Happy Town: Final Episodes to Be Released Online Only?

Happy TownLast week, ABC revised their primetime schedule and the final two episodes of Happy Town were bumped. The move didn’t come as a big surprise since the ratings have continued to drop lower and lower.

It was speculated that the episodes might air on a Saturday night in July, following in the footsteps of fellow cancelled shows the forgotten (July 3rd) and Eastwick (July 10th).

Now, the unofficial word is that the last two episodes of Happy Town won’t even be shown on TV. Instead, they’ll be burned off on ABC’s website. The show’s official network representative couldn’t offer us any details but confirmed that ABC doesn’t have plans to air the final episodes in the foreseeable future.

The writers and producers of Happy Town have been told that they’ll be released online but haven’t been able to find out when that will happen either. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more.

UPDATE: The last episodes have been posted. You can watch “Dallas Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” and “Blame it on Rio Bravo” here.

What do you think? Does it upset you that the last two episodes will be released on the Internet? Does it matter?

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  1. contraception says

    I started the series on hulu and I was intrigued by the mysteryh but pissed off by the
    delivery. Yes alice is the mystery man but why and what happened to the taken? So young
    sheriffs mom is still alive and messing around if your going to cancel a show at least have the balls too answer some of the underlying questions. ABC your ego’s are to big

  2. rita says

    I think ABC should loose all its views you cant start a new show have us hooked and pull it off the air with only 2 shows left. If you start another mimi seares I wount even start to watch in fear that you will pull it before it is done. So ABC you just lose me

  3. Pete says

    Not so happy town. :( This was a quirky show but it grew on me. Naturally about the time I started to get into it ABC yanks it. Why in the hell do we have to put up with 2 nights of dancing with the stars? How about cutting down the dance….give Tuesday night back to real shows… Tuesday could be screweday….yeah a line up of all the shows that got wacked by a dance loving programming manager. The line-up could feature shows like Ugly Betty, V (if ABC has their way), Happy Town, Flash Forward…and the list goes on and on. I am not sure what I hate more, Tom Bergeron or ballroom dancing. hmmmm

  4. Ashley says

    What I don’t understand is; why in the world even watch them? This isn’t even the end of the season. They don’t finish anything!! I am hoping they will at least release a video of the complete season to allow us to finish it out. This really stinks. I loved this show.

  5. incindary says

    Yeah I’m ticked off. Why not finish the last two show. Omg people have recorders. This is the problem wuth u big wigs. Get hooked in then drop it just because of ratings. There are hardly anygood shows out there. More reality crap than anything

  6. Mary says

    Happy Town is one of the better shows on TV, great plot, superb cast of character actors and very entertaining. It’s difficult to figure out why this show was not better advertised when all those crappy reality shows are on constantly and they all make me want to vomit they’re so bad. The writers of the show should have gone to HBO or Showtime instead of ABC for this one. Hopefully the final episode will be available to watch on line soon.

    • Ruth says

      Hi Mary,

      If you go over to http://www.hulu.com/search?query=Happy+Town&st=0
      you will find the last 2 episodes of the series that were not aired on TV. There were only a total of 8 episodes made. Episodes 7 and 8 are only available online. You know, I was thinking how great it would be, if the producers couldn’t find a network or cable home elsewhere, to have the producers continue the show on DVD. You know I think there are still movies being made that never are shown in the theater but go directly to DVD. Hulu.com could provide the episodes online for free with the option to buy the DVDs. I So Wish that they could have done that with the excellent series “Invasion.” Thank goodness, in their case, they were able to air the complete first season before being cancelled so the minute that the DVD came out I snapped it up. You wanna know how desperate I am for more of Happy Town and, also, Invasion? I would be so grateful if there was NO OTHER OPTION – if the writers would continue to write – -only they would write novels that would be published books (paperback or soft-cover trade size, or even e-books if necessary) that would continue the series and of course,we would have to use our imagination to conjure up the brilliant actors who play the parts. sigh but I don’t think that would ever happen because these people are not authors, per-say, they write scripts for actors not pages for books. I’m gratified to see that even though Happy Town is off the air for good, people continue to post about it. Have a great coming weekend.

  7. Trish J says

    I will never watch a new show on ABC again they cancel everything I start watching and love….Happy Town, Dirty Sexy Money and October Road just to name a few…I am so frustrated with them !

    • anglwyngs says

      I am with u 100%..I very much loved this show..it kept me on the edge of my seat!! i too wilL not be watching anymore new shows on ABC!!

  8. Diana says

    I can not believe that a show as cool as Happy Town got canceled before it even got a shot at reaching people…I mean , it had plots within plots, characters that kept you guessing, cool music. Wow. This situation truly bites–if any ABC brass out there are reading any of these comments you might try sticking behind your shows and actually promoting them for a change…some of us are sick of reality shows, cop shows (although I’ve got to admit I LOVE “Justified”, “The Closer”, “Cold Case” and “Without a Trace”), medical shows and blah, blah, blah. Here was like a really cool, cool show and it gets yanked. It’s ok to march to a different drummer ABC–you don’t have to be like all the other stations–I mean look at how awesome “Fringe” is!!!
    Oh, and while I’m at it: why do shows just “disappear” anyway? No explanation to loyal fans–they just go away and never come back. For instance, who remembers “Jericho” or “Kyle XY” or “The Unit”?! And, where the heck is “Sons of Anarchy” and “Raising the Bar”? canceled also? I guess small peoples opinions don’t matter–you’ve got to be one of the masses to be heard…whatever.

  9. RJS says

    I wish some “BETTER” station would pick the show up and keep it going. I know that is not likely, but ABC screwed up again. I hate to even start anything new on ABC because they could just yank it out from under us.

  10. Jerri says

    They won’t bring it back. They bring nothing back after they cancel. . . and they cancel everything. ABC is so wishy washy that they don’t deserve viewers. I do believe that the series had kind of an ending though. Alice was the Magic Man and the Sheriff was her partner. I didnt explain why he mumbled about Chloe in the beginning though. They never made a connection (or why he cut off his hand). Too many things were never explained. I kind of thought may Chloe was his daughter…but we will never know. I wish Showtime would pick it up. It is their kind of show. ABC gets you hooked and then pulls the rug out from under you. Its like its fun for them.

    • Tina says

      I agree with you I actually liked it there are a lot of unexplained stuffs that left a mystery and I wonder why the wife act like she was dead and why did they started all this so much lies going on and ABC should give this show a chance just like how flash forward got canceled it was also a good show!! this sucks!!

  11. Billi says

    Your shows seem to get the best publicity after they’re cancelled. I never heard of Happy Town till then, but I watched it and loved it. It’s not the first show this has happened with on this station. 8 episodes seem to be a record for you people. Advertise better and give shows a chance and maybe you won’t have to come up with something new every other day. Color me disappointed…again.

  12. Kris says

    I am not sure what ratings you look at but everyone seemed to love the show, this show sure beats the GATES….

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