second season? ABC is the new NBC

  2. Paige says

    I’ve been watching this show since back in 2011 when it was only supposed be just a mid-season replacement show. I’ve followed it from crazy time slot to crazy time slot, of course I’ll follow it over to cable. Somebody needs to make the smart move and pick this show up, otherwise they’re letting a great show and cast slip through their fingers.

  3. Bethany says

    I have watched every single episode of this show, over and over again. I have followed it through the multitude of time slot and day changes, and will follow it to whatever network that is lucky enough to snatch it up. Canceling this show was one of the biggest bonehead moves that has taken place, and there have been a LOT of bonehead moves made by the networks this year. If this show is not saved, it will simply open up a period of time that I won’t bother watching television. They have canceled some of the best shows to be on television in over a decade, and not replaced them with anything worthy of my time. This show being one that was nowhere near its ending point, despite its name.

    For anyone who doesn’t know, I am an insomniac who is home nearly 24/7. I read a lot of books, watch a lot of movies, and more than anything watch a LOT of television. I have 7 DVRs in my home, and they are all filled daily, and get emptied daily as well. I take care of my mother who has absolutely nothing better to do than watch television for about 20 hours of the day, as she is older and doesn’t sleep a whole lot either. Between us we watch hundreds and hundreds of hours of television. Seriously, if there is a show that we deem worthy of watching over other programs that air in the same timeslot, that is a big deal. If we deem it worthy of following across the “we are obviously trying to get this show canceled by faking that nobody is watching” scheduling manipulations, then it is truly worth staying on television. The network heads need to get a clue and maybe try removing some of the other bs on television, and leave great shows like this one alone.

  4. purplepantyeater says

    loved the first series of this show but the second struggled at times.
    It did start to pick up though in the last third.

    worth a”punt” at least. A lot of crap is still being made while other more enjoyable shows goto the wall.

  5. Tha Critic says

    It would make sense to me if TBS picked up “Happy Endings” . They got another ABC show (“Cougar Town”) so why not? Besides, TBS’ original sitcoms are garbage.

  6. Isaac says

    SAVE THIS AMAZING SHOW! I would watch this show on any channel, any time – the characters are terrific, it is hilarious, and it was the most creative comedy on TV last season. Please, someone, anyone, save Happy Endings!

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